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Re-Reflections on the Start of World War II

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/01/re-reflections-start-world-war-ii


" Hitler was the Donald Trump of his day".

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…the moment he realizes he will lose the election and he and his spawn will start facing the Southern District without Barr and the Republican Party to protect him
Count on it


Yep, it is not going to work out well.

Excellent article!!!


Interesting that Boris Brexit leaves Europe - again.
Same recipe.
Allow competitors Germany and Russia slug it out.
Hopefully in producing high quality products for civilian usage.
Or, russian aeronautics and german cars may work.

The britz empire expects to skim off 2% + off every financial transaction.
That is why bank of england’s Mark Carney wants to replace the U.S. dollar as reserve for international trade. He wants new internet based currency used. Of course this heads off BRICS, diminishes USA and allows him to control the throttle.

“Communism did away with private property in favor of collective ownership.”

This is true if you understand ‘property’ to mean land and buildings. It didn’t mean things like your clothes, your personal possessions, etc.

Capitalism is built on the idea of the absentee landlord while the actual individuals who work the land or work in the factory have no stake in the wealth they create other than their wages. The actual owners who get the vast majority of the wealth live elsewhere and they ‘own’ the ‘private property’ of the land or the factory or the business via the stock market.


Replacing myth with truth has never gone over very well in this country.The United Statesians sure do love their myths, no doubt about it.

History, if there is anyone left alive to write one in the future with catastrophic climate destabilization and the ominous potential for WWIII to start at any time hanging over our heads, will not write glowing words about this country. Rather the opposite I’m afraid.



Murkins indeed have a history of never letting facts get in the way of a good myth, with history being revised in favor of the 1%'s propaganda more with each passing year.

The author’s assertion that “the US tacitly supported fascists in the Spanish Civil War” understates US complicity in enabling the escalation of 1930s European fascism. The truth is that US fascists including Prescott Bush (Dubya’s grandpa) , Henry Ford, and the Norway born President of Texaco wanted the US to go fascist after the 1929 crash and were supplying Hitler, Mussolini and Franco until FDR prohibited them during the late 30s (unfortunately too late).

Unlike Murkin fascists today, at least the European fascists kept trains running on time.

During WWII there were a significant number of Murkins who continued to want the US to go fascist. Descendents of the Bushes, Fords, and the WWII era Murkin fascists have never abandoned the vision of a fascist Murka. Hence their current support for Trump and the GOP that operates as much like an organized crime syndicate as the German Nazis did.


True, that is exactly why Communism ( whether one supports communism or not ) is so demonized and is such an anathema to the 1%.


Morality tales are often told by those contemptuous of the term

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Robert Freeman, thanks for the succinct history lesson. I’m no history buff, so this article helped re-orient me.

I’d like to ask for a companion article: the parallels between the rise of the Third Reich and the rise of Dump’s* Evil Orange Cabal, i.e., the executive actions, the laws, the policies, resulting in abrogation of human rights & civil rights, denial of due process, demonizing “other,” whipping up hate and violence, destruction of education, and anything else wethepeople should friggin’ be SEEING & KNOWING ABOUT.
*I recognize that Dump isn’t a leader in the sense that Hitler was, that Dump is a maniacal puppet. But he’s still the figurehead so he is the one cited. Hitler had his inner circle with the monsters like Goebbels, Himmler, Eichmann, Göring , et al. like Dump has monster puppeteers like Bannon, Miller, Mercer, etc.


Fascist rule both the House, the Senate, and the White House. With the recent Supreme Court and Federal Court appointments, they control the Courts.

There warless coup is complete. This is why Sanders and the new revolutionaries in the House must be silenced. They threaten the final and complete siege.

The revolution has begun. We will see if anything becomes of it.


Take a look at Trump’s inner circle: Look at his Cabinet. Take a look at the Courts. Then there is McConnell and Schumer in the Senate and Pelosi and Hoyer in the House. The fascist Trump has a powerful inner circle.


Slight nit to pick. I remember quite some years ago reading a debunking of the “trains on time” claim. That was never true. Wish I could locate the citation now but when you think about it there is no particular reason that fascism would get the trains to run on time because of fascism. (that was Mussolini).
Incompetence and heel digging is built in in any authoritarian system. Lot of reasons starting with “the authorities” in such a system.

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Better sense there than the standard narrative we all learned. Really, this is more the way real-world relations are run, not the slogans and “official” policy claims.


Alan, I know that, painfully aware of it.
What I’m looking for is an explicit list, for those who are oblivious, of the scary, mind-numbing similarities that America condemned in what the Nazis were doing yet embraces in what the OC is doing.

I’m shocked at how many people don’t get it, but sadly, I’m no scholar to put together that list.


The West’s “mistake” in enabling the Nazis is being echoed by the West’s mistake in enabling the totalitarian Communist Party of China by ‘free-trading’ with it.

And don’t forget the attempted coup against FDR, led by business warlords and foiled by the man enlisted to carry it out–Smedley Butler.



The meaning of the piece may not be drawn with thick enough black lines, in cartoon style, for everyone to get the parallels. So many people don’t know what’s happening in our own country, let alone the rest of the world. (Not nearly as much at this site, fortunately.) So its good to have such a comprehensive telling of the tale. UNfortunately, Freeman seems to join most of the current neoliberal “leadership” in being either woefully ignorant or willing to lie about climate catastrophe and worry only about unrelated wars. Not unlike the people he talks about in the past, worrying about a relatively minor threat to ignore the far worse one. Their personal psychological issues made them unable to see the obvious. (Opposing them of course was perhaps the biggest collection of mentally ill politicians in history—until now. Their psychological issues are briefly laid out in
German psychologist Alice Miller’s book For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence.

Time after time the rulers of that time of dread and horror chose collaboration and appeasement of the lunatic right over opposition. Terrified of what equality, prosperity, and effective cooperation spread throughout the world would say about their own emotional health and maturity, and what feelings it would trigger in them, they preferred fascism to even the slightest move to the left. That is, they preferred intensified domination and conflict to sharing and cooperation.

So they declined to stop an insane militaristic dictator in control of the most fearsome military in the world, out of political considerations—and desire to crush the left. Despite clear crimes committed by the dictator they refused to take the legal paths open to them.
Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, the rest of the corporate Democrats, and the corporate media, all knew they could get more power by collaborating with the far right and opposing the left in ways both obvious and devious, despite the blatant insanity, destructiveness, and immorality—in fact monumental evil—of today’s right wing.

Britain abetted German militarism in an attempt to contain the USSR, a strategy that led to the deaths of 75 million, the destruction of priceless treasures of nature, art, and architecture, by far the most horrific genocide in history, the dawn of the age of nuclear weapons and the sleight of hand of deadly nuclear energy systems, and the expansion and intensification of industrial exploitation into every country, and every realm from the physical and familial to the psychological.

Abetting Republican power grabs like gerrymandering, the Democrats used it to eliminate Dennis Kucinich, a serious-seeming threat on their left—that is, someone who told the truth and made sense enough to terrify both halves of the corporate duopoly. But in empowering the extreme right they unleashed what we see now, eroding democracy around the world, causing immense suffering through the tyranny of corrupt government and a psychopathic economic system, and leaving us teetering on the edge of an abyss.

Hitler demonstrated his insatiable need for conquest multiple times; the corporate duopoly has demonstrated its in virtually every foreign and domestic realm.

France, Britain, and the US (with the notable exception of those like the Roosevelts, who prepared in many ways for what they knew was coming) used every excuse to do less than nothing about their rising fascists.

Britain and France excluded the USSR in colluding with the fascist countries to betray the Czechs. The corporate duopoly, other major countries, and the media collude to hide the dire nature of climate catastrophe, which at this point is a virtual certainty to kill billions of people and wipe out millions of species.

But Freeman comes around to being right again at the end, just uh…right about the wrong thing: “the stakes are too high to allow private interests to dictate what will surely be the fate of the civilization. There are so many potential flash points looming:” Yes, only not countries, hurricanes. And fires, floods, food shortages, droughts, ecological disruptions, inundations, and yes, wars, including more likely nuclear wars. No, it’s not going to turn out well this time.

And see Naomi Wolf’s The End of America for parallels in how the old and new fascists closed down their societies.


This may not be what you are looking for but here are two scholarly publications that lay out the decades of stealth developments of neoliberalism that have led to the development of fascism and thus to the horrors of Trump: Dark Money and Democracy in Chains.