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Re-Reflections on the Start of World War II

Thx. I read Dark Money a few months ago. Demo in Chains on list after I finish a long term project I’m working on. Dunno if it has what I’m looking for.

As well as Americkan corporations like IBM and GM. Nearly the entire Nazi war machine was built with good ole Amerikan ingenuity. The capitalists made massive profits well into the 1940’s at times using slave labor in the factories.
It is said when the Allies finally landed on D-day all the Nazi truck engines were Ford or GM. As well parts built for the Luftwaffe.

This part of history is well documented and widely ignored by Western countries.


They don’t care who they trade with as long as they’re making money.

General Smedley Butler… a true American hero. We need a lot more of them today.


Yes. I read Dark Money and am waiting for Democracy in Chains. I wound up being in too many books at the same time. Am halfway thru The Most Dangerous Branch about how SCOTUS has and is destroying the Constitution.

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