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Reaching Beyond the Candidates


Reaching Beyond the Candidates

Robert C. Koehler

What would it take to cause Hillary Clinton to distance herself from the newly launched bombing campaign in Libya? Or call for a congressional debate on it? Or suggest the obvious: that the war on terror isn’t working?


Someone has to say it. Thank you for saying it. Let’s all take turns saying it again, and louder again, and louder yet again.


The question pretty much sums up why Hillary ought be considered the greater, and potentially more effective, evil---one simply cannot image Hillary actually distancing herself, full stop, period, case settled.


From the article:

"The thing is, people get it. One way or another, they realize they aren’t being represented by most of the people they vote for. They realize, in enormous numbers, that the time has come to rescue this country from a status quo that thinks it owns us."

The above suggests that Mr. Koehler understands that those in office do NOT represent The People.

Yet here, he reverts to the usual clause:

"We’re spawning terror. We’re starving our social programs. We’re slowly killing ourselves. And we’re wrecking the planet."

EITHER The People are represented or they are not. And if one makes the case (which is viable and verifiable) that people are NOT being represented, then it's disingenuous and farcical to use the WE pronoun to define and own policy.

I am very tired of this meme. It tries to do two opposite things at once: Expose the LACK of agency and influence that ordinary citizens have; and then attribute to THEM the flaws executed by leaders who never were elected in honest ways or through a real majority of votes. (A 35% "victory" based on votes streaming in from 60% of voters is NOT a genuine majority or mandate).

There are 3 Zodiac signs based on internal polarity: Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

If Mr. Koehler (and others who traffic in these bipolar frames) doesn't fall under one--via his sun sign; there's a 90% chance his Mercury (mind), Moon (feelings), or Ascendant (life overview) does.

For those of us who are not inwardly divided or living IN a state of paradox, either the public has agency and its vote matters (and is honestly counted); or the converse is true. Both cannot apply at once.

I am always amazed at how far some pundits will go to insist that this is still a working Democacy against lots of glaring evidence to the contrary (as in: Inverted Totalitarian System).


"Demand that the Clinton campaign address the concept of endless war and the grotesque multi-trillion dollar war budget"???

The war chants that were so prominent during CLINTONCON in Philly last week confirmed that endless war and trillions down the drain are the way the Clinton campaign addresses these issues, Robert !


Be prepared to hear every day from now until November 8 how much Hillary loves children...its a major plank in her platform.


Why does the Democratic Party establishment insist on trying to scare the American public?
You'd better vote for Hillary because a vote for Trump will end the world as we know it, they tell us.
What a load of crap.
If Trump wins in November, the sun will rise, the birds will sing and our Congress will reject any move that he tries to make.
Checks and balances.


I'm waiting for the toddler and puppy ads. Maybe a slice of apple pie and a dollop of ice cream on top.

But it is really: "How about a little bowl of lukewarm tasteless nothing?"


"The thing is, people get it."

Really? People get that this is the entirety of the country they love? A giant beast of destruction of human life, non-human life, and the planet as a whole. If the US were embodied in an individual, it would be a screaming, ranting, PCP-crazed ax-murderer slashing through Black Friday crowds at the mall.

If people could even perceive the full extent of this country's evil all at once, they'd immediately go insane and kill themselves. Thank god we have netflix, amazon and beer to prevent that from happening.


Yeah, she loves children as long as they reside inside the borders of her own country or allied countries that are also in hot pursuit of resources benefiting the corporate state. I doubt that Mrs. Clinton inhabits a "village" large enough to provide consideration for the ramifications of war on the children of those countries we so eagerly invade. I've posted this elsewhere, but does she really ponder how her "village" justifies the millions of refugee children (often times orphans) streaming across European borders, or our own borders (from Central America) for that matter, because our foreign policy has destabilized those children's home countries? Are the children who live anywhere but the USA, or an "allied" country, simply viewed as "collateral damage?" Yep, thought so. But she's for children!


Thank you, again, for encouraging us all to consider what's really important.


I absolutely agree with you, Robert. Thank you for being a voice of sanity and truth in this wilderness of hypocrisy and lies.