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Reaching Impeachment Critical Mass

Reaching Impeachment Critical Mass

Hank Edson

1. Regaining Our Common Sense

Two things are inhibiting our exercise of common sense as a self-governed people:

First, the cancer of our corporate media monopoly has ravaged the culture of the democratic process in our nation. Among the many symptoms of this lethal disease is its projection of normalizing false narratives that reek of the body public’s corruption and decay.


Trump points to left field and says “This will be huge!”
On deck: Mike (the zealot) Pence
In the dugout: Paul (the Randy one) Ryan

Maybe just hope for a rain delay…


Yes, by all means, restore common sense…also common decency, commitment to the Common Good, and basic sanity…none of those critical issues/changes will occur under trump, who along with his Cabinet and “advisers”, holds as limited, as twisted, and as pathological a view of life on earth as ever was…Caligula, who ruled for 4 years, as trump also may, could not have done much worse than trump & co as far as destroying American society…and perhaps much else all around the world…madness!


Nice try Hank Edson, but you have forgotten two essential elements that are necessary for an impeachment effort to reach “critical mass” which are a hostile press, and an antagonistic opposition party with the control and will to use it to get the job done.
I am old enough to have lived through two serious impeache4nt efforts-Bill Clinton’s “Monica-Gate” and Richard Nixon’s Watergate cover-up attempts. In the case of Clinton there was a wry bemusement over the president’s conduct with his intern and with the Nixon debacle there was the constant feeding of Woodward and Bernstein by moles within the Nixon administration to keep the story from dying out.
As much as Trump may be a laughing stock among the deep state scribes and punditry, he does not have that kind of media hostility going against hm and neither does Senator McConnell nor Representative Ryan and the clown posse majorities they hold in both houses of Congress represent any thread to the continued tenure of “the Donald”.
Ah, but in the springtime of progressives discontent, rather than wonder how they could have settled o the likes of Queen Hillary the child of destiny and privilege for their candidate, it’s more fun to dream the impossible dream that “The Donald” will somehow be allowed to vanish down the rabbit hole of impeachment to be replaced by who??? Aye that is the rub me hearties!


which is its daily mission.

It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that its choice of news worth reporting is nothing more than a collection of inane, irrelevant tales intentionally designed to depress and dispirit its audience.

This worthless broadcaster, posing as the progressive voice of the people (which it once was) should, in its present form, be drummed off the planet.


Pirate speech aside Poet, I agree that the author has simplified to the point of excess the sense of who we are and why we oppose Trump. Some oppose his naive yet lethal militarism, some oppose his self destructive anti life denialism that places us all at risk for the sake of the profit margin of a very few, some oppose him for his rejection of science etc. Nevertheless, demonstrations against Trump for various reasons have their place and not a waste of effort. They are sincere expressions of the citizenry and worthy of respect in and of themselves. Furthermore, they communicate that lots of people feel strongly enough about an issue to voice their opposition with their feet (as compared to those who stay at home and talk about what everybody should do while excusing themselves from participating I guess.)!

So simply talking to those that oppose Trump doesn’t create the representation that would be necessary in the Democratic Party to initiate impeachment proceeedings. More than just talk is needed to exert pressure on the Dems. We all see the need but we’d be better served if he had chosen to explain the how to specifically.

How to get the Dems to stop supporting the Republicans? That is what is needed from our pundits. The ‘how to’ instead of just the ‘we should’!


Mr Poet misses an essential point in Hanks article–critical mass. When the masses stand up and demand a change in large enough numbers we have seen that removal of a head of state can happen–whether you call it impeachment - revolution or critical mass, forcing a corrupt leader out. We have seen it happen all over the world and we have seen it happen through out history. It’s not easy-it requires mass consistent action with a driving anger and dissatisfaction that is relentless. I agree with the statement that the corporate media is in collusion with the 1% monied interests to maintain the status quo for the sake of steady profits. Removing Trump and Pense will be an uphill battle. But it has been done–critical mass can achieve wonders we often cannot imagine. But critical mass requires that a historically uninterested and complacent population take a chance and stand up against the machine-- against authority.
Otherwise the only other realistic option is to win back the house or senate or both in 2018 so some of the regimes power can be checked. As it stands the republicans will do all they can to protect their golden boy from all attempts at justice no matter what he does. The level of greed, corruption, lack of integrity and ethical standards in the republican party, the white house and a lot of the corporate 1% is truly at a level unseen in recent times.
They will fight to hold on to their power and place. But we the people in critical mass out number them. We the people have to willing to shut down government and daily life as we know it to show we have the power to stop the abuse. Can we do it??? Time is running out.


The Dems shafted Sanders. It is unfair and foolish to blame him for not breaking away from the Dems because while you may want a third party it was unlikely that he could have won without the support of the Dem machine. The problem was that the Dems shot themselves in the foot by betraying the most popular Dem candidate in favor of the less popular status quo politics candidate and then the Dems wanted to dance as if nothing had happened. Their obtuseness was born of cowardness and their own corruption.

Neither the Dems nor the Repubs still trust in actual democracy. They want to control democracy not represent the will or choice of the people. In the end historians may one day accuse the current political establishment with opening the door on fascism in America. It wouldn’t be the first time a government opposed the will of their citizenry.

Freedom - a free country - free thought - free speech … these terms may actually be frightening to the elites. They feel most comfortable with control that protects their interests.

Actual democracy may soon be out of favor in the minds of a ruling elite.


“We have seen it happen all over the world and we have seen it happen through out history. It’s not easy-it requires mass consistent action with a driving anger and dissatisfaction that is relentless.”

Just happened in South Korea:

What a load of crap this whole article is.

You really want to put PAUL RYAN in the White House???

Stop with this nonsense and realize the only hope for the future is to reform the Democratic Party into a true Leftist party of the people or build a real, viable Leftist alternative.because the Democratic Party is hopeless. Until then try to stop every single policy agenda that is wrong. (Trump had two good ones, now only one, opposing these unfair trade deals, now that he’s gone Neo-Con.)

But impeach Trump and Pence as the solution to this situation to get Ryan? Wow. Just simple nonsense.


I guess we’ll just have to impeach the whole damn Republican Party then.

Or, we could contact the ‘Godfather’, and have them all arrange to wake up with a ‘Horse’s Head’ in their beds.

But seriously, Trumps gotta go. If by Impeachment, so be it.

I don’t know if the country can endure another 100 days of his total insane behavior.

If I had a choice Miranda, I would choose a new leftist party. I personally will never again trust the Democrats.


Pwr 2 the IMPEACHING peons!

[so they get their comeuppance]


Ryan is worse than Pence who is worse than Trump.

Ryan would get his ideas through Congress.

I’ll stay with Trump who seems to not be able to get things done in Congress. As to his terrible actions over seas? Pence and Ryan would be worse, not impulsive, but worse at implementing terrible stuff.


Pence and Ryan are much worse than Trump. Pence sent a woman to prison in Indiana for having a miscarriage (he blamed her). They both understand politics and would be far worse than Trump, who keeps the opposition fired up – and that is good. I say no to impeachment of Trump, because I view him as being the least dangerous one in the office.


Petition to Impeach (Template):
I, William Kenney, Citizen, We, the People_____________

  • Arson: burning fossil fuels (abject abuse/abject taking), wholesale destruction of the Planet Earth.

  • Fraud: intentional perversion of the truth in order to induce another to surrender a legal right.

  • Treason: Consorting with the Enemy.
    (Get the hanging rope out!)
    William Kenney/founder: Citizens Un-tied


Replaced by me, William Kenney/Revolutionary (go to: citizensuntiedblog.com — Citizens Un-tied

If he had gone with a third party rather than giving his support to the establishment that he campaigned against, would the outcome have been any worse?

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We ARE expending our energies in a disparate and possibly impotent manner…quite possibly…
Trump with his entourage and the enabler Republican Congress are acting as traitors to our democracy. They are not good American citizens who see all Americans as worthy of our constitutional promises. They believe they have a mandate to pick and choose who is worthy. That is fundamentally traiterous at its very core.
We need to circulate an ERA brand of national referendum that we want to throw the bums out. Recall their backsides out of the Capitol. They are a wicked, malevolent, mendacious KLAN. They have for some time been circulating a similar national referendum, Article 5, which has been ratified by nearly 30 states by which they intend to rewrite the U.S. Constitution to suit their extremely backward and unethical view of life. We can’t drag our feet with this KLAN. They mean to suborn us to THEIR will… ASAP. Thirty is a large number of states for such a project. We need to GET BUSY!

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Trump has already committed impeachable offenses! It’s just that the Enabler Congress is so full of fascists rubbing their hands together in glee at the opportunities Trump has opened to them. They would impeach him NOW if he didn’t follow through with their Devil’s Bargain. If he ever shows one iota of ethical independence that realistically threatens to destroy their oligarchic and theocratic wetdeams, they’ll turn on him.

Hallelujah, Mr. Edson! Nice article! Drills right through on many key points. And I disagree with many of the commentators here: Of course the media and the controllers of the discourse are a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to accomplishing an impeachment. This steers us exactly to one of your main points: Just do this anyway! Unify all the social organizations and the intent of more and more protests, letters, petitions, conversations to the point of critical mass. Don’t whine, and compromise, and expect less than success. Just do it!