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Reaching Impeachment Critical Mass


Trump has already committed impeachable offenses! It's just that the Enabler Congress is so full of fascists rubbing their hands together in glee at the opportunities Trump has opened to them. They would impeach him NOW if he didn't follow through with their Devil's Bargain. If he ever shows one iota of ethical independence that realistically threatens to destroy their oligarchic and theocratic wetdeams, they'll turn on him.


Hallelujah, Mr. Edson! Nice article! Drills right through on many key points. And I disagree with many of the commentators here: Of course the media and the controllers of the discourse are a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to accomplishing an impeachment. This steers us exactly to one of your main points: Just do this anyway! Unify all the social organizations and the intent of more and more protests, letters, petitions, conversations to the point of critical mass. Don't whine, and compromise, and expect less than success. Just do it!


So let's say every progressive's fantasy dream comes true and Trump is gone. Who replaces him? This entire scene has no worthwhile outcome. It is a sign of the moral bankruptcy of both political parties neither of whom represent anyone except those who can afford to buy their access with lots of money. Nobody wants to face this very depressing reality because it indicates either a failed state on the verge of dissolution or one that is ripe for armed revolt where lots of innocents die and "law and order" dissolves into chaos.


Another idiot's wet dream.

The issue is a simple one. No party in control of Congress will ever allow its leader to be removed. Unless, and until the Democrats retake control of both the House and the Senate, any talk of "impeaching Trump"" is simply an exercise in fantasy, somewhere between "Game of Thrones" and "Lord of the Rings".

Regain control of Congress, and then talk of impeachment. Until then, stop wasting everyone's time with your wishful thinking.__


The follow up is by definition without a clear mandate ( not that Trump really has one although he believes he does ) nor mainstream support. The veep was not elected president and would be seen that way by many. Moreover the veep cannot just suddenly overcome the heavy blow of an administration in disgrace either. There would also be a negative reaction if the veep tried to be Trump and keep the installed oligarchy which impeachment has tarnished. They (as well as even the veep) would come under the shadow of corruption etc just as the con man who appointed them.


Actually if the country became ungovernable (that is if business and commerce began to noticeably suffer) that calls for Trump to resign might in fact carry the day.


Becoming ungovernable by the masses is an excellent way to affect business and commerce.

The key question is, how do we get enough people to change their behavior to cause this noticeable suffering?


What really burns me up about Trump, is that this lefty may have to do everything in my power to stop his impeachment.

Trump's own party just may impeach him (grounds do or will exist) sometime in the middle of next year, when their polling numbers for the midterms start to really tank. Sometime around Labor Day, Pence becomes the new top dawg, looking and sounding all presidential--and appearing clean as a whistle, while harboring far more dangerous fascist tendencies. (He's been kept completely out of the fray.) The electorate allows the Republicans to keep control of Congress in 2018 for saving the country from Trump, completely forgetting the Party was responsible for his presidency in the first place. Pence has the incumbency going into 2020 and likely gets elected for two terms. Can We the People, nevermind the left, sustain that kind of political blow?

If this scenario plays out, about the only solution left will be violent revolution, as the fascists will not hesitate even for one moment to use their hammers on protest and dissent. Democrats taking control in 2020, or a better alternative, is the only way to decrease violence by the state against dissent.


As I said, a wet dream.

Anyone who thinks the country is going to reach a state of ungovernability, just look at Venezuela. Far more ungovernable than the US will ever be, and I still see Maduro in power.

Dream on


Mr. Edson's piece seems to leave out an extremely important constituency and fact of present life: the Republican Party--
Impeachment will not come while the Repubs rule the roost, in the majority in Congress and now the Supreme Court--Even if Trump ends up getting impeached and resigning a la Nixon, the real problem, the broken "two-party system" remains, and the Republican Party, the source of most of the domestic evils we deal with.


Your comment is silly. Chaos is not something which brings with it positive results. An earthquake or a hurtling meteor strike or a plague might disrupt commerce and cause Trump to fall too! My comment was not a disguised call for chaos. When and if someday, the USA has to endure extermination camps and storm troopers like did Nazi Germany then your comment would make sense.

Resistance, rebellion and revolution are actually three different things. I think Resistance is absolutely necessary and that Rebellion against an unjust authority (Rosa Parks was a rebel in the classical sense of the term. She disobeyed - she resisted - she rebelled against the demands of injustice but she didn't call for utter chaos doing it)! Rebellion against injustice is necessary when there is no other recourse to achieve justice. Civil rights were resistance and rebellion! There was no revolution in the Sixties although we called what we did that.

However Revolution generally means some sort of organization and leadership which I do not think is realistic in America at this point. Chaos and catastrophe may bring down an unjust system but will also bring down a just one as well. I reject the "Well let's just do it and see what happens?" type of thinking concerning what passes for Revolution in some people's mind. I immediately think of self induced famine, civil conflict, division and simply destructive chaos. Maybe I read too much history but America is one of the few revolutions that ever succeeded. Please remember that it was actually a rebellion, a calving off from the parent like an iceberg calving off from the parent glacier. An organized leadership already existed that filled the vacuum left by the opposed authority. The 13 colonies already existed and banded together to rebel against the king and established themselves as a new political entity.

Most other revolutions endured great suffering, bloodshed and misery (excepting smaller revolutions like in Cuba) and usually civil war.

I don't believe in that Sixties - Undefined Change that we mindlessly called revolution. What we did in the Sixties was actually Resistance to injustice.

Trump doesn't deserve to take us all down just because we impeach him or force his resignation in disgrace. Chaos is not useful in this modern age. Too many people end up starving etc.

In other words, impeach Trump and call for a new election. A new election? What a revolutionary idea!


There doesn't have to be utter chaos. In the Vietnam War era, Nixon feared that the country was becoming ungovernable and it spurred on his resignation/impeachment. A simplistic totality of either or is not what I meant. To see millions marching in protest and engaging in civil disobedience is not domestic tranquility!

Is that term more understandable to you? Fine then!

If the country loses domestic tranquility, calls for Trump's resignation might carry the day.


My point was that he was trying to win up until the Dems shafted him. Look at what happened to the Dems since? People no longer trust nor believe in our politicians (Dems or Repubs). The politicians had grown used to us being easily led (misled) and manipulated. They abused their offices and we did nothing. This time they betrayed the will of the people and the result has been that (finally) people have started to wake up.

The women's march was not only by women who always vote Dem. Trump and the gerrymandering Republican billionaire's coup have dismayed loyal Americans because they went too far in their disdain for democracy and the institutions of representative government. They have a literal disdain for America's democracy and our rights as a free people. An example is Trump's conflicts of interest ... just who voted for that exactly? Nobody!

What the politicians are showing the citizens of this country is a disdain for democracy but as the women's march should have shown them...they won't get away with it.


Totally agree with the thrust of this article, especially the critical mass toward impeachment being achieved much sooner than most think. However, unlike the author, I certainly don't think Bernie Sanders was the answer to Trump. Just like it took a Republican (Nixon) to successfully open a new chapter in our relations with Red China, it takes a Donald Trump with a hard right agenda to withstand all the flap with a kleptocrat like Putin. While I certainly agree with Bernie's socialist leanings being the answer to many of our problems, had we nominated Bernie he would have been drawn and quartered by the fascist hard right; he'd have been wrapped in the Hammer and Sickle flag, tarred and feathered by a cowardly main stream media (Liberal? Really? Don't make me laugh).
Just as Nixon was the only president who could get away with surrender in Vietnam -- remember Peace With Honor -- it takes a Republican to dance with the Reds and get away with it. A Democrat/Progressive/Socialist would never get to first base using that strategy.


Just because you never realized that Bernie has been in the Senate doesn't mean that he is a new face on the block. All your old fashioned pronouncements about the reception Bernie would have received are bogus. People liked and respected Bernie's long record of honesty and integrity. Where have you been anyway? Do you think that people would have only come to notice his positions after the election? They already knew and were quite willing to vote for him anyway.

Moreover Trump is undermining our democracy and with his behind the scenes machinations with his fellow kleptocrat oligarch Putin, he is hardly pure and holy in terms of conservative politics. As yet the right has excused his disdain for democracy but one must wonder whether even Trump can get away with treason with the Russkies?


My guess is that they are looking for just such a response as an excuse to react with force against. They fear actions like the Women's March because it is regular ordinary decent people, families (their families even) and that kind of thing they cannot harm with impunity. However violent anything like say a riot or whatever permits them to call up a response from a militarized police and allows to the fascists an excuse to restore order!


I'm 70 and have followed Bernie for many years, from the time he was mayor of Burlington VT. I think you need to reread my post; either that or take a course in reading comprehension. Ever heard of George McGovern, my generation's Bernie Sanders? Many of the same enlightened ideas as Bernie, just 40 years sooner. Please don't be so naive as to think Bernie's ideas are unique in Dem politics. Most of that enlightenment thinking originated with McGovern. I hope you're old enough to remember what happened to him.

Moral of this story: Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


I am a Medicare Boomer and I fully remember McGovern. However you flatter yourself as to the depth of your analysis.

First off you seem to be losing the ability to reason and mistake simple remembering as some sort of pithiness. Yes it took a Nixon to go to China but Trump is neither Nixon nor interested in opening new roads anywhere. Trump's betrayal of democracy is the issue. He admires the Russian oligarchy and seeks to emulate Putin as oligarch in chief. Perhaps if you would try to remember bizarre booklet of minimal worth but extensive influence in certain circles called "None Dare Call It Treason!". There lies a curious reversal of supposedly right wing thought that best shows where our oligarch in chief real intentions lie.

It isn't about the commies anymore. China has her billionaires too (odd that) but it is about the corporate coup! Trump's right wing tendencies are not conservative as much as reactionary antidemocracy subversion. He is not going all out right wing conservative, he is dismantling representative democracy in favor of a corporate coup of billionaire elites much like what happened in Russia.

So you think it is a big deal that 'Trump goes to Russia'? You must be joking!

I remind you again (ahem) that America already knew of Bernie's socialism and didn't care. Try to remember how popular he was. It wasn't like nobody knew he was a democratic socialist.


Nixon didn't resign because of the country being ungovernable. He resigned because the Democrats controlled Congress and were pursuing impeachment. What part of "DEMOCRATS controlled Congress" is different from the current situation?

As I said before. Wet Dream


Nixon and Kissinger were very worried that the country was becoming ungovernable. No that wasn't the cause of Nixon resigning but he asked Kissinger about it. It was in his mind especially as the peace talks were intentionally going nowhere. Watergate happened because Nixon was growing paranoid and worried. The stress had gotten to him. Nevertheless he initially won reelection by calling for a peace he never intended to make. He knew it would be a catalyst to the antiwar movement and it worried him. Presumably he had counted on his popularity but he miscalculated.