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Reaching Impeachment Critical Mass



It was in the second Nixon term that the fan got so clogged it stopped spinning. Do you remember Kent State and Jackson State? The word ungovernable took on new meaning after 1970. Was Watergate in response to Kent State? Not directly but then a lot was happening that seemed way beyond anyone's control. The invasion of Cambodia certainly changed things as did the massive antiwar response to it. Agnew went first then Nixon...only the dark lord Count Kissinger remained to prowl the night!


How? To impeach, you need the house to start it. Well that just killed the impeachment idea right there. No way the house even thinks about that. Impeachment is a dead foolish idea.


Explain to all, what stopped the Republicans from attempting to repeal 'Obamacare', the 50+ times they attempted it.

It's clear they believed in what they were doing.

Isn't it clear that our government is being taken over for reasons other than to serve all of it's citizens?

What we are seeing is a coup, aided and abetted by the FBI, CIA, and the MIC.

This is not a conspiracy theory.

This is our reality.


Oh you're looking at the past through rose-colored glasses. I lived through those times as well, and the only reason Nixon resigned was the Watergate Commission. There will be no Trump equivalent as long as the Republicans control the Congress. As you may remember, the Democrats controlled both House and Senate in 1974.

Resume your wishful thinking.


I am not saying that Nixon resigned for any other reason than Watergate either. I was discussing the term ungovernable in relation to country.


And short of the American Civil War, there has not been a time when this country has become "ungovernable".

Mass protests will not result in either impeachment or resignation. Look at the level of egotism involved - Trump will never "resign". To impeach, control of the House and Senate must be taken from the Republicans. As Joe Hill said - "Organize". Then vote the idiots out.


The problem is that when the republicans went through the motions of repealing the ACA, they knew they had no chance of really repealing it. And I knew that when they went through the motions they had nothing to offer in spite of the nonsense they repeated ad nauseam.
I am not sure they really believed in what they were doing. I feel it was to spite president Obama and the democrats. If one really believes, you make plans. Yet they had nothing prepared after so many yrs of saying they would get rid of it. If I had so long, I would have something prepared and it would address the flaws and keep the strengths.
In the history of the US, the government has never been about serving the citizens. It has always served the rich and powerful. The founders were the elites and set up a system to aid the elites. And it has remained that way. Always will. One only has to look at our tax system for federal and states to see how it is set up for the rich.
My state brags about how businesses can come into the state and pay no taxes. Of course someone has to pay those taxes, and if it isn't the rich or businesses, then it's the ave person who does. And try finding politicians who would change that. There are none that can be elected.


Skip, I fully understand that the Democrats are the minority in both houses of Congress.

That said, many in this country believe there are plenty of reasons to support a move towards Impeachment of Trump.

He is not promoting the General Welfare for one. He has turned the office of the Presidency into a means to expand his and his billionaire friends massive wealth while taking from the poor in every way possible.

Virtually every decision this man has made since day one has flown in the face of any ethical norm.

I, as many, believe that those in government positions who oppose Trumps insane actions must start using the word 'Impeachment', and continue using it until which time enough of those in the Majority Party agree.

You sound like a smart person Skip. Have you ever worked in politics?


Oh you will find no disagreement about Trump and what he has done or will do. But the american people support gun control by about 80%. They support many things with a high % and nothing gets done. The people being pissed is not enough to get him impeached. Not as long as congress supports him and I haven't seen anything from them that show they would even think about it.
No, I have never been in politics. But I have followed national and state politics from JFK's election and on since then. I tried to be as educated about what is happening as much as possible. There are a number of issues I follow closely and try to get to know as much as possible about them. I am esp. Anti-war and pro-environmental, my two biggest issues, followed by corruption, social programs, and others.