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Reaching Paris Without Stopping in Washington


Reaching Paris Without Stopping in Washington

Mel Gurtov

History may record that the planet’s climate crisis was avoided thanks to the efforts of three countries: China, Germany, and France. Or not. The preparedness of those three, and the other EU member-states, to follow through on commitments under the Paris Accord despite the US pull-out is key to planetary survival. Chancellor Angela Merkel has made no bones about it, announcing that the Europeans are determined, in the name of Western values, to meet the Paris goal of keeping planetary temperature rise to 1.5-2 degrees Celsius while also welcoming immigrants and upholding the global trad


There has been a flattening of emissions from energy use over the last three years, mainly due to a slowing of China’s economy. And if there is a sharp reduction in emissions globally perhaps there is a chance of staying under 2C. However, we need to keep in mind that Paris Climate Agreement pledges if met would most likely lead to temperature of around 3.5C and that was before Trump decided to pull the US out of the agreement. And the prediction doesn’t take into account positive feedbacks which would likely increase the temperature further. It also should be kept in mind the US government has played a key role in acquiring climate data for scientists all around the world. By hindering data gathering Trump can do great damage to scientific efforts in many countries. The US being the richest country in the world also is in the best position to give money to developing countries to help them mitigate emissions. Without the US this money may be more difficult to find. I would not minimize the damage Trump can do the efforts to fight climate change. The election of 2016 was pivotal and the voters made a terrible choice which may adversely affect the human condition on this planet for thousands of years. The potential damage of Trump’s victory is really beyond comprehension. To some extent our fate may have been sealed in 2012 when Trump claimed that Obama was not born in the US and immediately shot to the top of the Republican primary polls. Injecting racism into the election for president was the key to Trump eventually winning in 2016 as he got enough racist votes in three blue states to flip them and win.


California’s governor Jerry Brown and New York City’s former mayor, Michael Bloomberg, lead a group called America’s Pledge that has a formidable and growing membership committed to working with the UN to reduce greenhouse emissions.

I wouldn’t get too excited about Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg. They’re proposing the same crap and charade…ahem…cap and trade…schemes that are proven failures at emissions reductions. On top of that, Jerry’s precious cap and trade extension is practically a big oil wish list! We’re cooked. Literally.

The Nation: Big Oil’s Grip on California: www(dot)thenation(dot)com/article/big-oils-grip-on-california/

California Governor Accuses Opponents of Big Oil’s Cap-and-Trade Bill of ‘Political Terrorism’: www(dot)elkgrovenews(dot)net/2017/07/california-governor-accuses-opponents(dot)html