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Reaction to Greece Austerity Deal: '#ThisIsACoup'


Reaction to Greece Austerity Deal: '#ThisIsACoup'

Isaiah Poole

There is a real sense that the deal that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has reached with European Union leaders is less a bailout of Greece’s economy and more of a prelude to an overthrow of the leftist Syriza majority running the country – hence the popularity Monday of the Twitter hashtag “#ThisIsACoup.”


This is far more likely to cause huge unbearable suffering for the Greek people than it is to actually raise any money with which to pay Greek debts to the European Central Bank’s capitalist owners, (many of whom most likely are Germans). If I am not mistaken, the New Testament has at least one parable about a rich nobleman forgiving some non-payable debts to him by a lesser nobleman who turned around and was very mean to an even lesser nobleman over some debts owed to him. This was seen by the original rich nobleman, who in turn punished the mid range nobleman who was so mean. Wasn’t Germany forgiven some debt after World War II? Why can’t they be as merciful to Greece as the allies who won World War II were to them then?


A guest on Democracy Now (I can’t recall who) stated that the elites of Europe seem tolerant of right wing fascist groups but withhold their support from anything Leftist such as the attempts on the part of Greece to set up a bulwark between the rights of citizens and the felonious demands of bankers. (I use the term felonious since, as was the case during the 2007-2008 crash, it was on the basis of the banks writing new rules which allowed them to speculate with the public’s money that CAUSED the crisis. Instead of the banks changing their behaviors, they found political & legal figures who would grant their acts cover thereby establishing a protocol–and precedent–forcing everyday working day people to pick up the banks’ bad bets. THAT should be illegal and would be illegal if the 1% didn’t have the lawmakers by the proverbial balls.)

As some astute posters and published writers have pointed out, the U.S. empire prefers to do business with petty tyrants since these ruthless individuals have no problem using martial force and other Draconian measures to keep citizens–particularly those who protest pollution, pipelines, the desertification of their arable lands, and so forth–in line.

In the case of Europe, the elites prefer to work with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine for the same reason: it’s easier to line up soldiers and give them orders than to “herd cats.” Free will, Democratic principles, and diversity pose such annoying challenges to those intent upon imposing rigid, one-size-fits all rules… from the top.

BUT… Mother nature has begun to implode the temples of power and HER hot flashes have only just begun. Wait till they whirl into 2nd gear!


I don’t blame or absolve Germany/Merkel. Somebody pulls the austerity strings and has done so for 100 years. It isn’t just Germany. Remember “troika”?


Mercy isn’t a behavior of which the German “conservatives” are capable. Merkel comes from the same heritage as the Nazis.


Since when was a Hun merciful?