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Reactions to Anti-Muslim Video Highlight Political Double Standard


Reactions to Anti-Muslim Video Highlight Political Double Standard

Linda McQuaig

We’ve become accustomed to the up-is-down, black-is-white nature of U.S. politics — such as when Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham suggested that Christine Blasey Ford’s claim of being sexually assaulted amounted to a “drive-by shooting” of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Canadian politics usually seems less crazy. But then there’s this:


This started some years ago when various owners of the Media demanded that their writers and editors not go out of their wy to Humanize Palestinians. Peoples wiring articles indicated that when they used the word “Palestinian” in a sentence they were encouraged to add “terrorism” to that same sentence. This “word association” is very deliberate . It accepted carte-blance as the norm even as any critique of Israel immediately followed by the words "Anti-semitism’.

This double standard is not by accident. It a carefully thought out and planned policy and tht fact must be recognized when any Government official or Administration promotes their own agenda regarding how Canada to act in the Middle East. It is one reason Canadians were so accepting of Canada joining in with NATO in attacking Libya which would never have happened under The Liberals of Lester Pearson or of Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

These double standards at home are being implemented to promote more warfare and conflict abroad. They are part and parcel of the desire to be in “the Club” that group of nations promoting warfare to garner access to resources of another nation for the benefit of the Corporations at home. This sentiment expressed when Stephen Harper on critiquing The Liberal Government under Chretien when they decided NOT to join the war on Iraq , by claiming it would be bad for Business and bad for trade with the USA.


Kudos to McQuaig for providing this insight into the growing depravity of the Canadian government due to the outsized influence of the Israeli lobby and no doubt the U.S. State Department as well. I’m not sure what sort of pressure or influence is being applied but I do know from investigative reportage in the U.S. that the Israeli lobby is quite good at threatening people’s careers and livelihoods and reputations if they dare to criticize Netanyahoo or the brutal behaviour of the brave men and women of the IDF. They seem little better than Nazis most of the time but then what is to be expected from those who declare themselves “God’s chosen people” since that is really not much different than declaring one’s people the “Master Race”.

These two airheads should really be charged under Canada’s laws regarding Hate speech … there’s no place for that sort of talk in Canada.


Linda McQuaig is great! She has exposed double standards time after time. It is working though because 66% agree with the Canadian government imposing sanctions against Israel in spite of the investment of time and money by the corporate media to demonize all things ‘Palestinian’. The government hasn’t figured this out yet as they still believe that unconditional support for Israel, regardless of the facts, is necessary to keep the peace (make the U.S. happy at all costs) and to improve our economy…


Israel is ALMOST as evil as the United States, which is why the UFSA supports Israel. For the evil of the latter, see William Blum’s books.


Read William Blum’s books ? Gosh, the one I did read was a tome that I was at for two months; “Killing Hope.” It’s an important book.


Very well written article.


Killing Hope is the one I read as well; makes one wonder if the USA is the “world champion” sponsor of terrorism, etc.! Wish that I could give you help, but as I live on Social Security, I lead a rather meager life!


Al, We are both in the same boat. My life is not bare bones meager yet I do not have the financial power of more than my brain learning and then working with others.

It does not require money to help cosmic powered biology manifest as human. For example, I just finished reading voices of the brazilian left and am now plugging through how to read donald duck, it is from Chile and has been banned since 9/11/1973.

Here is one of my inventions now copied off the web and used in surveys by Science. There is more. We can help all the non voters who boycott representative democracy register as non partisan, and then become independent green socialists.

Check the gizmo here, there’s more still in my head,



check http://www.zerowastenews.org and send input



Thanks for the email response, and attachments.

I have always voted, but for reasons given in this essay (The Current Relevance of Thorstein Veblen), written in August, have come to see voting as increasingly pointless. Why? Because I have become convinced that our species is “on the road” to extinction.

I am currently working on a related essay; if you wish to have a copy when it’s completed, just let me know.

Al Thompson, Greendale, WI


I just added the following comment to this article: https://www.commondreams.org/views/2018/10/10/time-use-our-fear-fuel-three-takeaways-ipccs-new-report

“Eagle Man” asked this question in his 2004 Nature’s Way: Native Wisdom for Living in Balance With the Earth (p. 269):

Will Nature eventually be forced to rid itself of Human, as antibodies attack a spreading, life-threatening infection?

A recent report issued by the Stockholm Resilience Centre seems to answer his question in the affirmative:

Our analysis suggests that the Earth System may be approaching a planetary threshold that could lock in a continuing rapid pathway toward much hotter conditions—Hothouse Earth. This pathway would be propelled by strong, intrinsic, biogeophysical feedbacks difficult to influence by human actions, a pathway that could not be reversed, steered, or substantially slowed.

Given what’s happening to Earth System, combined with the utter incompetence of our “leaders,” I see NO REASON AT ALL to have any hope for our future!


I just discovered this related article, posted on Tuesday: https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/10/09/whats-not-latest-terrifying-ipcc-report-much-much-much-more-terrifying-new-research



You should all find out about NTHE, a group on Facebook called the Near Term Human Extinction support group.


I don’t have facebook. Does the NTHE hand out candy? Is it expensive?