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'Read the Room': Hickenlooper Booed at California Democratic Convention for Decrying Socialism, Calling for Pragmatism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/02/read-room-hickenlooper-booed-california-democratic-convention-decrying-socialism

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Fork please, NEXT!


“Next” is Joe Biden, who believes the same thing.


And may Biden—and all of the Democratic neolib candidates—be booed off their stages until the clue phone finally rings for the DNC!


the space between Mitt Romney and Chickenchoker (sorry, a colorado favorite) is precisely zero.


How can you minimalize a socialist movement when capitalism has done so well for us 99%ers? (sarcasm).


In Colorado there was a nickname for this energy industry whore. He was called “Frackenlooper”. Just another sellout opportunist. The Demo party is rotting from within due to people like him. Twenty three people all running for the nomination? Really? It comes out that running is good for your pocketbook. You get to keep the money donated when your campaign flames out. Just ask the Orange Pustule in the Oval Office what happened to the $106 million (a record) that was donated for his inauguration. You could say that the presidency is the first business that “stable genius” Trump never went bankrupt in.
The other people that benefit from this insufferably long campaign season are the M$M. Other countries have campaigns such as this that last only a few months. Not in the Good Ole US of A! No, sirree. We drag it out and the revenues for our media shills just pour in. Uh-meriKKKans just love a horse race and the media “pundits” gather to blather on and on with their spin. Meanwhile, the Rethug operatives will do all in their power to pervert the election and the Demos can be counted on to ignore any real call for progressive candidates and legislation. Remember how Limousine Liberal Pelosi remarked about AOC’s bold new plan for ecological sanity? She called it the “Green Whatever”. Why bother to even try and keep up with the bullshit. Next year it will be Uncle Joe Biden and the Worst President in U.S. History in the election and once again, real citizens will be screwed. Our system is badly broken and as Ralph Nader reminded us recently the U.S. is in rapid decline. Our political system is an excellent mirror of that fact. The “American Century” is definitely over and we are being left with the dregs of neoliberalism and capitalism that shithheads like Hickenlooper are still trying to defend. Dump his ass.


Let him drink fracking fluid. Lots of it…


All the DINO “centrist” wannabee’s like Hickenlooper (and Biden) thinking that the electorate’s demands for a “Green Revolution”, strong climate action, universal single-payer not for profit health insurance, making the greedy rich, corporations and Wall Street pay restored progressive-bracket taxation ala Eisenhower era, reining-in military and police abuses and obscene budgets, and many other common-sense reforms for the Common Good are “socialism”, they are in for another think…and have disqualified themselves by spewing such garbage as “Loopy” does. We have been down that corporate DINO road far too long!

When he sez “socialism” “is an error that could cost the party its chance at the White House next year”, I call BS and say its not about “the party winning” but about candidates that support and fight for the issues that matter!!

If DINO corporate-whore Dem politicians think all we want are other “Dem” servants of big-money and corporate greed, like the Clinton’s and Obama (you know, shills for Vulture Capitalism and a "kinder-gentler buggering with no reach-around) and all the rest of the craven adherents of the loosing “Dem establishment strategy” they have adopted over the past cycles, then they ALL got another think comin!

Yeah, we want the pathological fuhrer child out but, but trying to do that with centrist DINO stooges and zero real reform, is not what will assure that!

If “the party” doesn’t “put-out” they will see another (s)election when 100 million do not bother to vote for Tweedledee OR T-Dumb!


I hate this smear. It puts in the minds of the uninformed listening that what Single Payer will do is make it so for a period of time 150 million folk just won’t have insurance, which of course is a lie.

The first time I heard trust fund baby Chelsea Clinton say this as a surrogate for her mother, Hillary Goddamn Clinton, in 2016, I got so angry I almost did a semi-Elvis and throw something through my TV screen. (Elvis through a bullet using a gun.)

I get angry still everytime I see this.

It’s like saying to someone living in a run down shack that the gift of a brand new three bedroom home is “Trying to take away your current home.”

This proves that Hickenlooper is an establishment mouthpiece. I’d say he’s an idiot, but I won’t because I’m sure he knows he’s manipulating things and knows the truth.

Well, maybe he is an idiot.

Sheesh. It’s not necessarily the chemicals used to frack, it’s the damn results of fracking that puts natural gas in the ground water. It’s the suicidal drive of the fossil fuel industry insatiable need to make a profit off selling fossil fuels that goes to extraordinary means to get more natural gas out of the ground to sell to consumers with no other choice and thus pump more carbon into the atmosphere. Is Hickenlooper a global warming denier?



I don’t understand why this practice of leaving a major candidate keeps getting repeated, so that otherwise informed people (like brucebennett) even repeat it.

I’m sure that some powers that be are intentionally marginalizing some candidate by ignoring them.

Who is it they aren’t counting? Is it Gravel? Is it Williamson? Is it Tulsi? Is it Messam? Who is it?

Here’s the 24:

  1. Bennett
  2. Biden
  3. Booker
  4. Bullock
  5. Buttigieg
  6. Castro
  7. de Blasio
  8. Delaney
  9. Gabbard
  10. Gillibrand
  11. Gravel
  12. Harris
  13. Hickenlooper
  14. Inslee
  15. Klobuchar
  16. Messam
  17. Mouoton
  18. O’Rourke
  19. Ryan
  20. Sanders
  21. Swallwell
  22. Warren
  23. Williamson
  24. Yang

Again the lies and misdirection of the media and politicians is decieving otherwise informed people.

AOC’s plan is not bold. The bold plan is an actual bill before Congress for years called the Off Fossil Fuels Act (OFF Act) that has specific actions, measurable goals, and if enacdted would be law.

AOC ran for Congress partly on the promise she would support and push for the OFF Act. Instead as soon as she was elected she jettisoned that and began promoting her “Green New Deal,” which title she stole from the Green Party, whose plan is also actionable and measurable.

For some reason, the press went crazy talking about AOC’s Green New Deal and for some reason activists were able to recruit kids to go to D.C. to lobby for it.

I remember when AOC first proposed it. I immediately critiqued it and got holy hell from folk here for doing that. Why did I critique it? Because all she was proposing was a committee to start studying what we should do.

I said we already know what to do. I said let’s just start lobbyng for a law doing what we already know what we need to do. End all burning of fossil fuels by a reasonable date in the near future. Boy did I get flack for that. (Little did I know then, due to the reality that I too can be uninformed when the entire media blackouts something, that such a bill already existed before Congress.)

When Pelosi refused even that, then AOC turned it into a Resolution.

What is a Resolution when the House passes it? How is it different than a Bill? If a Bill is passed by both Houses (and Bills always are sent to the other House) and then signed by the President it become law. A resolution just expresses the thinking of the House.

Yep. All it is when one is passed is a set of shared talking points. Yep. Nothing more.

But’s it worse than just that. AOC’s ‘bold’ set of talking points are just a collection of vague, goals with no specifics. The idea is that if the House adopts this resolution then it will start the ball rolling on us maybe, someday, like maybe the next Congress, perhaps, start a committee to explore what to do so someday when a bill might be written.

Now maybe that would be a good thing, a bold thing, if a freakin’ bill hasn’t been on the House floor already for three freakin’ years!

Give that fact that such a bill does already exist in the OFF Act and the fact that AOC campaigned on supporting it and the fact that the media, including the supposedly progressive media, ignores the OFF Act and makes supporting the Green New Deal a litmus test of environmentalism, to the point of downgrading the author of the OFF Act for supporting it over the Green New Deal, and the fact that the Green New Deal suck all the air out of the room…

…all I can conclude is that the whole thing is a large scam to divert attention away from actually doing something!

Imagine a crowd of people protesting. Imagine they all hold signs that say “Do Something” and since we know what they are protesting it means they want Congress to do something about climate change.

Now imagine the crowd has been changed. Now they only hold signs that say “Talk About Doing Something Someday!”


Your comments remind me of the saying that goes like this -
:“When you offer the voters a Republican and Democrat who poses as a Republican they usually elect the real one.” Demos have been skewing to the right for so long that I hardly recognize the party anymore. Sellouts like Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, Feinstein and their ilk are more interested in appeasing the donor base then they are listening to and acting on behalf of their constituents. “Citizen’s United” has had a devastating effect on what was left of our democracy.


I don’t even consider Biden a dem., and I lived in his district during his first congressional run.


Here is another take on the subject -
“A Green New Deal is a big, bold transformation of the economy to tackle the twin crises of inequality and climate change.” – the Sierra Club
Regardless of your cynical interpretation AOC has made it a national issue.

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Why am I getting the sense that, with the exception of Bernie, Warren and Gabbard, the rest are auditioning for the part of most corporate friendly with the democratic “leadership”?

So why not then in the same breath push for the OFF Act that does both those things with specifics?

What if AOC had spent her entire time and all her energy on the OFF Act instead of the Green New Deal? Would that be cooler if we had all the progressive press and activists pushing for an actual actionable law?

Why don’t you switch gears and start lobbying for the OFF Act instead of defending AOC and her vague talking points resolution?

You don’t have to critique AOC, like I do, when you do that, you know.

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This empty, worthless, corrupt asshole knows he can’t win. He isn’t running because he thinks he will get it or that anyone will name him VP. Maybe he wants a gig in a Biden administration if his party is dumb enough to nominate Biden. But, he isn’t running to win and he knows it. So, why is he running? That is the question.


Well, Warren is attempting to do that and, also at the same time, audition to the progressive base that she is more progressive than Bernie. With the help of a compliant media that has finally moved on from Buttigieg, she seems to be succeeding in doing that. I emphasize seems. It’s just an illusion done by the media.


Unfortunately, he is a Dem.

This is why Biden dodged the whole thing! His crap would have drawn Boos too.