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Readers Choose Bernie Sanders as Hands-Down Favorite for TIME 'Person of the Year'


Readers Choose Bernie Sanders as Hands-Down Favorite for TIME 'Person of the Year'

Jon Queally, staff writer

On the same day Sen. Bernie Sanders released a sweeping action plan to deal with planetary climate change, it was also announced on Monday that the Democratic presidential candidate retained his popularity by becoming the hands-down winner of the readers' choice for TIME magazine's "Person of the Year"—beating out all his political rivals in the U.S.


Good for Bernie Sanders. Despite a lot of the craziness going on, that's a good omen, in my book.


Go Bernie...for all of us!


While Bernie is not a socialist but a social democrat, his win might be welcomed by our Latin brothers and sisters south of the border. But I do not put much faith in Times to necessarily do the people's bidding. Can't forget that they voted Einstein over Gandhi--technocratic world over a true man of peace. Just look at the world around us!


Time reserves the right to ignore your selection of Bernie Sanders as the 'Person of the Year' poll winner - just like the rest of MSM did with the Dem Debate polls.


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It's an admittedly unscientific snapshot, but where i live, I currently don't see any presidential race bumper stickers except for Bernie's.


"What would Jefferson do ?"

British law made signing the Declaration of Independence a capital offense, making Jefferson and the other signers felons. Many of the signers were killed by or had their farms destroyed by the British. Despite their many differences the signers all agreed that government needs to control and limit the power of New York bankers. In 21st century Murka, Jefferson and most other signers would be considered radicals and subjected to the same punishment Occupy Wall Street participants and whistleblowers experience.


Like I have posted before, the only hope to stop HRC, it seems to me, is by the time of the democratic convention, if millions of registered voters sign a petition saying that they refuse to vote for HRC. The game is definitely rigged against Bernie, and for all his faults is so much better than HRC!


Time's editors have short listed Donald Trump.


" But I do not put much faith in Time to necessarily do the people's bidding."

Proof of that statement is that in 1938 Time choose Hitler as their man of the year. I would not be surprised if Time choose ugh.....Trump!


Actually, I just read that they had short listed Donald Trump.


Supposedly she had locked up most of the Super-Delegates in 08 as well, so who knows?


Time is a propaganda tool of the oligarchy.


TIME's snubbing of Bernie Sanders is disgusting beyond belief and merely shows how corrupt Time Warner is backing their bought and paid for war-mongering and duplicitous candidate, Hillary Clinton, to whose campaign they have contributed big time, by snubbing Bernie and the thousands of their readers who voted for him, not even including him on their wretched "shortlist" of 8 completely different candidates!! All I can say is: BOYCOTT All Time Warner products and services!! Also write to them to express your disgust at their arrogance and anti-democratic attitude towrd their own readers!! This is neoliberal corporate "democracy" at its most repulsive!! Go ahead and vote, all you thousands of plebs, we graciously gave you a "poll," and then we great "experts" at TIME -- a magazine targeted to 11 year old reading skills BTW -- will decide whom from among 8 different candidates than you picked WE want, so screw you!! Clearly the TIME slime must be emulating the SCOTUS when they seleceted George W. Bush although the American voters elected Al Gore!! Look out Establishment Clowns!! Storm's a comin'!! Roll the Revolution On!! and sharpen the guillitines!!


Yeah, I saw that, although she hasn't actually endorsed Hillary...



If this doesn't raise Bernie's numbers, it's useless. He likely knows that.


And has been, at least since the mid-60's, and probably since its inception.


If only more people would see that.
Perhaps they might.


I would like Jill Stein to be our next president. People involved in BDS**should support her and bring down the Democrats & Republicans. AIPACwould become weaker. ************