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Readers' Survey: 42% for Hillary Clinton, 36% for Jill Stein, 11% Write-In Bernie


Readers' Survey: 42% for Hillary Clinton, 36% for Jill Stein, 11% Write-In Bernie

- Common Dreams staff

Hillary Clinton has maintained a lead over Jill Stein in the most recent survey of Common Dreams' US readers who are likely to vote in the November election.

This survey of a sampling of Common Dreams' US readers was conducted September 7-9, 2016. The last survey was done Aug.3-5.


Hold on, now. Only 42% of Common Dreams readers are going to vote for Hillary? 3 words: President Donald Trump. I'm not interested in whatever liberal points you want to make--just your votes and stopping Trump from destroying this country and the entire planet because of his views on climate change.


If we can get the Berners and the undecided to vote for Jill, we'd have a real shot at this!


And this is with only minimal Stein coverage in the so-called "progressive" blogosphere and near zero in the national media with the notable exception of a few ambushes in an attempt to herd Sanders voters.
So Bernie supporters in that 11% group, we gotta talk. I implore you to stop chasing that particular dragon and please get Stein's numbers up. It's incredibly important to rally to the Greens this cycle. If we can't get the Greens over 5%, then frankly, it's over for electoral change in the US.
Second, to those swinging from Sanders to Clinton, for the love of christ, please take these free smelling salts. They'll snap you right out of it!


I look at this election as the Fear and Hate Election. Dollars to donuts if the question was asked, I bet that most of the people voting Hillary are voting out of FEAR of Trump and those voting Trump are doing so out of HATE for Hillary. If ever there was a time to vote FOR someone, this is it. In the end if Trump ends up president, it'll be the DNC's fault for rigging the primary and not putting forth the best candidate, that being Bernie. I will be voting FOR Jill Stein. By far the best option remaining in the race.


Oh, and fellow radicals in the 16%, I love you! :slight_smile:


That's a lot of self-described progressives voting for Hillary. I'm guessing its the fear of a Trump presidency instead of a vote for Hillary Clinton sort of choice. Does anyone else have an idea about it?


The sky is falling in! The sky is falling in!


Why would I vote for Hillary Clinton as a California voter? Hillary Clinton will win CA; anyone who has a mathematical argument as to any other result is open to make it, but it would go against basically all logic. Hillary Clinton gains literally nothing from my voting her since the EC is the ultimate in gerrymandering. Jill Stein can use my vote to get to 5% national level and get tangible benefits. So I can vote for the better candidate who can benefit from my vote or the worse candidate who gains nothing.

If you live in a red or blue state, the actual protest vote is voting for Hillary Clinton (you are just protesting Trump). The vote that can actually have an impact in these states is one for Jill Stein.


Hello Zim,

You posted whilst I was typing (and checking my spelling) and thereby answered my question before I posted it. Drat to me and my slow keyboard and editing skills!

Also - nice points.


I make an assumption that most Common Dream readers (and hence poll takers...although could be wrong) have a fairly progressive take on politics. Else, given our propensity to stick with our own kind, they wouldn't be reading Common Dreams... The exception being that they came specifically to take the poll. If this is the case it is clear that we need to convince those Hillary voters to vote for Jill if they live in a blue state ...because Hillary will still get the electoral votes of that state...but Jill and the Green Party would then have a better chance of getting Federal funding in the future, thereby increasing voter information and democracy.


I can't believe that 42% of Common Dreams readers, who actually read the articles, could possibly think that voting for Hilary is a good idea.

42% of the people who responded to the Survey, yes.

The same ones who have magically coalesced to serially "Flag" anti- Hillary comments, flood this Progressive website with Thread Clogging, distracting and anti- Progressive pronunciations, all the while making sure to include reminders that they, like Hillary, are "Pro-GRESS-ives".


Hillary's love affair with the fossil fuel industry is just as able to destroy the planet.


Hillary is heavily funded by the fossil fuel industry. She sold fracking overseas during her term as SOS. She won't be saving the planet any time soon. Especially when you consider how much fossil fuel the military uses. And then look at how much military Clinton uses.


Not sure why anybody would write-in Sanders when Stein adopted Sanders' 2016 platform in the 2012 election, four years before Sanders did, and has added more progressive planks ever since ?


Yes, that was my thought. I don't see in the comments many Hillary voters here. I would guess the actual readership of this news source is heavier on the Independent side.


In New York State in order to vote in the Democratic primaries you had to be registered as a Democrat. I was not, and by last October I had to hold my nose and switch in order to vote for Bernie. Wondering if that was the case in some other states, and if it might explain in part the high number of registered Democrats that responded to the survey who won't vote for HRC?


Well from the comments section alone it would be hard to find 40 percent of readers that support Clinton. It only a small handful and those few can not make a cogent argument as to why she should be supported by the rest.

Perhaps that 38 percent or so who support her and never comment just can not find a rational argument to make on her behalf which translates to, she is a poor choice.


Hello PonyBoy,

"I think we all have underestimated just how many Clinton Trolls visit this site."

There is that and I just want to add that I think there are many among them who would be open to candidates like Sanders and now Stein if they didn't feel like their vote (and yours) is what could stop a horrific future for the country and rest of the world.
Perhaps I'm being redundant, as this has been stated in various ways before.

But I think it's important, PonyBoy, that we remain cognizant of the fact that many of the people who try to cajole us to vote their way think that they are doing what's right and necessary.
Naturally, they don't see themselves as bullies. Nor are they likely to entertain the idea that they are acting condescendingly by assuming they know better than anyone - everyone - who doesn't see their wisdom.


I think this indicates how effectively the Dem right wing and liberal media have served to suppress any legitimately progressive movement. Last year, before she launched her campaign, this media were going all-out to try to sell Clinton as a "bold progressive" -- surely aware of Clinton's long record of support for the right wing agenda.