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Reading His Admission of Guilt Will Explain Why White House Is Distancing Itself From George Papadopoulos

Reading His Admission of Guilt Will Explain Why White House Is Distancing Itself From George Papadopoulos

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Former adviser admitted he lied to the FBI during the investigation into allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government

George Papadopoulos

More nothing burger here.

What did Papadopolous actually do? He met with a Russian professor, so he claims, who he believed, he claims, had ties to the Kremlin, which could be totally bogus. (Or it could all be true, no difference.) Why did he meet? To get dirt on Clinton for opposition research.

The exact same thing that the Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS to do and for which they met with Russian ‘insiders’ to get dirt on Trump.

Nothing illegal here. So what did Papadopolous actually do wrong?

He told the FBI he met with the professor at a different time than he later said he met with him.


Remember how they couldn’t get anything criminal on Martha Stewart but threw her in jail for ‘lying to the FBI?’

Never talk to the authorities if they investigate you. You don’t have a perfect memory. If you get something wrong they can throw you in jail for lying to them.

“I exercise my right to remain silent.”

Of course Papadopolous might have intentionally lied. But still. That doesn’t prove any of the things that DNC apparatchik Ezra Klein thinks it does.

There is no evidence in all of this that Papadopolous actually talked to anyone with real connections to the Kremlin. But he lied about it!

Oh, and he never got any dirt on Clinton. ::sigh::


Meanwhile, the 800 pound gorilla in the room just keeps putting on more weight.
“Alarm Bells Ringing’: Global CO2 Levels at Highest in 3 Million Years”


So relax, nothing to get excited about. Yet.

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As if one thing has anything to do with the other. Arguing Trump will be better for the environment than Clinton, is really farfetched, as well.

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We’ll have to wait and see. All of us who have insisted there is no evidence for RussiaGate are the types who’ll re-evaluate if there is real evidence.

So far no evidence from Mueller. Oh well.


The fact that someone involved is willing to plea bargain is a big deal. That is how the prosecutors make their way up toward the top. Of course we don’t know where this will lead but anyone willing to plea bargain is a big break. I would expect more people willing to plea bargain as time goes on. Certainly there is reason for suspicion. Given all the people who have seemed to have forgotten that they have spoke to Russians or seemed to have forgotten what they have talked about. But from what we know now I think Russia’s biggest influence on the election was through social media rather than the e-mails that they appeared to have acted. The fake accounts, fake ads, and fake news involving social media was very extensive and considering the way things can go viral so quickly it may have had a great effect on the election, particularly since it was targeted toward certain demographics in certain states. We will hear more about this on Wednesday when people from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other Internet companies testify before Congress.

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Yup. I have been seeing Cambridge Analytica mentioned more often lately, a sign that the real filth is rising to the surface one dribble at a time.


Are we supposed to know what that means? It is in English but the meaning seems cryptic.

Mueller is saving the best for last.

Get some popcorn and a drink and settle in for the later innings.


My family is from Missouri.

Show me.


All coincidence and happenstance. Unlike Clinton who was adamant about starting WWIII, right?

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Remember how they couldn’t get anything on Al Capone so they threw him in jail for tax evasion?
Who cares if they throw Trump in jail for money laundering instead of colluding with the Russians to fix the election? Trump and his family are criminals and the only home sweet home they deserve is a federal penitentiary.


Again with the strawman argument. Of course it is ludicrous to assert that Hillary wanted WWIII. So if we who couldn’t support her for her war mongering were asserting that, then we must be ludicrous too.

Except we never made that argument. We instead argued that what she did want would very likely lead to WWIII. She in her arrogance thought it wouldn’t. She thought shooting down Russian planes in Syria wouldn’t escalate, but that Russia would back down. Why? Because she’s a Neo-Con and they think if you show force the other side will then respect you and back down. (See the ridiculous same nonsense coming from the previously wise Sarek in the new Star Trek.)

But Russia has never back down from aggression. So we’d get escalation and a shooting war in Syria, despite Hillary’s belief her actions would not lead to that.

Then instead of the Russians kicking out Putin, which she and the other Neo-Cons think would happen, they’d more likely rally around him and a spark in the Baltic region or Ukraine could lead to a general war.

Then that general war would be always on the edge of going nuclear.

So, no, Hillary didn’t want WWIII, but she’d act in a way that would lead to it. Or do you think that a policy of shooting down Russian planes in Syria would have led to peace?

I care. Not because I like Trump, but because I know his base would deeply care and you are describing the set up for a civil war that would rip this country apart.

Let’s instead resist his policies. How about removing the authority to wage war anywhere he wishes?

Then let’s actually reform the Democratic Party so they can take over Congress in 2018 and nominate a true progressive who can win in 2020?


Lovely, you find unbelievable Clinton connections and conspiracy where there is none and dismiss any indictment and guilty pleas where most likely there is. We have Trump’s foreign policy advisor and campaign manager actively seeking Russian government connections to collect dirt on Clintons after which there is a Russian government sponsored hacking of hers and Democrats emails and huge disinformation campaign reaching 129million on Facebook alone.

Yet in your opinion there is nothing to see… what a surprise.


I love it. You can read Hillary’s mind but not Trump’s.

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Don’t forget, the awesome blasé dismissal of a guilty plea for lying to the FBI as lacking evidence of collusion—opposition research just like Fusion!—is based on a plea agreement germane only to that charge. No reason to consider how the FBI knew said guilty party, who admitted to multiple ongoing contacts, was lying. No reason to think anything untoward about his contact offering “thousands of emails” before anyone knew of the breach. More disconcertingly, what evidence Mueller offered to get a judge to waive attorney-client privilege to force Manafort’s attorney to testify is anyone’s guess. However, from my understanding, that’s a move relegated to serious crimes of national import, which the waiver says itself in its first sentence.

No reason to be skeptical of an administration that appointed an NSC Director that took backdoor payments from Russian and Turkish sources, lied on disclosure forms, and acted as an unregistered foreign agent. Indeed, no reason to be suspect of an administration featuring an AG that lied to Congress about Russian contacts during the campaign—he recused himself, right?—and that features a presidential adviser that omitted similar contacts on security disclosure forms. And of course, we ought to collectively put our faith in a president that offered the least amount of public disclosure of his finances in modern history. He and his crowd have earned our trust.

But we can be certain that Hillary would have started WWIII by shooting down Russian planes. Why? She’s a neocon. If the price of peace is money laundered secret payments from right wing racist oligarchs and a little less democracy here at home, let’s call it a win. We’ll just hope to avoid a war with North Korea via the unstable peace candidate of 2016 that occupies the White House.


Our US/CIA government is warmongering all over the world –

involved in “illegal wars of aggression” they call “Regime Change.”

US/CIA seemingly supporting uprisings in Checkyna and Ukraine.

Mueller was part of the 9/11 cover up for W/Cheney.

We have Oligarchy, rigged elections and we’re still voting on hack-able computers.

Does this all today really add up to anything but distraction?

Trump impeachment … Pence our new president… where are we going?


I think I’ll name my son Papadopoulos. Mm, let me get back to you on that.

You deny that “progressives” here ever made the “ludicrous” argument that Clinton was pursuing WW3, then go on to make that very argument.