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Ready... Fire... Aim: How an Unhinged Trump Is Threatening US National Security


Ready... Fire... Aim: How an Unhinged Trump Is Threatening US National Security

John Atcheson

Trump doesn’t do nuance. He got elected by overtly exploiting fear, spreading hate, and promising to make us safer. Unfortunately, his simple-minded approach to the Presidency is making us less safe. Here’s how.

Going Off Half-Cocked


Thanks for using the "L" (lie) word, Mr. Atcheson, and for outlining the security risks of the Idiot-in-Chief's ban.

BTW: When is book 2 of your trilogy coming out? Sure would like to read it!


Ever wonder what it must have been like when you read of some medieval monarch that had rashly chosen to go to war mainly because he happened to want to at that particular moment? What it must have been like to have soldiers and civilians die amid the mayhem and bloodshed simply on the whim of a monarch?

And here I had been thinking all this time that we lived in a democracy and that the founders set it up so that such a 'royal' whim was impossible by an American president (who was not a king after all) and that only Congress had the power to wage war etc?

Remember the warnings we heard as Congress' powers to make war were nibbled away and abrogated to the White House under the War Powers Act and so forth? What if some future dictator type of 'leader' became president and had this unilateral ability to start a war on his own say so?

Is it just me or do other people also find it bizarre that someone (basically a con artist and outre self promoter) with such a poofy vainglorious combover has been put into the position (despite losing the popular vote by millions) to start World War III?


Trust me it is not just you. This is not normal or at the very least shouldn't be considered normal. This is truly the Twilight Zone we are in.


Lady K:

I feel like I have to apologize for not getting Book Two out ... I actually completed a penultimate draft several years ago, but got sidetracked by some other activities. One of them is a non-fiction book, tentatively titled, "WTF America? How the US Went Off the Rails and How to Get it Back on Track." After finishing it, Trump came along and won ... so I completely rewrote it and now I'm in the process of getting it in shape for publication -- probably by Spring.

Which is a long winded way of saying, hang in there ... Book Two is coming soon.

Thanks for expressing interest in it.



Look, he's already been called malignant narcissist by a psychologist at John's Hopkins. The only thing we need to hear now is that he is being removed from office for mental illness. These weeks feel like month's, when is someone going to stop this sad man?


The whole homeland "security" meme is so tiresome. First, 911 could have prevented by the simple expedient of locked cockpit cabin doors.

Second and most important, terrorism is directed against us for a reason. When we face that reason--and no, it isn't about hating our freedoms--the terrorism will go away.

America's refusal to talk about Osama's issues-- it was very convenient not to allow him to live and be tried so that we could hear them--keeps us in knee-jerk mode. And we forget (if we ever knew) that for every effect (terror) there is a cause (meddling). Our thick-headedness about this is truly exceptional.


The twilight zone has existed for decades. What you both are feeling is what Reverend Wright warned us about: The chickens are coming home to roost. And their ancestors, according to paleo biologists, were the dinosaurs. T-Rex comes to mind.


Thank you for saying what I have felt for a very long time.


Indeed. And like the dinosaurs we need to quickly evolve or face extinction.


Good article. Forget ISIS, al-Qaida and all the other terrorist groups that we are told are a threat to our national security, because the # 1 terrorist threat to American national security is sitting in the oval office!


Security is one thing. But the greatest threats to American integrity are spread throughout all three branches of the federal government. To single out Trump is a forest for trees kind of thing.


"The US military has a lot of experience with "protracted wars," and the clear lesson from all of them was that such wars were ultimately won in the "hearts and minds" of the people, not on the battlefield."

Which protracted war was the last one that the USA won?1776-1783?

This article accepts it as a matter of faith that the USA has to be nice to people to maintain its military bases in their country for the USA's "security". Why does the USA have maintain 1 000 military bases in nearly 200 countries across the world? The Chinese don't; the Russians don't; and we Brits found that after around 300 years we didn't need to do so either.


I wonder who put in the 'hard yards' to make this scenario possible?


Yes, good point!


I don't accept that we need to keep that many bases (or any, for that matter .... As I said in the next paragraph:
Yes, the focus on military alliances creates risks; and yes, the size and scope of our imperialist foreign policy is obscene. But if you’re going to continue the imperialist policies we now pursue—and Trump is picking fights with just about everybody—then you ought to cultivate your alliances.


If one is going to continue one's imperialist policies.

If one regards imperialism as obscene, then if one's Head of State continues to pick quarrels with allies, one's imperialist policies will indeed fail in due course, so one should welcome a Head of State like Herr Twittler.

However, if one wishes for success in imperialism in the modern world, one should act as do the Chinese; make friends, lend them money and buy their infrastructure and property not to mention granting your wealthy citizens dual nationality so as to live and get into politics and business in those friendly countries .