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Ready, Fire, Aim: Idiocy in Action


Ready, Fire, Aim: Idiocy in Action

John Atcheson

Trying to parse Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran agreement shows why “balanced news” may end up destroying the world. We’ll examine why in a moment, but first, let’s summarize Trump’s reasoning – or what passes for reasoning in his addled, emotionally adolescent, ADHD brain.


Trump isn’t emotionally adolescent, more like an emotional two-year-old.


I learnt a long while ago, that when people do or say things that appear clearly stupid, they’re probably just lying. Netanyahu was lying when he was raising alarm over Iran being an existential threat. It was not, and Netanyahu knew it.

What Netanyahu wanted was severe sanctions on Iran that could severely weaken or destroy its resolve and ability to support the Palestinians and oppose Israel in its territorial ambitions, and hopefully one way or another get regime change. It is in pursuit of this goal (and personal interest) that Donald is acting, and his actions (though fraudulent) from the perspective that the nuclear threat does not loom large, make sense.

Obama was smart enough and without need of Netanyahu so he took Netanyahu at his word, and consequently dld not hold the agreement on the alleged existential nuclear threat hostage to these other relatively insignificant ones. Netanyahu was hoisted on his own petard.

Donald is a different animal, Netanyahu’s poodle, captured by praise, money and political support and has to lie to pursue Netanyahu’s objectives. In this he has the support of the neocons and that ratbag Bolton.


“But by treating what is manifestly one of the stupidest, least thought out and dangerous decisions in modern history as if it were something with “sides” the media has done exactly that, and that effectively gives him license to continue his destruction of the national and international commons.”

John, you forgot to add the term ‘for money’ before the period.


Trump wishes he was a poodle. He tries hard to project that image.

However, it’s his destiny to be a common mutt.


Mangy cur.


It’s his destiny to be dog shit


Time to remake Network with Lewis Black in the title role. The US ranks 45th among nations for freedom of the press. There’s nothing free about the MSM, its owned lock stock and barrel by the corporatocracy and staffed by sycophantic liars and paid propagandists.


Trump’s policy towards Iran should, and can be, seen through the lens of one point Mr. Atcheson merely touches upon. It is a point which reveals our Newest Fearless Leader to be nothing more than the extortionist and " shake down artist " the world sees clearly, but America’s political class refuses to accept. And, by not acknowledging it and speaking out against it, they are acquiescing to it. Drawing this country’s moral compass into Trump’s real and only artistry; blatant theft and corruption, what mobsters call " the skim ". ATT, Novartis UAE …this Cohen list will grow like a watered weed. Jared & Honey Bunny’s will, too.
Trump’s main and consistent critique of the Iran deal ( what I’ve seen from 2016 to now ) is, we gave Iran their money back. We paid lnterest back on a broken contract that, of course, we didn’t intend to honor from the get-go. We broke Trump Rule No.1; stealing, extorting and robbing are only dishonorable when you do the right thing and return that which you stole. ( Especially egregiously so, when you have the backing of the biggest military machine the world has ever seen. Why have nukes if you can’t use them? )
" Why? ", bellows one of the biggest welchers and bullies ever, now residing south of Manhattan anyway.
By allowing this 5+1/Iran deal to live, and die, in the same orbit as the Typical Trump Transaction Doublecross, Congress has signed off on a whole new meaning for " caveat emptor ". The government endorsing the words and sentiment of, in your face beware, confounds the citizenry’s thinking about the social contract. Leading to who knows where and what, long term. But, it sure looks like a blind, dark alley with shady characters lurking about in the shadows. Ya know, where Trump & Co. do their best work.


In the time period of 1944 through 1945 the Japanese Government made several attempts to surrender and discuss surrender terms. They had one provision and that was the Emperor was to be protected from War Crimes trials. The USA refused outright claiming surrender MUST BE unconditional.

This led to the USA dropping Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The ONLY reason the USA wanted to extend that war wherein they gave only the hardliners in Japan any influence was so the USA could use Atomic weapons against Cities.

They want the same thing In Iran. They do not peace or to exist in peace. They want a WAR even if it a Nuclear war and they do all they can do to ensure only hardliners in Iran have any influence so that like they did with Japan they could then claim “They are fanatics so we had to commit mass murder”.

In 1945 the USA claimed that it would CONTINUE to NUKE Japanese Cities until the Japanese surrendered. It was the USA that were the fantatics who would slaughter milliions of civilians in order to get their way. It exactly the same now. The US Government and the Neocons are “FANATICS” and would murder the entire EARTH to get their way. They are clinically insane as are their enablers in the Media (which is the same thing really).

This is exactly what the system we call “Capitalism” promotes. Those of the one percent who garner billions in wealth as others are destitute are Sociopaths. The economic system that puts people like Trump in power is a system designed by and for Sociopaths.


“But by treating what is manifestly one of the stupidest, least thought out and dangerous decisions in modern history as if it were something with “sides” the media has done exactly that, and that effectively gives him license to continue his destruction of the national and international commons.”

Anyone notice increasing corporate oligopoly ads on PBS and NPR even? The Military Industrial Complex has taken over Ike, just like you warned.

“As in the case of
fake newspaper articles and official communiques, the idea is to use
disinformation to suggest initiatives fostering positive values — freedom,
patriotism, brotherhood, democracy - while doing dirty deeds behind the scenes.”