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Ready for the Jawboning Presidency of Donald Trump


Ready for the Jawboning Presidency of Donald Trump

Ralph Nader

All signs point to Donald Trump becoming a jawboning president without equal in American history. That is, jawboning by exerting rhetorical bombast focused on people, corporations and institutions, with massive media propulsion behind the very personal presidency he will establish. It will be a natural daily extension of his boundless, easily bruisable ego.


Whose going to own the copyright to Trump's ultimate stain on humanity: Rorschach or Pollock?


Ralph, it's important to under stand that Trump's macho tough guy act, his jawboning and his disdain for political correctness are reasons why he followers love him. They've had their fill of politically correct, turn a blind eye and not get involved establishment politicians, both Republican and Democrat. Condemning Trump for not being a proper and politically correct president is just playing into Trump's hands. Claiming some moral, we know better high ground enrages his followers all the more.

The way to beat Trump is to use his weaknesses against him, namely, pounding him incessantly with facts that he so obviously ignores and being unrepentant is our demands that he came clean with all his business and political dealings. Keeping him on the defensive is the best way to pursue damage control.


It will be interesting to see what the loose cannon blasts away at after his inauguration.

If he has any hope of a positive mention in history books, he will either have to ditch most of his publicly chosen advisors, or guide them away from their historic political positions.

Being just another dreary Republican Babbit booster of the 1% will never gain him favorable notice. He will then be remembered as just one more tinhorn blowhard POTUS of the Reagan stripe.


It is hard to know what is going to happen. Nobody with such little respect from large segments of the population has ever been president before. Certainly no one who is largely seen as a joke. And certainly no president-elect has been hated as much before even taking office. And no president has even been elected who trailed by so much in the popular vote. It seems he can only be president to a minority of the population. To the majority of the population he is unacceptable as president and will probably remains so.


Psychologists call it the "dark triad". I don't think there is any doubt that drumpf has these traits:

The dark triad personality traits are three closely related yet independent personality traits that all have a somewhat malevolent connotation. The three traits are machiavellianism (a manipulative attitude), narcissism (excessive self-love), and psychopathy (lack of empathy).



Ralph, you are giving Trump waaayyy too much credit. The man is an impulse-driven twit with a serious case of malignant narcissism who opens his mouth (or gets those thumbs to work) to vomit the first thing that comes to his mind. All you pundits who are trying desperately to make him into some sort of crafty strategic agent skillfully maneuvering his way through a complex set of variables are deluding yourselves. He stumbles, fumbles and blats out garbage that people lap up and examine hoping to find the proverbial pony in the pile of manure. Well guess what. There IS NO PONY--only stinky manure.


This is a tragically funny summation. Thank you. I needed the laugh.
I do think Mr. Nader is really trying very hard to grant a benefit of doubt. He's been around a long time dealing with American madness. Unless somehow a miracle is performed very soon, we're all going to be granting doubtful benefits such as these for a good long while. Here's to vigilant and persistant resistance! I'm also still looking for a pre-Inaugural miracle.


Please do not keep on about the "popular vote";
1. Neither of the two was at all popular; lots voted against one not for the other positively.
2. Both knew the Electoral College system, but Trump worked with it (plus gerrymandering etc) to win.
3. having 4 million extra votes in California is nothing useful, and does not negate all the other States.
4. Trump does not represent most of the population it is true, but neither does Clinton, and the "Reps" and Senators are paid and influenced in their votes by lobbies, legally allowed by the "Supreme Court" which is not at all democratically elected and represents only the 1% in most cases.


Donald Trump -the 'Jawboner-in-Chief'. By jove, I think I've got it.


Lrx, I find that I agree with you on some of what you commented, however, as you continued to describe how you perceive Trump, I was thinking to myself, 'Man, that sounds just like he is talking about George W. Bush'. Certainly, Trump will have to unseat Bush as the worst President in history.


How right you are Rosemary. Isn't it odd how during the Democratic primary when Bernie and Clinton made it to California's voting, the MSM and the Democratic Party Establishment announced Clinton as the winner and nominee even before millions of votes had yet to be counted and reported. And I won't talk about the hijinks of the Democrats that they swept under the rug.


I agree with you on how to deal with him, but who is going to do it? the MSM is all but donning knee pads and lip balm "normalizing" him, it is getting more pathetic and surreal by the day, if not the minute.


Excellent description indeed, it is amazing to me how much time is spent analizing this assholes adolesent, uninformed ,lying, tweets. That so many are following his everyword like it was gospell is frightning.