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'Ready to Fight Back': Progressives Gear Up to Reject Trump's Extremist SCOTUS Pick


'Ready to Fight Back': Progressives Gear Up to Reject Trump's Extremist SCOTUS Pick

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is reiterating her warnings about what's at stake with President Donald Trump picking his Supreme Court nominee "off a pre-approved extremist list," while progressive groups get ready to gather on the courthouse steps in Washington, DC on Monday night to show they're ready "to fight back."


Next head of state will need to pack the “Supreme” Court.


The Swing Vote we need is a certain “person” at the end of a rope.


They will pick the biggest corporate stooge possible and there isn’t a damn thing any of us can do to stop them. It totally sucks and assures the ascendance of a full on corporate fascist state. It is that final nail in the coffin of our democracy. People you really have no clue the horror to come. It will truly be a new dark age of mankind. Things have taken on a momentum that cannot be stopped. Time to reap the whirlwind.


Again all whining & no plan of attack.


From what I understand, with McCain ill and if all 49 Democrats refuse to vote for whoever Dump nominates, women’s rights advocates only need to turn 1-2 Republican senators to stop whoever Trump picks. If that analysis is accurate, it doesn’t seem impossible to stop the pick, at least until after the mid-terms, when it will be much harder for Grifter to put in a total right-wing hack like Gorsuch.


You’re the one who is whining, and if you had a plan of attack, you’d have explained it. Get a clue.


What on gods earth makes you think you will get all the democrats??? No my friend it will be sold to you like a Clarence Thomas…they will call the pick a “centrist” perhaps have them declare their belief in some social issue like gay marriage or abortion…MSNBC will tout it as being an actual moderate and how much worse it could be and would be if we made the Republicans have to pick a different choice…I can see the entire gaslighting as if it was happening before my eyes…to think that they will not get their way is at this point is not rational.


The rubber stamp has Schumers silence carved in it.


Remember Roe is important but not the only issue to be concerned about here.

Regardless of who Trump picks, it’s obvious that it is all out AGAINST!


I think it time that the truth be teased from the hyper-polarization of a duopoly terrified that they have screwed up on virtually all that is necessary for decent society to be sustained.

This conflates the right of individual choice and the sanctity of the relationship of doctor with a patient. This is like two bulldozers dragging a giant chain between them to shear all life from an extensive land. Step back for a moment and watch the boomerang of the projection aimed to decapitate.

We live in a country where the people dedicated to the institutions have become so terrified of what they themselves have become that they fear even pausing to admit it. The waggons of the terrified institutions have been drawn into circles and all fingers are pointing outward ginning up scapegoats and targets. The delusional la-la-land of “externalizations” so essential to predatory capitalism has utterly soaked the brains of its advocates and mercenaries.

Damn you! You WILL carry to term IF I SAY SO!! And once that life is in the world ‘it’ will DIE if others of you do not sacrifice yourselves on your knees before me, the almighty predator of the economic powers !

Any wonder that the planet is showing the consequences of this delusional solipsism? Dang, localvores are looking more and more like the sainted. Maybe its just coherence vs insanity.


So it is Kavanaugh! Just understand Trump gave a finger to the right-----no I would not support this guy------but he is not the pick of the right. Trump made a campaign promise to overturn Roe and he could have picked a sure vote but chose not to. The reporting is that Kavanaugh has been against legal action against a sitting president and this was the fundamental reason for Trump picking him.-------I do think it better to get this out of the way before the election.


One of the hallmarks of fascism is the taking control of the judiciary to fit their agenda.
Adolf Hitler came to power by the Law (!)
It’s not rocket science to figure out what is happening in this country and for that matter globally…


A bunch of phony protesters with industrial pre-printed signs says it is all a paid put up job… leftist can’t even do an honest protest. You have no arguments… except that you despise the Constitution and America! You always threaten to move to Canada but don’t go… Is it because they won’t have you? Are you just too much trouble?


…and the left has done that to America for the last 50 years… the American People are tired of it… that is why Trump won.


so-----if women do not have the right to control their own bodies…isn’t that slavery? We have an amendment against that—well, at least the last time I looked. we had that amendment.
And aren’t we ALL supposed to have equal protection under the law…so then what plans does the court have for penis control? : )


We’ll see what happens. Per press reports, McConnell wasn’t as excited about this pick as others. He couldn’t commit to seating him before the election and warned the White House of Kavenaugh’s paper trail. Whatever the case, he ain’t going to be friendly to progressive concerns.


Not exactly, you still have to account for the 3 usual Dems that vote repug, and possibly Jones(AL).


Not a single Democrat that was invited to the White House went for the announcement. This may not be an easy get for Trump. He’s going to put someone on the Court, of course, but it’s possible they could be less worse, like Kennedy, than outright tragic.

The truth is, we are in for a long, hard road:


The opposition to Kavanaugh is just for show and fundraising by interest groups on all sides. Republicans control the Senate and that’s that. The time to stop Trump and all the 5-4 Supreme Court votes crippling workers rights, unions, reproductive freedom, voting rights, the travel ban… etc was November 2016. Now its too late, and for the Supreme Court the right-wing takeover will last decades. (Maybe the same for the country as our democracy erodes.)