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'Ready to Resist': Progressives Rally Ahead of Crucial GOP Tax Plan Vote


'Ready to Resist': Progressives Rally Ahead of Crucial GOP Tax Plan Vote

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"When you come for our healthcare, we come for your jobs," was one activist's message to Congress


How about poor and working class? Oh , I forgot- some progressives look down on the working class and call them poor


Somebody please explain exactly why the Dems cannot block bad legislation (or at least legislation they didn’t like) as the Rethugs did when they were the minority. In fact, even when they got supermajority/majority votes that they needed (usually compromising the legislation into right-wing crap), they still withdrew sometimes.

Not to mention the fact that it was hard-right Rethugs who stopped the henious Obama/Rethug “Grand Bargain.”

And these are the people who are going to impeach Trump? Think again folks. Spitting on Trump is all they have, just like the Rethug “cut taxes” meme.


That is because they follow the money- they are actually FOR the tax cuts because they benefit them.


because of sequestration it has to be revenue neutral which means it cannot be filibustered against…which if passed and becomes law it triggers automatic cuts…


oh? who are they?


Except it’s not revenue neutral. The CBO projects a $1.5T addition to the deficit under this plan.


They are blocking the legislation. Not a single Dem is backing it and it’s being done in secret, essentially. What they are doing is trying to tweak the bill so that the corporate tax giveaway is permanent, and raise taxes on everyone else basically at the end of a five and ten-year window under the Byrd Rule.


When did party become more important than reason, common sense, and logic? Isn’t that a definition of fascism? I’m eighty and remember the first experiment of Arthur Laffer’s curve. Old George had it right “voodoo economics” Reagan had to raise taxes and every state had to add sales taxes and fuel taxes. Ayn Rand, Arthur Laffer, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul are not credible economists. They are a joke in eco. 101. Are they the best politicians that money can buy? YUP. Oh to that list of stupid economists add Phil Gramm and the Gramm leach Bliley bill signed into law by Billy Clinton and voted on by 90 plus senators. When Wall street buys your government that’s what you get a shell game, the pea is hiding in one of the shells and the roulette wheel is rigged.


The Byrd Rule limits consideration of extraneous non-budget related provisions during budget reconciliation in the Senate that raises the deficit after ten years. The reconciliation process—actually a law—permits Congress to consider budget bills under an expedited process in conformance with rules as laid out in reconciliation instructions (Congress passed these with the budget resolution on October 19th). Rather than going through the old-school reconciliation process, it allows Congress to do omnibus bills with less choke-points.

Reconciliation is encoded in law here if you are interested:


The Byrd Rule is §644.

Republicans have room to play within the limits of the instructions they passed ($1.5 trillion for tax cuts). How they play and to what extent they can may be a matter of us bitching out our Senators and Reps more than anything.


" They are a joke in eco. 101."

Most people in Congress were lawyers NOT ECONOMISTS before they were elected and the only thing most know about economics is: THEIR ECONOMICS!


Thank you and a couple of doctors. I think Warren is a pretty good add and subtract person with a good sense of money smarts and the Wall Street push and pull


On or before: Action to be completed:
First Monday in February President submits his budget.
February 15 Congressional Budget Office submits report to Budget Committees.
Not later than 6 weeks after President submits budget Committees submit views and estimates to Budget Committees.
April 1 Senate Budget Committee reports concurrent resolution on the budget.
April 15 Congress completes action on concurrent resolution on the budget.
May 15 Annual appropriation bills may be considered in the House.
June 10 House Appropriations Committee reports last annual appropriation bill.
June 15 Congress completes action on reconciliation legislation.
June 30 House completes action on annual appropriation bills.
October 1 Fiscal year begins.


Welcome to the good cop/bad cop show. At the end of the show/day, they are not on y/our side.


They are “blocking” it though. That’s why Republicans are using the reconciliation process. If Democrats weren’t blocking it, Manchin et al. would be negotiating with McConnell and Republicans wouldn’t be doing stupid things like the ever-unpopular Medicare cuts they are proposing. They want tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations so badly they aren’t willing to deal in the way they were under Bush. And, even Manchin wants no part of their nonsense, to his credit.


Progressives as not republicans is an unspoken distortion that tries to incorporate the bloody war lust atrocities of democrats and their support for religious states and moderate terrorists as somehow within the progressive camp.

Democrats and republicans are united to borrow 1.5 trillion dollars, give it to rich people, and then let normal humans pay the loan back.


Yes, I understand, but thanks.

My point would be that the Rs can manipulate the 10-year reconciliation window–and they obviously will–but the CBO will score this long term or all to see. That glaring addition to the deficit, no matter how much they prattle on about the clearly disproven merits of trickle-down, can potentially sink the bill.

The left is gearing up to hit the streets–I know I will be.
Plenty of tea-partiers are adamant about defict-neutrality/reduction–their purity works against this bill.

I see several GOP senators have wet feet already.


Where are the GOP voters protests? I would have thought the GOP tax scam would affect some working class Repubs?


Yep. This thing is an outright attack on the middle class—really everyone except a few very wealthy Republican donors. It even attacks what used to be the Reagan base, doctors, lawyers, and upper middle class professionals. I’ll be calling my tea party Congressman for sure.

I really wish the media would stop calling it “reform.” Can’t stand that nonsense.


Brilliant and thank you.