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Real Answers Demanded After Barr Dodges on Government Authority to Aim 'Intrusive Surveillance Tools' at Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/28/real-answers-demanded-after-barr-dodges-government-authority-aim-intrusive


Impeach the fucker or STFU about how these sociopathic criminal monsters “dodge” answers. That is what they all do now in front of Congress and they are never actually held accountable. Impeach Them! Otherwise it is simply enabling them and it is apparently what the Democrats mission statement is.


If we - primarily Congress and the Courts - were fully lucid, fully present to the moment - we would show people like this the door out of the country.




I was listening to Ralph Nader on KPFA today and he literally said the same thing. That the Dems need to grow some cajones. Now or never I say. It’s way way past time.


ALl talk and now action is just Political Theater. Mystery Science Kabuki 2020


“The public needs to know whether Attorney General Barr thinks President Trump can conduct mass surveillance of protesters without congressional authorization.”

The public needs to know whether he thinks. Full stop.

All this shilly shallying and deflection and delaying and ineptness and incompetence and fear tactics and goons and “agents provocateur” and everything else which adds to the confusion and chaos. (Which i believe is their desire.)


But we saw what happened with other impeachments:


These “people” are immune to impeachment. No matter what they say or do.

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Hi wngsofadove:
I saw a CNN piece of PramiIa asking Barr about what was done in the park when Trump wanted his photo op.----and Barr was dismissive. He argued with her and denied that the witness who spoke to Congress about the wrong that was done to the peopIe in the park and he seemed to deny the roughness of treatment. Barr continued looking bored and then kept interrupting her constantIy. Barr was rude and dismissive and looked so uncaring. WHY is he able to keep that job.?He is as fuII of hot air as his bagpipes!


LEGAL protestors are not and should not be TARGETS of anything. Effing jackboots. DAMMIT, these little white men make me crazy!!! And the good old dims denying Mcare for all and legalizing weed (go figure THAT one out) to try to make themselves the solid saviors? Fucking astonishing.


“It is frighteningly plausible that Attorney General Barr has told the Trump administration it may conduct domestic mass surveillance with effectively no limits, potentially even in the absence of congressional authorization,”

If true, we need to stop these Amerikan, Nazi’s… NOW!


In Charlottesville over the weekend it was " agent provacouters ", according to the city’s mayor, who attempted to start conflagrations at peaceful BLM protests. Non-aggressive ones even toward public property and racist statues at that, as well.
COVID-19 masks, black Ninja pajamas, head-to toe-unmarked non-badged camouflaged soldiers; really, it’s getting hard to tell who’s " a player " without an official gov’t scorecard. And, unfortunately, those are all considered " highly classified intel " by the PTB.
To the DOJ’s Mr. Barr, the Atty General: for all the humans who now find themselves under U.S. legal jurisdictions, his jurisdiction, you can take some solace in knowing this one thing.
" The amendments to Title V of FISA made by Section 215 of the U.S.A. PATRIOT ACT expired on March 15, 2020 and, to date, have not been reauthorized. "
I take that to mean any information, et al, gathered while this amendment sits on a shelf capturing dust bunnies, is non-viable in any court proceedings. Things that make you go hmmm…
So, there’s that, too.


Modus operandi of liars/psychopaths/sociopaths and people in general with the name of barr who are sycophants to the dump.

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Come on Shanti. You and i both know (and a lot of others) we have been monitored for many years. (All over the globe.) Ask Mr. Snowden. And whilst we are on that subject:



We need to break this area down into defense and offense.
Defense is identifying the guy with a pistol, molotov cocktail, grenade, or backpack bomb and detaining him. We have NSA and FBI tracking him already if he has popped up at certain web sites, communicated with certain jerks, made threats, or belongs to KKK type groups.

This includes on the ground, on foot, amidst the peaceful protesters, looking out for the sabatoure of peace.

Offense is infiltrating KKK type groups. After the Korean war, and red bailting fizzled, the FBI did the KKK in by having agents join, putting the local leader of gov’t payroll, etc.

We have been listening in to phone calls since 1905. We have been carefully opening all mail, reading, reseal and deliver also. An email, social site message, voice phone call = all are easily monitored.

We also work hard overseas to identify terror guys.

Contempt of Congress.
The House has the power to have the Sergeant-at-Arms arrest Barr and place him in the House jail for refusal to answer questions.

Witness True Colors.


Well sorry to say i don’t know what the hell that amendnent is all about. Or even how your jurisdiction works. We (europeans) have a preconceived idea that the rule of law in America is to shoot first and ask questions later. Which judging from the protests now for BLM seems to respect that idea. Of course the PTB do not want peaceful demonstrations and will fabricate any and all deviations to distrupt legitimate peaceful protests.


Mass metadata capture and mass surveillance info-gathering are not the same critters. Rounding up ( extra-legal renditions ) of masses of citizens attending peaceful protests would be a non-starter, pretty much.
Any acts by the Feds to do domestic sweeps of any sort is likely to backfire spectacularly, imo.

One of those “serious” posts which make me LOL. (Because we know it won’t happen.)

Leave your preconceptions at the airport before flying? Oh wait, why would you contemplate flying here to attend and observe an American protest in the first place? To get your dose of COVID?
Are you dining out or in tonight, btw?