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Real Corruption: Mick “Pay and We’ll Talk” Mulvaney


Real Corruption: Mick “Pay and We’ll Talk” Mulvaney

Richard Eskow

It’s not just that Mick Mulvaney has no scruples; he has no shame.

It has become commonplace to see Trump administration officials, up to and including the president, abuse public resources for personal gain and comfort.

But private planes, $31,000 dining room sets, and other lavish expenditures at public expense are the petty rewards of narcissists. The corruption that matters most is the kind that hurts millions of Americans to enrich the tiny class of billionaires that is this regime’s true constituency.


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Whether it’s Mulvaney or Pruitt or DeVos or Mnuchin, or any of the other obvious frauds…that was the plan all along. Bannon told us in 2017; these sh*theels were chosen for their “ability to deconstruct the administrative state,” while Congress sits back and watche$. A good example is the hollowing-out of the State Dept.


the heighth of greed