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Real Corruption: The Scott Pruitt Story


Real Corruption: The Scott Pruitt Story

Richard Eskow

Question: Which of these scandals should result in EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s removal from office?


I care not if he is stupid, ignorant, cynical, or even diabolical, he has to go. He is a criminal against the planet. There is a volcano in Hawaii waiting to adjudicate his crimes. Journey to the Center of the Earth you asshole, Pruitt.


Real Corruption : The Scott ScrewItUp Story.


“Draining the swamp” was Trump’s least credible campaign slogan when you consider that he has been second to none in benefiting from the pay for play" DC swamp culture his entire adult life.

Hitler’s slogans had far more credibility than Trump’s, hence its hard to compare Hitler’s followers with Trump’s followers. The only logical conclusion is that racism has been Trump supporters’ sole motivation.


Rex Tillerson isn’t naming names however he has delivered a pretty damn critical review of how the loss of ethics and truthfulness is severely threatening our remnants of Democracy.

We all know exactly who he’s referring to.


“This is the first in a series of Trump administration profiles, each of which is based on a simple premise: While many White House officials are personally deplorable, and some may prove to be personally corrupt, the real corruption isn’t who they are. It’s what they do.”

Where does one begin (or continue) with such a rogues gallery of appointees? But we must move on…
My nominee for the next in Richard Eskow’s series is Nancy DeVos, the so-called “Secretary of Education”

After that Dr. Ben Carson, the so-called Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

What a target-rich environment for raking muck!


Scott Pruitt is normal when it comes to his comtemptoraries in the 1 percent. They are pretty well all like this and given the US Government an Oligarchy and in reality only the 1 percent represented in the halls of power , he is representing his constituency, one that is venal, corrupt and greedy to the core.


Yes, and criminally negligent toward those generations who will follow.


You know you are doomed when the former CEO of Exxon is lecturing you on ethics and truthfulness in politics.


Yes, or when we have to trust a former FBI director to save us from our president…


“Even at the lower estimate, that’s more than five times as many people who died on 9/11.”

Actually, it’s more than 51 times as many people who died on 911: 155,000 divided by 2996 = 51.7