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Real Net Neutrality Is More Than a Ban on Blocking, Throttling, and Paid Prioritization


Real Net Neutrality Is More Than a Ban on Blocking, Throttling, and Paid Prioritization

Katharine Trendacosta

The majority of Americans support net neutrality protections. Based on the comments in the most recent Congressional hearing on net neutrality, you could come away with the idea that most of Congress and most of the giant Internet Service Providers do, too.


We need Teddy Roosevelt to take on these ISPs, who more rightly act as monopoly utilities in most markets. Internet access has become a fundamental right for all. The arguments regarding innovation that ISPs like to hide behind are outdated.


RN treatment! Regeneration Nation.

From where I stand, this article articulates precisely the stance required to clean up all of the bernaysian ‘marketing’ poppycock.

ISPs are taking the stance that the MARKET is what provides their platform. But this is a ‘derivative’ model. And we sure as shootin know what kind of squirrley knots that model has generated. leveraged, predatory, bundled - even the terminology is inescapable when then the model is predation based rather than principle based.

Some day weĺl see scathing cartoons about the spineless, politically terrorized ideologues that flap on about their achievements in stock ‘holdings’ and ‘portfolios’ and what these ‘invest in’. In turn, the ‘board’ has the responsibility to the ‘share holders’ to make as much profit (license to scam) as possible, based on thinly veiled rationalizations of predation rather than principle. I’ve always been fascinated by the linguistic spin applied to the advertising terminology of investment banking and ‘loans’. WAKE UP! Its a ‘capture’ fishing expedition set up by the model of centralization to monopolize just like central banking! You cannot make this $#!t up! and its all of a part and parcel. Public Banks - It ain’t just for ND anymore

Someone needs to write a song about the fully intentional bullying linguistics behind ‘paying down the principle’. I’ll take my principle neat with a cold shower, thank you very much.


When the PEOPLE do not have equal access to news and all other kinds of information— like emergency information and educational information —and access to ALL news -----then there is NO democratic republic. The NEO Neutrality that Pai is selling and many of Congress do too—is another lie.
If corporations are People—then Pai et al are letting some People take away the free speech of all the People.I am getting really tired of so many in Congress wanting to diss free speech and destroy the FIRST Amendment. Because once they start on one amendment—all others are at risk—and the FOURTH isn’t doing so well either. sigh, America --you are becoming a Predatory Republic. : (


More on Newsguard. The attack on the peoples ability to arrive at an opinion other than one approved by the State continues.


Gosh, I thought that he retired ;0


“If corporations are People” then they should not own other corporations (People). End the slavery of corporations by other corporations NOW! (and at the same time this will interfere significantly with the ability of the rich to massively leverage their wealth against us).

As I see it a corporation that is solely owned by real people can be often be concerned about society because it is directly owned by real people who often have consciences, whereas a corporation that is owned by another corporation becomes an abstraction that is almost always solely measured and seen through the filter of its wealth and power generating capabilities. Social concerns and matters of conscience are seldom observed through the filter of a slave corporation’s wealth and power generating capability.

When services, such as providing the internet, become natural monopolies it becomes important to society for the monopolies to have some conscience to constrain them in their monopoly power. For a corporation to have a conscience when it controls a natural monopoly it is important that the corporation be directly owned by REAL people, and that the interests of society are somehow effectively included in its decisions even though these interests will interfere with the maximizing of profit. A slave corporation’s worth is almost always measured solely by profit and power. While currently by law a slave corporation is a Person, it painfully lacks the humanity needed to handle the responsibility of managing a natural monopoly while it draws some profit from it.


Thus far, Net Neutrality has not gained campaign prominence among the progressive candidates for president. It should. Just think of the ardent support of smart, young, connected voters with money to donate.

I have often heard it said, yet rarely echoed, that ISP should be demoted to mere low tech cable guys (between cities) which they actually are. All the smart stuff are in the apps and contents. Within each community, the connectivity to the internet can be (1) free (2) ubiquitous (3) higher speed (4) unbiased. How? Local government support is self funding because it draws jobs into the community. Ask any that has already done so.


And if you type certain words or close facsimiles, you can lose your page or your computer shuts down. That might explain recent close offs.


I unintentionally shut down an entire computer bar of about fifty people once over a search regarding the safety of a place i was en route to. So i didnt find out about the problems they were having. I went there anyway. Big mistake.


Thank you for your clarity, Katharina. Unfortunately, this very important issue may be easy to slip past people as it is rather technical.