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Real People Are Paying the Ultimate Price for Trump's Monstrous Failures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/11/real-people-are-paying-ultimate-price-trumps-monstrous-failures

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As far as Trump is concerned, if your net worth not 1 million or greater, you are not a real person. You are simply an expendable drone.


1 million net worth isn’t what it once was. Unless you have a lot of entitlements coming you need at least a $1 million net worth to retire on the east or west coasts. I believe Murkins need at least 4 or 5 times that much net worth to be categorized as part of the 1%. Not to mention that Washington DC is owned by the top .01%.


Stop saying that it’s Trump. Trump is just the “spokesmodel” (as seen on TV).
They are failures (and goals) of the entire GOP over many years.
By hold out Trump it sounds as though once he’s gone it’s over. It won’t be.

Seyth Meyers nailed it last year when he said:

“Trump didn’t change the GOP, he turned them loose,”

  • Seth Meyers (May 2019)

And the duopoly has been in hyper-arousal since Nixon. It has been targeting the spectrum of societal elements from the dark side since Citizens United. America will grate again(st) again all things ethical, of integrity, and long sighted. Mafia model in full swing. Old school monopolies in many states of the infrastructure / construction/highways; sanitation, water - and of course madam devious is supposed to turn out the slaves of a whole generation. ‘Hump Day’ isn’t just Wednesday anymore.


Oh, yes, we need leadership, alright. But if Jesse thinks we will get any meaningful leadership from Biden, I think he’s as senile as Biden. Biden is a puppet of the oligarchs. That is all.

Trump wants his own Fox Noise type of reporters to push his lies rather than have them challenged by the present corps.
He has inquired about how to get his likeness on Mt. Rushmore.
If he did it would probably have to include TRUMP below it. Someone should inform him that he would have to use a separate mountain top. A lonely peak for worst president.

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Yeah, we need real leadership alright. And the only one running quit right when he could have actually turned the tables, leaving us with the very embodiment of the status quo. Let’s face it. Collapse is the only thing that will save us, now.

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Bush the Lesser’s monstrous failure was 9-11.

Trump’s monstrous failure is a 9-11 every three days.

Hi theoIdgoat:
Speaking of the" dark side." … I just heard that in Ios Angeles----- that the poIice surrounded the home of a woman who was a founding member of BIack Iives Matter in Ios Angeles . It seems that someone caIIed the poIice and toId then that a man was hoIding 3 peopIe inside the house with a gun --------the poIice surrounded the house and terrified the residents—it was a fake caII and helicopters and cops were aII over the place—and whoever caIIed that in made it aII up—but peopIe could have died-------I wonder if the poIice wiII ever find out who did that?
After seeing what DHS did in Portland due to Trump’s insanity—I wonder if we reaIIy wiII have any kind of election? Scary America’s dark side is apparently practicing now, ; (

Sadly, real people voted to put Trump in a position to do this. Inexplicably, real people will vote to leave him there.

As thousands lose their lives and livelihoods, all the Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon, is worried about is water pressure that is too low to do a through job of washing his ferret.