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Real Questions for Presidential Candidates


Real Questions for Presidential Candidates

Ruth A. Wilson

People took note when Ronald Reagan, a presidential candidate in 1980, asked “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” That question got people’s attention and is still often quoted today. Some say, it’s this question which won Reagan the presidency.


This article starts well but unwittingly collapses into the common assumption that the common good is served by all remaining subservient to central control, complete with its separate subservience to barely visible oligarchs.


More questions:

What are you going to do about the 32 Trillion stashed away in offshore accounts? That’s enough tax revenue there to pay off our debt and still have some leftover for universal healthcare, free college, fixing our infrastructure and the M/I/I Complex.

More Blacks and Hispanics are in jail and disenfranchised because of the War on Drugs/Private Prison Complex. Are you going to end it? (Trump says he will legalize all drugs. The only candidate to say so).


At least one other question belongs on this list. It would address the ideal that’s based on the Greater Community: that of HUMANITY, and ask accordingly:

What will you, Presidential Candidate, do… to make the U.S. a good global citizen, one that masters the art of diplomacy and begins to disinvest in its ridiculous caches of weaponry? What will you do to promote peace, universal justice, and equality… knowing that investments in a humane society are FAR more cost-effective than endless arrays of all the arsenals dreamt up (and devised) in Hades.


No bad questions here, but not a single question about war? Not a single question about police violence, white supremacy, or mass incarceration? Glaring omissions.


I agree and perhaps the most basic question of all. No other question on the list can be answered in full without addressing this one. The tentacles of the war machine touches all.


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Why bother to participate in this exercise in futility? In just about every case, the truthful answer to “What are you going to do about…?” is: “Whatever my Owners tell me to do.” For almost every announced candidate the only question I would ask is: Why don’t you go f*** yourself?"


Don’t you know it’s impolite to ask US politicians hard questions, Ruth? They aren’t equipped to handle them. You’re being awfully rude and causing stress. Lighten up, learn from tv interviewers - pretend an organization as vile as the Republican Party has a valid place in a democracy.

Ask our politicians not what they can do for their country, ask instead where they bought their gorgeous Afghan hound.


Thank you. As is clear from my HUNDREDS of posts challenging the Mars rules mantra along with its martial practices and virtual worship of war… part of the process of disempowering this Beast is to axe into the ideology that forms its foundation. For too many, proof of patriotism (or love of one’s country) is wedded to warfare. It’s time to disentangle the two and challenge the idea of War as “sacred cow,” an unchallenged facet of life In The Empire… no matter that the REAL life, Nature, is dying, crying, exploding, and falling into volatile imbalance all around us.

Another volcano just blew… this one in Ecuador.

Often I’ve acted as the late Guru Yogananda’s emissary in repeating his words–those given to a U.N. Assembly back in l949. The crux of the message is that inflamed human conflicts have their impact on the planet’s etheric field; and it is THERE that the systems are held–energetically–in congruence or its opposite–total imbalance. THAT is the case now. This hardly discounts the fossil fuel side of the equation as mystics recognize phenomena are rooted in multiple causes, each one operating at a different level or frequency (like skins of the onion).

I’ve pointed out before that words have power; and the best proof of that assertion is seen in the role propaganda plays in fostering any war-oriented agenda.

I’ve also shown that uber-aggression is ALWAYS linked with an exaggerated premise of male/masculine prowess. That too many masculine rites of passage involve males joining together to show off their power to harm, destroy, rape, conquer, or acquire. This mindset is continually pumped up through football, pornography, and violent video games and it FEEDS the soldier persona making for thousands programmed to assume positions in combat.

There can be no respect for life when war is championed and the resources dedicated to its diabolical pathology cannibalize all sane, germane, and humane programs.

Thank you for validating what should be brutally apparent to all. I hope that as Mr. Sanders sees continuing crowd swells of support, that like Black Lives Matter, he will also give Voice to this issue.


Excellent comment.

That war is treated as a normal turn of events by the media and much of the public is outrageous.

It’s a perversion that should not be tolerated by any civilized society.
Anyone proposing a war for any reason should be packed away in a padded cell.


Who are the candidates running?


ALMOST, but not all …


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Of course. Though I would certainly ask Bernie a few questions that the author somehow didn’t think were important enough to make the list. I won’t bother to list them since several other comments addressed them.


All good questions to be sure Ms. Wilson but you completely missed the effectiveness of the question posed by Ronnie Raygun. His question was effective because it didn’t require much thought, it went right to a pocketbook/wallet issue, and even if you could answer in the affirmative, chances are your mind could find reasons to say, well sure, ol’ 40 muleteam Borax was right.

Here is the question to ask: “What fucking good have America’s wars in just this young century done for anybody in America besides the wealthy investors drawing dividends from war-profiteering?”