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Real Solutions For Tax Day, Not Bogus Tax Reforms

Real Solutions For Tax Day, Not Bogus Tax Reforms

Dave Johnson

We are in a time of fantasy proposals from our country’s “leaders.” What We the People need is real policy proposals to address our real problems.

“Tax Reform”

Next up on the Trump/billionaire/corporate agenda in Congress is “tax reform.” Whenever you hear Republicans talking about “reform” of anything, it usually means a few really rich people are going to get really richer and the rest of us are going to pay for it.

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And the other end of the extreme is the Nanny state where people are on disability for feeling “depressed.”

These moderate proposals are a good start toward a more just tax structure. The trouble is there’s no one in congress that will even consider these moderate rate hikes. Looking back,(in Time) the tax structures have been taken away from the large corporations and placed directly on the backs of the middle and lower classes. In other words the tax burden to run things has been removed from corporations and placed on the lower 70% of class in the US and congress doesn’t care, at all, about the vast majority of the people of the US, they just don’t. The first thing is to replace all the representatives next year with those that work for the ‘people’; same goes for senate seats up next year. The democrats may not be working in your interest so a more progressive new deal type person needs to be supported and installed, This will be very hard as the wealthy have vast sums to buy the Congress they prefer. I fell it’s a struggle worth fighting for; take back your country and restore democracy.

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Depression is real

I have heard about people collecting gov benefits and not working, but still being “well” enough to take a vacation. Person in our community mentioned this about his neighbor. While the worker is out working 12-15 hour days, the depressed person plays ball, and goes on vacation and is having a great time while collecting benefits. Lots of people have depression but still work!

I know people too. Vets who have killed themselves(I’m a Vietnam era WAC), 21 year olds who have killed themselves, Rich or poor varied backgrounds, one truth…the system is rigged.

Veterans are different. If anyone deserves help, it is vets. Thank you all for your service. When I hear about people who try to fleece the system, and get benefits- it makes me scream. I can;t even imagine how you feel. Again, thank you for your service. My late dad served in WW2.

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Since we are in the topic of taxes, my suspicion as to why President Trump is not allowing his tax returns to be released is that it would expose him as being nowhere near as rich as he has claimed to be.

During that misbegotten campaign he claimed, several times, to be so rich he didn’t need any money from anybody because he had billions so, he claimed, nobody could use money to get him to do anything.

If people with good auditing skills could ciukd really go through those returns it might be possible to establish that he is perhaps nowhere near as rich as he claims to be

If that should turn out to indeed be the case, it would make his highly touted megawealth be much less useful as proof of his claims of having his wealth prove his oft claimed super abilities have been exaggerations and lies

I hope people stay on his case about this. Let’s just see if he really is worth as many billions as he has so often claimed,

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I suggest you read “rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Liar” by(before he was a senator) Al Franklin. Yes, there are some welfare frauds BUT look deeper, have a heart.
I thank you for your support of veterans. Please help us to keep the VA intact NO privitzation.
I feel like a fraud when people thank me for my service because WAC’s could not be attached to infrantry units, I had no fear of going to Vietnam. In fact, I was stationed at Ft. Shafter, Hawaii. I saw witnessed, knew, met guys coming back from Nam very fucked up. Back then they(some) used to keep the ears of their kills. Not one of my friends (from Nam) is alive today…cancer (agent orange) and or suicide took my friends.
I’m suffering from depression…

I will call our members of congress and say no privatization. So sorry about your friends. We learn more from actual people like yourself who were there. You are very brave.