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"Realists" Are Courting Global Devastation


"Realists" Are Courting Global Devastation

John Atcheson

In a recent confrontation with representatives of the Sunrise Movement, Senator Diane Feinstein referred to herself as a “realist” when challenged to support the Green New Deal.



Sen. Feinstein is certainly a problem. But this week Union workers in Pennsylvania threw sand in the NGD, as well. They don’t want mere retraining and oppurtunity, they want to stay in their communities and have the new jobs created brought into the areas where their children attend school and they have extended families, et al. That’s a big issue, potentially.
The " realists " have a playbook; it’s old and tired after 40 years of Reagan, but there are members of the current Congress who helped write the damn thing.
Remember " Just Say No "? Well, that was about drugs but we officially wasted 25 years doing exactly the wrong things on drug policy. I’m afraid until all the old realists die off or finally retire, we’re in some very rough headwinds and bad weather.



Denial is used to continue the illusion.
Acceptance is for those that choose responsibility.



If our species is to be “saved” from extinction (unlikely!), government will not be the “savior”! I’m hoping to have my “plan of salvation” published in the Shepherd Express on March 1, but it’s doubtful that even THAT plan will be implemented, and in time to “save” our species!



‘Denial’ isn’t just a river in Egypt.



Admiral Halsey was correct: "…there are only great challenges that ordinary men [or women] are forced by circumstances to meet.”

The problem is, this great climate chaos challenge moved in relative slow motion, and that gave the status quo added time to cement itself. The alarms were sounded about some greenhouse gas issue that was thirty to fifty years out – hell, that’s a lifetime, and we’re so good at technology, why worry? And so, a sense of urgency never developed, not even now that the first ugly previews of the even uglier coming attractions are playing out.

But now we’re on the verge of being forced by circumstances. And it’s turns out it’s too damned late.

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Replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy will cost at least twice as much as it should because about a dozen too big to fail fossil fuel firms have enough political clout to demand that the taxpayers pension them off with an income equal to what they are getting now forever as percentage of GDP in exchange for those fossils staying out of the way.

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