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‘Realists’ Warn Against Ukraine Escalation


‘Realists’ Warn Against Ukraine Escalation

Robert Parry

In recent years, Official Washington – the politicians, the think tanks and the major news media – has been dominated by neoconservatives and their sidekicks, the “liberal interventionists,” with the old-school “realists” who favor a more measured use of American power largely marginalized. But finally, on the dangerous issue of Ukraine, some are speaking up.


From Parry’s article:

“Instead of engaging in genuine bargaining, American officials tend to tell others what to do and then ramp up the pressure if they do not comply. Today, those who want to arm Ukraine are demanding that Russia cease all of its activities in Ukraine, withdraw from Crimea, and let Ukraine join the EU and/or NATO if it wants and if it meets the membership requirements. In other words, they expect Moscow to abandon its own interests in Ukraine, full stop.”

What’s borderline insane (and would be funny, if it weren’t so diabolically dangerous) is that the same elites touting this message insist that it’s all being done to spread Freedom and Democracy.

As to this quote:

“Though the facts and logic rest with Walt’s argument, he is confronting one of the most single-minded “group thinks” in modern U.S. history, even more unquestioning than the certainty of 2002-2003 that Iraq possessed WMDs and was about to share them with al-Qaeda.”

What Mr. Parry describes as unquestioning certainty is how the MIC operates. Its top-down, follow orders protocols do not ALLOW for independent decisions, analyses, or assessments. And to the degree that today’s U.S. media functions as the media portion of the military-industrial-media complex, its loyal soldiers (in the art of spreading disinformation) do what they are told.


What about the Budapest memorandum which the US, UK and Russia signed in 1994. From Wikipedia: “the memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine as well as those of Belarus and Kazakhstan. As a result Ukraine gave up the world’s third largest nuclear weapons stockpile between 1994 and 1996,[2][3] of which Ukraine had physical though not operational control.” Is this author asking the US to no longer honor it’s treaty agreements?


Neocons make war by tanks,
Neolibs make war by banks,
To each, I shall say “no thanks.”


The US ceased honouring its treaty agreements when it embarked on the destabilization of Ukraine to the point of fostering a violent coup. Once you understand that you may not ask such an ignorant question.


And Americans are continually cooked in Bernays sauce. Nothing new.