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Reality Check at Ground Zero

Reality Check at Ground Zero

Angela Godfrey-Goldstein

Here at the grassroots, where real life is lived, things look very different. The Bedouin of the village of Khan al Ahmar are anxiously awaiting Israeli military bulldozers, not olive branches of peace. Named “gatekeepers of Jerusalem” by the late President Arafat, the continued Bedouin presence on the periphery of Jerusalem is key to keeping the two state solution on the table, despite Israeli settler colonialism and creeping Israeli annexation—each designed to prevent a viable Palestinian state from ever arising.

I an sickened by our support for Netanyahu and his policies to take over the whole West Bank. But why is there no outcry from the rest of the world? Europe? China? Russia? Australia? I realize that the US blocks every UN vote but pressure outside of the UN should be brought to bear.

Israel is a self-described Jewish State, to to criticize anything it does in the interests of its Jewish (as opposed to its non-Jewish) citizens is antisemitic. Israel should be able to take whatever land it wants for Jewish settlement - Non-Jews can go somewhere else. The U.S. should show support by generous funding. We must be vigilant against antisemitism. Remember the holocaust.