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'Reality is Radicalizing': As Pandemic Pushes Biden to Embrace Progressive Ideas He Once Spurned, Left Says We Told You So

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/17/reality-radicalizing-pandemic-pushes-biden-embrace-progressive-ideas-he-once-spurned


Draw a clock for us, Joe.


What a crock


"[E]xpand government-backed health insurance"

Is this an ideological “shift”? Hardly. We need to combine Medicaid with Medicare and make it for every one–no co-pays, no deductibles and we pay for it with a small increase in the tax we already pay. Rescind all the tax cuts to the wealthy, raise them to Eisenhower rates to pay for new infrastructure which will include the Green New Deal.


Even if Ol Joe has his Political Epiphany and starts making half-ass promises, I won’t buy it.
But I suspect many will. And then later, accept all the excuses he and Nancy shovel out for not coming through on them

Realty has endorsed Bernie - Again


oh boy. it’s a suckers parade again. film at 11.


Not a single word in this whole article about stopping US wars, even amid signs that the Yemen war the Obama-Biden administration backed has unleashed horrific conditions & decimated the country’s medical system, enabling an apparent Covid-19 outbreak.

Nope. A good deal of this party is not into “transformative”. But yeah, we get it–you need the “progressive” vote. After this election let us get some real left resurgence going and rescue our eco-systems and stop all the wars of choice.


The NYT calls the Dems “center left?” Lets see… A republican healthcare plan that keeps insurance companies front and center, trillions more for nuclear pit production at Los Alamos, increased military spending, continual war, continuing privatization of everything from prisons, to immigration to national security. Where’s the “left?” Maybe they’re talking about Dem’s tepid support for choice.


Reading that line brought back (very painful) flashbacks of watching my Mom struggling to draw a clock in the office of a “memory clinic”. She tried so hard to get the specified time but just couldn’t do it.

Her inability to do so was one of the things that confirmed her dementia.

I see the same signs in J.B. as I did in my Mom---- can’t imagine him being able to draw the clock accurately.


Yep. I wonder whether anyone here believes it’s more than the “run left rule right” scam. And whether whoever wrote that headline really believes it.


I can only imagine how painful that was. It’s a pity that so many of our loved ones die before their bodies do.


Well, the NYT. What would you expect, really?


This article tells us the horrific conditions in Yemen:



Let’s give the job to someone who has thought things through.



I feel your pain. My Mom went down that same road. Finally carried out of her house on a gurney by the paramedics. But she wasn’t running for President… Maybe if we weren’t so obsessed with tax cuts, building new submarines and engaging in endless wars, some money could be spent on trying to cure this awful disease. I remember the doctor telling there was no cure. We just warehouse Alzheimer’s patients and wait for them to die a horrible death.

It’s like a hard drive on a computer. First a few files disappear. No problem. Then more. Until OS files start vanishing. That’s when it all comes screeching to a halt. By the time she died, my Mom didn’t know who I was. She denied ever being married. … On and on… pretty depressing.

Every time I misplace something or forget a name, I worry. Not going out that way if I can help it…

We’ll make it easy for Joe.

Draw us a DIGITAL clock!


Unless I see a detailed pledge - signed and dated publicly with great enthusiasm and fanfare - outlining these wonderful new progressive goal, as well as a re-written democratic party platform…

I do not believe a word you say… F-off!


The Biden campaign is doing this because it worked for Obama in 2008. Crisis then, crisis now, so people are eager to hear what they know is right. But, the old guard Dims know that lying to the lefties works (sometimes). Biden is a right-wing corporate hack and always has been. The disjointed left should apply some skepticism and remember that old adage about the difficulty in teaching old dogs new tricks.

Biden’s campaign is terrified of the prospect that their candidate will drive the young and dispossessed away from the polls come November. They know that if even a tiny percentage of those groups don’t vote, it’s disaster for them, because the vote will be tight, and they’ve also realized that all of the implied “lesser evil” arguments are no longer persuasive. That’s what’s prompting this turnaround.

Is it genuine? I doubt it.


LOL! More Pie in the Sky rhetoric to convince progressives that THIS time, the Dem Party won’t sell us out, if only we vote for them. This Millennial expat, writing on Facebook, speaks for much of her generation, I think; she certainly speaks for me, and I’m a Boomer:

"Unpacking groceries just now & phone rang: it’s Dem Party person calling Dems Abroad to see if we’re registered for general election. I didn’t expect to tell a real live Dem Party employee that they lost my vote for good this year. She seemed genuinely shocked and made a half-hearted attempt at the lesser of two evils argument. I thanked her for calling, said that they’ve been making the lesser of two evils argument for my entire life and as I head for my 35th bday next month I’m extremely done w that line of thinking. It was weirdly emotional to say it aloud to a real person. I’ve hated the Democratic Party for most of my adult life and I’m not a Democrat and they cannot count on my vote.

"Hell, Biden just offered me his blessing not to vote for him, as I absolutely believe he assaulted Tara Reade.

"I hope this election season lays bear to everyone that losing suits the Dems just fine and feeds their money making machine. I support efforts to remake them from within but those efforts need to be organized outside the Party, in DSA or elsewhere- any internal processes will corrupt and derail our goals.

“Now I guess the rest of the groceries need to be unpacked.”


BINGO! How long before many progressives realize the DINO… Democratic scam? I thought what happened to Bernie in 2016 and 2020 would wake many up to this fact.


So sorry. If it’s ok with you I am going to share your post with others I know who are going through this---- thank you for this poignant post.

I can relate to that! Throw in Lyme disease (which can cause cognitive impairment) and yikes it is worrisome when I lose my keys! If someone puts a blank sheet of paper in front of me and asks me to draw a clock I will get the hell out of there!


But in all seriousness it is cruel that so many are propping up Biden (especially Jill Biden) when it is clear that he is struggling cognitively. I don’t like him (to put it mildly) but that doesn’t diminish my empathy.