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Reality of President Trump Is Stressing Out Americans... Big League


Reality of President Trump Is Stressing Out Americans... Big League

Jon Queally, staff writer

Americans have been taking to the streets in record numbers since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, but amid that uptick in resistance something else has been rising within the nation's electorate: personal anxiety and stress caused by the nation's political reality.

According to a new survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), two-thirds of respondents admit feeling increasingly stressed out by the current political climate and prospects for the nation's future.


"Stressing-out" is putting it mildly (very). Beside red-lining my BullshitOmmeter, there's the pathological lies & adolescent tweets, mental illness, culture of secrecy, service to the 1% exclusively, cabinet of billionaires, racists, neo-fascists, banker/wall street/corporate usurers & exploitation, environmental ignorance/stupidity destruction/pollution, warmonger/war-machine expansion, contemptuous of the middle-class, working class and poor, immigrants, and fill-in-the-freakin-blanks!.........the most extremist, corrosive, malignant, narrow-minded, fear-inducing regime in American history! ....and we are only weeks into this idiots disastrous nightmare!


Putting a group of Ethically Challenged Morons in charge of your government will do that.


In an Executive Order issued in his second week of office, Trump effectively instructed the government to stop issuing new health, safety, environmental and other vital regulatory protections.

In practical terms, the Trump administration authorized Dirty Energy companies to pollute, Wall Street banks to rip off consumers, chemical corporations to expose their workers to poisons, drug companies to continue price gouging, auto makers to sell dangerous cars and more.

In technical terms, the Executive Order requires that for every new regulation adopted, two or more must be eliminated. Even worse, the government agencies must choose which rules to repeal only by looking at the purported costs of new rules-not the benefits -and then eliminate existing rules that have equivalent costs-regardless of their benefits.

Does that sound crazy to you?

Is Trump doing this for the Greater good? Or, greater Evil?


I'm scared-chitless. The wheels are coming off this slow-motion train wreck, and if Trump is toppled, that's going to equal a nightmare Theocracy under President Pence who signed into law an Indiana bill to imprison "homosexuals" and re-train them to act "normal." IIRC, their supreme court struck it down. But if these intolerant wack-jobs control the SCOTUS, he'll do it again. Then he'll go after Blacks and the disabled. Then he'll introduce debtors prisons. Then he'll re-introduce his bill making Social Security "Unconstitutional." I don't think Trump did any homework on Pence before picking him.

I can't live my whole life hating every President we've every had. At some point, I've gotta verbally support one, don't I? I like that Trump doesn't want war with Russia's 7500 nuke warheads. But the War machine already rumbled onto the Russian Border and they are going to have their invasion, by god! Trump or no Trump.

According to the British paper the Sun, Russia's Air Force is on high alert, so things are going South over there.


We live in a world full of contradictions.When the president comes out and says "We're not innocent either", this flies in the face of the amerikan exceptionalist myth. The anxiety produced by such contradictions is the tool of authoritarians.


I am living an expatriate life half a world away from Homeland USA and have no intention of ever moving back "home." "Expatriate' is a good word to characterize my feelings about the land and culture that are supposed to be "my country."

The amount of support Big Don Trump continues to receive particularly from women is indeed bewildering. They certainly see a different person than I do.

Maybe it is a hopeful sign that several of his chosen ones -- Michael .Flynn, Andrew Pudner the proposed Labor Secretsry, David Friedman the proposed Ambassador to Israel are pjumping ship. Maybe many more will suddenly start to think better of the allegiance they are paying to this distrustful contradictory man who has somehow gotten himself elected and still has staffers who haven't quit yet and are full of threats against any and all dissent expressed or suspected.

I know people who believed that the outrageous Trumpisms he said during the campaign were just exaggerated candidate rhetoric and that he would be much mire sane, responsible, and reasonable once in office,..

Doesn't look to be playing out that way so far,


Well, if Americans had been paying attention they would have been stressed out long before this. Climate disaster is on course to obliterate human beings in the not-to-distant future. And that was the case before Trump and would have been the case with Clinton.


Agreed TJ. First things first - trump is a clear and present danger one-trick nutter and must be removed somehow - pence is also a fargin idiot shaghead and "religious" extremist bigot nutter and the people will have to tackle his madness as well as trump's! First in line is trump then the other dunghead........if not, we are all in a world of crap and it will not end well..........


Good comment. Media says he is stumbling but he is pushing ahead and making good progress with his "disaster capitalism", giving credit to Naomi Klein.
The majority of corporate press is pushing aggression towards Russia, ala Hillary Clinton.
Chickens are coming home to roost Amerikkka!


"we are not innocent either" is the only true statement he has made.


The definition of stress: " the irresistible urge to kick the living shit out of our elected leaders, who desperately need it. "


Yes, climate disaster , and that has been known since there have been holes poked in the ozone layer decades ago. It is not just on course to get rid of humans but other animals who are innocent in all of this, as well as plant life on land and in the ocean.


Yes, that is a very good point.


" the irresistible urge to kick the living shit out of our elected leaders, who desperately need it. "

I'll raise you on that...
" the irresistible urge to organize to kick our elected leaders out, who desperately need it and develop reform mechanisms for upcoming generations "


That's hard to fit on a Tee Shirt but I like it.


The Sun? That's your news source? I guess you are frightened of the world.


..."that politics have become either a "very" or "somewhat" significant source of anxiety in their lives..." The history of this stuff will show one conclusion: civil uprising. But it wont look like what's on tv. It will be wierd crap like more random shootings than usual or people stripping in public and walking around.


I know them too. Clearly they did not vet DT. (talk about "no vetting")


To relieve your stress, just take a deep breath and think "The president is always correct and he must never be questioned".