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Realizing Worst Fears of Peace Groups, Trump's Nuclear Posture Review Urges Expanded Use of World's Deadliest Weapons

Realizing Worst Fears of Peace Groups, Trump's Nuclear Posture Review Urges Expanded Use of World's Deadliest Weapons

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Pentagon's official outline for its use of nuclear force was denounced as "radical" and "extreme" by prominent anti-nuclear weapons groups when it was released Friday afternoon—confirming peace advocates' worst fears that the Trump administration would seek to expand the use of nuclear force.

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Vatt didt you egschpect from Herr Drümph, whose grossvater (grand-daddy) vas Herr Doktor SonderLieber (StrangeLove) himself?

“Vunce der Rockets ist oop, who cares vhere dey kommt down??
”‘Das ist nicht mein Departmendt’, says Verner von Braun!"
  — Tom Lehrer


And all this shit is coming from the only nation that actually dropped two atomic bombs.


The USA is a dangerous rogue state - the greatest threat to our survival in the history of humanity. The world needs to make the USA an economic pariah.


Why are scientists and engineers agreeing to work on this?

These weapons of mass destruction cannot be designed and fabricated without the support of scientists and engineers.

How can organizers for last year’s March 4 Science remain silent on this matter?

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Will someone please explain what makes a nuclear weapon credible, as in “a diverse, flexible range of nuclear yield and delivery modes that are ready, capable, and credible”



and— Herr von braun was a nazi.

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We are now living in the nightmare of potential use of nukes. If you thought the Third Reich was horrible, which it was, it looks to me like it is nothing compared to what fascist, Amerika could do! The Third Reich actually won WW11! Why? Because the Third Reich has metamorphosed into the Fourth Reich!



Yes…add adjectives…unnecessary and regretted atomic bombs

Shanti…you’re absolutely right!

Tangent: anyone want to bet? —— I say Dump knows absolutely nothing about nuclear bombs. What kind of dolt asks why we can’t use nuclear bombs if we have ‘em?

The Drumph bunch is a clear and present danger for the world and all of humanity. How does entertaining the idea of reducing any part of the globe to a nuclear wasteland enhance the safety and security of the American people which is already protected by the U.S’s ability to reduce most nations to a pile of ruble with conventional weapons alone in addition to being able to destroy the world more times than anyone else. Insanity thy name is Donald Trump.


Anything for a buck as the old saw goes.

“We can not allow a mine shaft gap!”

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The last sentence of the article should have been extended to include the fact(s) that their war in in Afghanistan cost so much as to destroy the USSR. Now we are the one’s destroying our country in our forever war. Just typing those words hurt, “forever war”. How sick and profane and now we need small little tiny nukes so more people can poke on their shoes and die from our forever war.

I say the world needs more guitars not guns. More guitars not guns…follow the bouncing ball…more guitars not guns :-)))

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In a timely remembrance (regardless their complicity, failures, sellouts, and flaws) NPR (the other NPR) broadcast a piece on the 1983 film “THE DAY AFTER”, many may not remember, that took a hard look at nuclear war and at least some of its consequences for human kind. Regardless the films arguable flaws or any other criticism it did present people with a vision of what nuclear war/holocaust represents and partially is; not a video game, not a thing to create profits for the arms industry, or for extremists, fools or idiots to have any hand in! And not to protect against “corrupting our precious bodily fluids”…

Obviously this film and other (Dr Strangelove) warnings against the inconceivable horrors of nuclear war have been forgotten by today’s diverted youth and anyone under a certain age - warnings that should NOT be forgotten to our great peril!

We desperately need some similar national dialogue to counter the utter stupidity, pathological being, easy malleability, and astonishing ignorance of the current “C in C” - a title and responsibility that should never have, and NEVER again should be allowed to be vested in such a mindless moron as donald trump!

He IS a - the - clear and present danger to America and the entire worlds population and our Planet earth!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyy9n8r16hs - The Day After (1983 Full, Original - 1:75:1 Aspect Ratio)

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Only a criminally, insane person that has his trigger finger on the nuclear button and belongs in an insane asylum could make that statement!


The USA elected a peace president in 2016, remember? I was told that here at CD. Don’t see what the issue is, Trump just wants peace.

(Que the WWIII discussion.)

True but I can not like it.

You beat me to it! :wink:

An even more frightening and accurate film of nuclear war is Threads, an English film which pulls no punches and follows it all the way through to the nuclear winter.
*I’m glad I have a copy of the film, as it seems to have been banned by U Tube, and has disappeared from other sites that had it. If you can find a copy, watch it, loan it out. I’ve never met anyone who has seen it that is any kind of apologist for nuclear warfare under any circumstances.

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