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Really Cold and Really Scared: Some Stories Are Not Meant For Children


Really Cold and Really Scared: Some Stories Are Not Meant For Children

The scale is numbing. As world leaders head to London to raise billions to support Syrian refugees, the calamity on the Greek Islands lurches on. Over 26,000 kids have arrived, many "with not a soul in the world," dozens have drowned trying to, and 6,000 more people arrive each day. Meanwhile, aid groups try to get our attention with heart-stopping photos, videos and tales of anguish. See/hear them and weep, and help.


Yes, this is all tragic. It is necessary, however, because Israel can finally smash Syria as a functioning state. This is worth any price in destroyed lives, or refugee floods into Europe. Any price. Think of how awesome this will be. Israel. Top dog. A-number one. The best of the best. The chosen ones. Israel rules. Syria dies now. Iran dies later.

Israel is all that matters.


As unlikeable as Hillary Clinton may be, she did not create this legacy. The legacy with the Syrian refugees has been in place for more than half a century, and it didn't start with the Syrian refugees, either.

This present situation is symptomatic of a system that has been in place here in the United States for years, and years. Sadly, no POTUS, including Barack Obama, has made any kind of real effort to change it, and I doubt that Hillary Clinton would, either, if she did become our next POTUS.


Couldn't we atleast keep this as the headline ohhh until it ends. is it really only "further"?
has politics ever solved anything? why is it politics politics politics?
it their ever political solutions? Are they any more effective than Military solutions?
They have said even if they get the 9 billion it will not stop the horror or benefit the people much.
Does money ever really solve anything? Does sitting around talking about politics and politicians or worrying about our own happiness?
What does help? people...like those timeless greek fisherman swimming out to save children drowning at sea. Everyday? Go to Greece, they are broke it could only help them and the traumatized children and adults of a species gone wrong. Be human, stay human, recover your humanity.


In all honesty although Hillary did not create this situation directly neither is it true that as Sec of State that her policies have no bearing on them. Hillary in Libya and earlier in Syria as well as her public positions influencing policy all bear responsibility for the continuing worsening of the Middle East mess and in particular the conditions that led to Isis and instability.
Hillary keeps telling us that she can get things done... this is part of her record even though it occurs after she has left the State Dept.


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