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'Really Terrifying Stuff': US Senate in Lockdown After Pro-Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol

This situation is still fluid I think - my read.


manysummits: Agreed.

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They basically are terrified to come here now for a bunch of reasons,

#1 however is our health care system.
#2 is violence, including racism

The way we change this is with education. However, our rulers, in their infinite reason are disinvesting in America. Why?

They want cheaper labor. Better educated, but much cheaper labor.
They don’t care if people lose hope. Its not personal, they just see us all as in the way of the riches they feel they are entitled to.


And it begins.

Night of the Long Knives V. 2.0 was always the plan.

Doesn’t seem like hyperbole any more does it?


Racist a holes can storm the Capitol and are treated like rebellious teens while cops use kid gloves but Jacob Blake get 7 shots in the back in front of his kids and the cop goes free…

We definitely need to Revolt against this Oligarchic Authoritarian White Supremacist Government and it’s courtiers.


Recall the WWI veterans camping on the DC Mall in 1932 demanding the pensions they were owed McArthur and Eisenhower gunned them down at the behest of POTUS Hoover ?

Today you are witnessing one of the most egregious demonstrations of white supremacy in US history.


I think that these people would be very stupid if they think they would get any less of a crappy deal under Trump than under Biden.

Trump is a huge fan of these movement of natural persons schemes and seemed to prefer to hire guest workers under all sorts of trade deals for his businesses. Also, it appears that negotiations were continuing on trade deals like TISA

( ~http://www.world-psi.org/en/issue/TISA )
that we had been told were off the table. So I think Trumps plan was simply to wait until after the election and if he won, start them up again, and of course, if Biden won, which now seems to have happened of course he will too, barring some miracle.

So, this is probably the beginning of the end of an era we all grew up in, the era of the prosperous middle class.

There are just too many workers who need jobs in the rest of the world to keep things the way they are, with people willing to work literally for free, with far better educations than most of us. (the legacy of public higher education, the same higher education we are intent on privatizing elsewhere, rather than bringing it back here ourselves. he same applies to health care. ) Of course this “progressive liberalization” has been the plan for decades, but the media has hidden agreements like GATS and its implications for democracy, labor and most of the nation’s quality of life, from us, because it would have left people looking for alternatives to corporate rule. But now we’re likely stuck with it and its global race to the bottom. The oligarchs must be ecstatic.


Heh man - I am so sorry it has come to this.

Throw these anti democratic republic fuckers out or our capitol building, tear gas anyone? Why the hell not. Arrest em for breaking and entering. Get these stupid pricks out of DC and do it now,


So very true characterization of the reality we’ve been in in the last four years of hell

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Yes indeed, where is the police, the national guard to arrest the violators and law breakers. Imagine god forbid Trump had come on top, would the DC police teargassing and rubber bulletting the daylight out of the Antifa folks, like me?


It would seem the DC police were pre-instructed not to use lethal force.

Where is Joe Biden on this ?


Trump won the 2016 election with a minority vote-----and the majority excepted the outcome----Trump has never polled over 50%-----lost the election by 6 million votes and the vote that counts----

And last night Georgia was a vote against Traitors
look at all the flags???
CNN keeps calling them anarchists??? No they are Republican traitors. They are breaking widows of the capital building and the police do NOTHING!


Every single one of these orange-turd lovers must be arrested and tried for treason!


You are going to need a bigger prison system then - 74 million strong.

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Kevin McCarthy should be the first one taken into custody-Traitor!

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He telegraphed his intent from Day One - but most people, (54% ?) are too decent to believe it could happen - same in Germany with Hitler I would imagine.


Trump should be held responsible for inciting violence and for this coup attempt. But, if people don’t think critically about how we got to this point, they aren’t going to make sense of the situation. There is no effective push back against the right, and we have increasingly done right wing policies since Reagan, which are utter failures. What did people think was going to happen over the long term if you leave a large chunk of the popular for dead? Look at the total systemic failure since COVID 19. The Democrats have very little time to get serious about structural changes, and I don’t have any faith in them at all. They are not an opposition party and there is no party pushing as hard to the left as the Republicans to do the right, so we drift rightward and society starts to fall apart as a result.

If you were analyzing how the Nazis took over, you couldn’t ignore the external WWI debt, the failure of the socialist revolution, and what the social democrats did to the socialists when it mattered. Fascism doesn’t emerge in societies, political systems and economic systems that are doing well.


This is what a failed state looks like, folks, and it did not begin with Trump.