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Rearranging the Deck Chairs on COVID, Race, Polls and the Great American Experiment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/11/rearranging-deck-chairs-covid-race-polls-and-great-american-experiment


Trump about criminal cops:
"No matter where you go you have bad apples, and there are not too many of them” among police…

Pussy Riot and Dave Sitek sing about Bad Apples on the police force:


The Bible upside down (a small point) has been debunked. We don’t need to spread falsehoods, Trump gives us more than enough damning points without it. It is better, and worse for him to point out the lazy bastard is so “religious” that he couldn’t be bothered to CARRY that Bible from the WH to the church where he wasn’t invited and had no business at, and he didn’t go to pray or anything, just to stand there, be handed a prop Bible, and hold it up awkwardly (like he’d never held a book in his life). But apparently it was not upside down.

Also, “debunked” is a strange word. Used to be if something was phony they would say “ah, that’s just bunk” so you’d think debunked would meant true, but it doesn’t. Anyway, no need to use that, we don’t need it and it is not true.


The worst of the “bad apples”, which are wormy, and rotten to the core, are those in this mis-administration, and, all the cabinet positions, and, especially, in the White House! Bad actors, and truly rotten apples! Don’t need no damn fascists around here!


“A few bad apples” meaning has been lost it seems. These bad apples are invoked as they cause rot all around them. Next thing you know, the entire apple barrel is a write off of pure corruption.

Meanwhile, I’m having to argue with people online that Antifa are in fact NOT FASCISTS.

Covid-19? Was that a thing? $500 billion in bailouts paid for by our tax money that we aren’t allowed to know who was on the receiving end? DOJ drops investigations into all who profited on the stock market while lying to constituents about the danger of the pandemic?

Corporate media have a lot of answering to do.


One can hope for a hurricane hitting Florida around the end of August.
And ignoring something won’t make it magically disappear. Covid is here to stay. Evolution will do its thing. Those who deal with the problem and adapt to it will survive. Those who don’t…well, their genes won’t make it too far into the future.


As OnceAgain stated that Trump did not hold the Bible upside down is correct. It took me about 30 seconds to figure that out by looking at the video. It may be a small thing, but it does in its own way discredit articles and rants by “liberal” talking heads who keep on spreading such easily disproven misinformation. It only gives the monster in chief more ammo to use with his fake news meme. There is plenty of real things to focus on instead of such nonsense to criticize him with. It takes away from the real issues of what he is doing to destroy everything.


From Christopher Brauchli’s article:

(The solemnity of the moment was slightly disturbed by the fact that the bookmark that was sewn into the binding of this particular bible was dangling from the bottom of the book indicating that the bible was being held upside down by the Trump.)
So yeah, it was upside-down, but as you say, what does it really matter when everything he does and says is absolutely criminal.


See my response to OnceAgain directly below your comment … I trust Christopher Brauchli the journalist to write the truth (unlike many in the MSM); for that matter, I also trust Abby Zimet to be {sometimes} brutally honest so you might want to rethink your views on some things.

The most important thing to notice in this article, to me, is his and his staff’s utter disinterest in and failure to articulate a fresh new platform for his “candidacy.” To me, this means that a coherent platform doesn’t matter, because his campaign, and apparently his party members, intend to rig the voting in his favor in all ways that they can and have been doing. And those methods are myriad. The Covid disease makes this even easier for them. Force voting in person. Forbid mail-in voting and destroy the USPS. Use electronic voting that’s easily rigged. Close most polling places, and post armed men at all of them. Harass voters in line. Require ID. Require debts to be paid off first. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of their methods in this list. And the voting for Prez doesn’t matter anyway, except for bragging rights, because US Prez isn’t by the masses, but by a few hundred elitists who vote however they want. So I believe that DJT and his many minions believe that he’ll continue to be in office until he dies (or at least the next election cycle), so why bother with a platform except to trot out old stuff at his rallies? His supporters care only about keeping him in the game. This is far more urgent than getting distracted by how he held up some black book.

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