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Reasons for Optimism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/16/reasons-optimism

I didn’t find the article to be that “inspiring” as most of the examples that Reich gave were weak or even deceptive. He mentions the “ACA” which is actually a corporate designed insurance project meant to stem the growing demands to implement a real, universal healthcare (Medicare-For-All) plan that should replace the corrupt and cruel corporate model we’re now stuck with.
Reich also mentions the election of our first “black” president. This too is extremely tainted as it has shown that corporate America can pick a presidential candidate from any minority group, dress them up as a “Liberal” and then chain that individual to the corporate agenda for the rest of their lives. Just ask Obama about his freedom to express his views while he prances around the country praising the benefits of corporatism and you will quickly realize how fragile his glass house really is.
Reich points out some advancements in areas like like gay and lesbian rights which are wonderful, but let’s not fool ourselves. These are bones that corporate America offers up to the 99% because none of it affects the corporate bottom line. LGBT rights, flag burning and even the right to an abortion are hot button topics that corporate America would have all of us focus on 24-7, but when it comes to income inequality, endless war, free education, global warming and electoral reform, we’re further behind today than we were in 1968 with little or no media coverage to issues that are the most pressing of our times.
The U.S. now sponsors global terrorism on an unprecedented scale as they arm ruthless dictatorships around the world from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines. Incarceration of African and Latino Americans is also at an all time high as the new Jim Crow expands its prisons-for-profit schemes. Global warming continues to accelerate. Nuclear weapons are being “modernized”. Public institutions like the Post Office and schools are under funded and are being intentionally starved to death as they’re our most visible public institutions that the 99% have left.
I applaud Reich for being optimistic in such dire times, but his examples are weak at best. From a corporate stand point, things have never been better, but to half of the U.S. population who lives in abject poverty with no choices for the future except joining the corporate inspired military or getting a full time job at your local prison, these are indeed bleak times.


You took the words out of my mouth.

If that weak tea is supposed to inspire optimism, my level of pessimism just spiked.


“…Russian intrusions into American elections…”

Lost me there, Reich.
Why didn’t you mention the DNC instead? (Rhetorical question)
The man doesn’t really know who or WHAT he stands for.
He talked for Bernie on the campaign trail last time, then cozied up to the Klinton Kamp later, especially Perez. WTF?!

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The guy is a “waffle” and a “where-the-wind-blows” kite. Personally, I can’t take him seriously and mention why in another post on this thread.


Reich’s examples are happening at the state level where it is harder for corporations to bribe 50 governing bodies compared to bribing the best Congress money can buy that is housed in Washington-one-stop- bribe-shop-DC.

That is why single payer medical insurance will never be enacted at the Federal level, it will need to start in one state and spread, the way it did in Canada, and why the 1% pulled out all the stops to recall California governor Gray Davis when he was about to sign single payer into law in 2003. Arnold the terminator subsequently twice vetoed single payer during his first year in office.


Reich is not optimistic. He’s a delusional toady of the System.

He’s probably a nice guy, but he ain’t part of the solution. He’s part of the problem.

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