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Reassessing Corporate Social Responsibility

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/30/reassessing-corporate-social-responsibility

John Aram, Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University - of all people - should darn well know that corporate responsibility for citizenship died in 1965.

Aram obviously never talked to any of his colleagues who were teaching business law.

Corporate law has always required that for profit corporations act in the best interests of shareholders or risk being sued by shareholders who invariably win those lawsuits.

The only way to influence corporate actions is with regulations. That is why corporations have spent tens of billions decriminalizing New Deal corporate regulations (they call it deregulation). The time to scrap myths about corporate social responsibility is long overdue.

Restore all the New Deal regulations post haste or watch corporate control continue to expand.

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Amazed that the Supreme Court was never asked for their proof that corporations
are people – just what did they base that decision? The anatomy of a human being
and that of a corporation are immensely different. PLUS, if corporations are people
why are none of them in jail?

Citizens United is a lie from beginning to end – they falsely use the word “Citizen” in
the title but I have no memory of corporations being able to vote in our elections, nor
that they actually have any kind of citizenship by birth or process of naturalization.
Let’s see the birth certificates? Let’s see their Board of Elections voter registrations
and voting ID’s?

The Supreme Court is lying to the public for the benefit of the Elites/Patriarchs they
actually represent and work for in their actions on the Supreme Court.

I’d also like to add that I don’t think that three AVERAGE women would have been
sitting on the Supreme Court all of these years and not haven’t spoken even one
word out loud for the Equal Rights Amendment for women.

Should also have been a little review of just WHO the Business Roundtable is/are …
At one point they were more than 200/250 corporations voting against women’s rights,
btw, and this included at the time AT&T and Hallmark Cards – two corporations which
ironically probably profit most from women on telephones talking with family and friends
and sending cards at those special times.