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Rebounding Stocks, Surging Wealth for the Haves and 'Widespread Economic Misery' for the Have-Nots During Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/rebounding-stocks-surging-wealth-haves-and-widespread-economic-misery-have-nots

Announcing the coming Trump Depression …

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Having survived day 12, with mild but totally characteristic symptoms; apoxia only came with the scary inflammation hitting trachea (heart?), guts, kidneys AND brains around week three. My retirement accounts had plummrted, selling off maybe 1/3rd of the loss (I’d held on to all the rest: which included a LOT of equities I’d guessed would increase wildly in value, given circumstances?) We’d guessed we’d gotten a low viral load in a VERY crowded UWS supermarket, filled with maskless, gloveless app/gig shoppers ~March 12th? We’d avoided mass transit since February, wore 0.03 micron masks & sideshields on elevators, gloves on touchscreens (which sparked hilarity from our neighbors, who believed de Blasio & Cuomo, that we were sowing hysteria, divisiveness and doubtless Rooski bots). Then NYC experienced ~35K “excess deaths” as the profit based private equity stripped medical system became slaughterhouses and folks were arrested for posting video of mass graves, fired for telling the truth online. But DAMN, the portfolio totally recovered by May and just kept climbing… as poor 1099 workers took MTA from TOTALLY DEVASTATED Queens, Brooklyn & The Bronx, to deliver our every wish on carts or bicycles as their loved ones died ~900 -1,200 a day by April 6 (the city/ state counted ONLY those who’d a positive test, for which they’d never met the criteria, they were all called for heart attack, stroke, pneumonia or kidney failure). We streamed Giri/ Haji, Babylon Berlin, Gomorra and ate phyto-polyphenol packed food, fresh bread & drank tart/ dark berry juice & organic ale. The street was emptied of Bentleys, AMG, Teslas and BMW i8s before Saint Paddy’s Day… the actual nurses, MTA crews, paramedics, clerks, App shoppers, warehouse & delivery folks’ lives, I’ve been posting their articles since March (the Asian physicians, since before New Years?) This shit ain’t BEGUN, yet! Well, everybody DID cheer, out their windows for 53 seconds? Now, we’re expected to vote for more? The 122 billionaires & thousands of new millionaires all came back, last weekend; their spaces taken by old Kias & Nissans? Lotsa folks spent their $600 to avoid MTA? All of this was WHY we needed the policies DNC has now CRUSHED, their only real way of preventing Trump’s certain re-election.

Normally those recessions get handed over to the democrats to fix.

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gand – Exactly!! – what’s known as the Obama Great Recession – and actually
Obama did for two minutes one day call it a “DEPRESSION” – was really the cost
of W’s 9/11 and the wars – though Clinton of course did very harmful things for Koch Bros – destroying guaranteed full unemployment benefits under the Social Security Act –
and destroying guaranteed Welfare benefits for the impoverished.
And probably other things I’m not up on or not coming to mind at moment.

But did Obama ever attribute the 2008 failure of our capitalist economy to W … ?

Or to faults created with right wing turnover of New Deal protections and regulations?