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Rebuffing Peace Chances in Syria


Rebuffing Peace Chances in Syria

Jonathan Marshall

Seeking to disrupt the lethal cycle of foreign intervention and military escalation in Syria, a group of 55 House Democrats recently sent a letter to President Barack Obama, calling for a change in U.S. policy.


'Official Washington’s neocon-dominated “group think” on Syria is that everything is the fault of President Assad and Russian President Putin, but the actual history shows many missed opportunities for peace because of the U.S. obsession with dictating “regime change” in country after country'

These plans were clearly laid out in Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard" (1997) and the mission statement of PNAC (Project for a New American Century--a neocon playbook--1998). Putin took office in 2000. Sorry neocons, you can neocon some of the people some of the time...

Education and illumination of the public will be the only chance at expunging the toxic neocon theology from the swamp that is Washington, D.C.


Neocons make war by tanks,
Neolibs make war by banks.


I'll try some polish:

Neocons start war by tanks,
Neolibs start war by banks.


" They are all a bunch of chicken hawk cowards."

Soooo true! Yeah, and since this site is called Common Dreams, my dream would be to give these insane, war mongering cowards who have no compunction or conscience about using US citizens children to be murdered and maimed for their nihilistic and nefarious war ends an affidavit from the the American people that says: " Here are your uniforms; here are your guns; here are your orders. Since you want other peoples children to die for your bogus wars, we the American people, think it is only fitting, since you are so gun-ho, that we want you to lead by example".


Nice pipe dream, but if somehow that could be accomplished, I would love to be one of the people to take these people from their cowardly hiding behind their desks and offices in D.C. and tell them since you say you love war so much you have been selected by the American people to lead the next charge!


You know that American politics has been turned to tragi-comedy when Putin comes off as sounding FAR more interested in Democracy-building than the "usual suspects" who stand in for "American Statecraft."

"Rather, as President Vladimir Putin emphasized in late 2012, Russia’s “position is not for the retention of Assad and his regime in power at any cost but that the people in the beginning would come to an agreement on how they would live in the future, how their safety and participation in ruling the state would be provided for, and then start changing the current state of affairs in accordance with these agreements, and not vice versa.”


It would make a great skit for SNL!


You left out equal compassion for all the innocents in their weapons' sights.

Think of the million plus Iraqis killed, and how many made homeless? How many infants suffering genetic abnormalities direct from weapons like D.U.?

Think of the shattered lives--what the high tide of Iraq's tsunami meant--for Yemen, Syria, and other fallout spreading lethally into Libya and Afghanistan.

We're talking MILLIONS of lives ruined, taken, compromised, assaulted by moral midgets whose only concerns are profits, power, and status for their own families (and social ilk).

It IS diabolical!