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Rebuke Swift After Albright Declares: 'Special Place in Hell' for Women Who Don't Vote Clinton



Well at least she'll have some company.


Does it look like the status quo is running scared or what? They will say anything now to try and stem the gushing wound to Hillary's former electability. They know she is fading and because she really doesn't have a record to vote for her on, they play the gender card.

Why is making gender the issue anyway? Hello men? Please all men get up from your seats and move to the back of the bus? Geeze!

Hello folks... old ladies telling young women >>> Don't think just vote as you are told <<< is shameful.

Mad Madeline apparently is thinking about hell more and more as she ages I guess.


Just asking: Could Bernie have a better endorsement than Madeleine Albright? To have this war mongering, mad women not so bright that has the blood of untold thousands on her hands support HRC should tell any progressive all they need to know to support Bernie.


If Bernie was the devious type I would accuse his campaign of paying Albright to make these comments that will probably gain Bernie MORE votes.


Scared middle-aged white guy looking for any rational person... (for whom to vote)


Yes. This is absolutely the very best endorsement for Bernie and he must be delighted with a war criminal endorsing his opponent!


When the truth is terrifying, the truth tellers are "terrorists".


"All aboard" the desperation train!
I have posed this question all throughout this campaign, is Hillary arrogant, stupid, or a dangerous combination of both. First, she all but defends taking money from Wall Street, claiming it won't sway her policy either way. And now, in the face of tightening national polls, she makes an incredibly daft move into gender politics, using a former war criminal and washed up feminist icon in a feeble attempt to guilt women, particularly young women, into voting for Hillary for no other reason than she once had working ovaries.
Tell me genuises Albright and Steinem, if Hillary loses the nomination, and Sarah Palin jumps into the race and wins the GOP nod, should all the girls vote for her?
Ths really doesn't bode well for the Clinton campaign.


There is a special place in hell for someone who would say the death of little children was worth it. Hillary was also a big supporter of all the wars in the Middle East. It is not surprising that Madeleine Albright would support Hillary Clinton. Birds of a feather.


I'm pretty sure this qualifies as irony too rich for anyone's blood.

It's pretty amusing watching the powerful scramble so pathetically under pressure.


The problem is that the people going all groupie over Clinton aren't likely to comprehend the magnitude of Albright's own sins. So it won't help Sanders, since the people she'll offend are already probably backing him.
I don't know if it will mobilize any more affluent white people, tho, either, so this might be nothing more than a loud wash.

This will be two straight Democratic candidates whose primary merits for voters will be what they look like. And they have the gall to accuse Republicans of stupid and superficial politics.


You beat me to it. What endorsement for Sanders could be more helpful to him than these two statements in "support" for Clinton?


Steinem has apparently begun to walk-back her comments on women & support for Clinton, albeit not definitively.
"The feminist writer Gloria Steinem apologized on Sunday for remarks about young women who support Bernie Sanders" - writing that she “misspoke” on Friday - On Sunday she wrote that she had not meant to imply “young women aren’t serious in their politics” - “What I had just said on the same show was the opposite: young women are active, mad as hell about what’s happening to them, graduating in debt, but averaging a million dollars less over their lifetimes to pay it back,” - “Whether they gravitate to Bernie or Hillary, young women are activist and feminist in greater numbers than ever before.”

Apparently she has gotten a ear-full of criticism!


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Yeah, when I go to a Bernie rally, the first thing that flashes through my mind is "sausage party." I guess that's why we're all wearing berets? Pffft... Hillary's record speaks volumes, and she knows it. The revolution may have to inflict a few casualties among the establishment, but that's what they get for standing in way of progress.


Its hard to understand that an aging feminist icon could think that having the first woman President is more important than having a war criminal President. But one can understand one war criminal supporting another.


I'm really not the kind of guy who indulges in schadenfreude, but these really are extraordinary circumstances...


Beside the inherent hate, there is also a lot of arrogance displayed in that statement, if she thinks that it will sway young women voters, just because she said so.


As a highly educated, well-travelled, progressive feminist, of course I would like to see a well-qualified woman as President. The caveat is "well-qualified." I'd love to see a well-qualified Elizabeth Warren as President someday. Right now, however, the man of the hour is BERNIE, for whom I have been volunteering since he came to SC as he explored whether to run.
Why do I volunteer for BERNIE? The reasons are legion; Medicare for All, sound judgment that speaks of war AS A LAST RESORT; a long list of progressive amendments and bills to improve the quality of life in the commons; i.e., for the ordinary people like me.
Isn't it wonderful that he has never run a negative campaign? His deep sense of justice commands him to value all people and to campaign not on personalities, but on issues. His decades-long fight to level the playing fields-campaigning for Jesse Jackson, marching w/Dr.King, making Burlington a beautiful, livable city; seeing we need free college tuition for those qualified to produce an American competitive 21st century edge; compassionately cheering for family leave; I love everything that he stands for.
He will be MY President; he will lead us to a more compassionate America. How fitting that he chose "America" as a theme song for an ad.