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Recasting the Rules over Palestine: An Intellectual Intifada in the Offing


Recasting the Rules over Palestine: An Intellectual Intifada in the Offing

Ramzy Baroud

My first stop, after living for 22 years in a refugee camp in Gaza, was the city of Seattle, a pleasant, green city, where people drink too much coffee to cope with the long, cold, grey winters. There, for the first time, I stood before an audience outside Palestine, to speak about Palestine.


Premeditated Israeli crimes against Palestine have been ongoing for over half a century. Collective terrorism, Ethnic cleansing and dispossession, homes destroyed by the thousands, water resources stolen and destroyed, the Palestinian national symbol, the Olive Tree, destroyed and stolen by the hundreds of thousands, killings, maimings, instutional racism and official discrimination have all been the MO of Israeli extremism and violent expansionism, using "settlers" as shock troops against Palestinians!

Its way past time for the world to wake up to this reality and its effects on Palestinians, the wider ME, US sovereignty and alliances, and the world community. israel is a racist entity that must be held to account for countless crimes against humanity. The truth of Israeli terrorism and ethnic cleansing has been effectively hidden from the world by control of media and propaganda but that is beginning to change.



Addendum....Israeli killers are executing Palestinians in the streets, men, boys and women and lying about the incidents - videos of some of these executions, murders, posted on line clearly show the racist hatred Israeli police and civilians and their contempt for the lives of Palestinians. Police murdering and civilians calling-out to kill or beating Pals - and US politicians say these depraved Israeli creatures are our allies?


"...the Palestinian national symbol, the Olive Tree, destroyed and stolen by the hundreds of thousands..."

The Million Trees Campaign of APN, the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, works on the ground in Palestine, planting and re-planting olive trees in the face of Israeli occupation and destruction:



Pay no attention to rabid Zionists who claim the only truth - theirs. Their views follow the Zionist line and self-proclaimed exceptionalism. However the world is waking-up to their distortions and playing on history to somehow "justify" their racism and violent theft of Palestine from those who lived-on and worked the land for centuries.

The racism and violence of Israelis/Zionists and so-called "settlers" toward Palestinians is demonstrated every day, and more people, especially Americans, would see the truth of that if not for the most sophisticated propaganda machine perhaps in history. Zionism and ISIS (Daesh) use similar tactics - the hideous depravity of Daesh is clearly displayed in numerous videos - Zionist depravity, while different, killing in less objectionable ways and masked by control of journalist access and media coverage of their Occupation, has similar goals/agenda also based on violent expansionism, "religious" racism, and cultural intolerance.

Here is another piece critical of Israeli/Zionist actions and agenda that makes excellent points.

"the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and other branches of Israel’s security forces use violent tactics including curfews, house demolitions, checkpoints, nightly raids, arrests (often without charge) and other routine and often random violence"
"Israeli propaganda focuses on two main points: 1) historically linking contested land to Jewish heritage and; 2) dehumanizing Palestinians and their leaders. While the former attempts to provide an inherent Jewish “right” to the land, the latter serves to instill fear and distrust of Palestinians and thus absolve Israelis of any responsibility for their own crimes and those committed in their name."
"the daily violence of occupation, - escalation in anti-Palestinian rhetoric/propaganda will have tragic consequences not only for Palestinians, but also on Israeli society"


Your sophomoric alphabet attempt to cast doubt on the linked article and its truth is transparent - an utter failure.

Counter Punch, for your information, is a site where many different authors publish or reprint their writings. the author of the essay I linked is by Yoav Litvin, an American-Israeli writer. "Yoav Litvin is a doctor of Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience, currently conducting his postdoctoral research at The Rockefeller University in NYC. Yoav served as a paratrooper and medic in the IDF for three years, during which he spent long months in the occupied territories and in southern Lebanon. Yoav will speak of his personal experiences and the realities of the occupation"

here are links to more of his writings:

http://www.thenation.com/article/israels-unceasing-grip-gaza-goes-beyond-bombings/ another essay by Israeli writer and veteran, Oded Na'aman, currently earning his PhD in Philosophy at Harvard

I expect you to name Litvin and Na'aman, "self-hating Jews" or some other derogatory term par for your course - another fail.

Your shallow diversionary responses are expected and not taken seriously by anyone even remotely informed or paying attention. You are a hasbara apologist/agent for Israeli/Zionist war crimes and propaganda, and its obvious you didn't even bother to read the article you responded to, you are also an incompetant propagandist and a fool - increasing numbers of people including many Jews of good conscience are now seeing the truth of Israeli crimes and brutality against Palestinians and others and the lengths supporters will go to to hide the truth!


Wasn't Moses and his mates a murderer of the firstborn Egyptians?


Great comment AB. Clearly not worth the effort as you say......

"PS: I can't help but believe the Zionists are actually supporting the Syrian and Iraqi terrorists - after all it would help them destroy the ME states so they can install their 'Greater Israel' nightmare. May the gods save us from such monsters - including their collaborators in the US"

I believe any act regardless how heinous, viscious, or depraved that in their twisted world view they believe will help build the racist "greater Israel" of Zionist mythology they are doing, will do - have done.......but keep the faith, even the worst evil may be destroyed.

Here ia a new item that shows how "settler" terrorists treat even other Jews - vicious attacks by "settler" thieves are what Palestinians live with daily - for generations now.....except Pals are more brutalized and often killed.

"A knife-wielding Israeli settler on Friday attacked a peace activist in the West Bank, where the activist was volunteering to protect Palestinian farmers from such assaults during the ongoing olive harvest season. The attack, captured on video, underscores longtime complaints by Palestinians of harassment and assaults by Israeli settlers".