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Receiving Nobel Prize, World Food Programme Chief Warns 'We Are Losing Battle Against Hunger'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/10/receiving-nobel-prize-world-food-programme-chief-warns-we-are-losing-battle-against

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“Them belly full but we hungry” - the Tuff Gong

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we’re losing a lot of battles, but especially the one we most need to wage: the battle against capital and its insatiable need for ever expanding profit.

nothing changes until we get past that system. Nothing.


Donald J. Trump, America’s number one mass murderer, the US republican senate, accomplices all. Never ever ever ever vote for a republican on any level of government again! They must all be held accountable. Must we take the law into our own hands if our new attorney general will not investigate and prosecute any civil or criminal laws that have been violated? If these fools are not held accountable why should any American citizen obey any law?


Austerity imposed to buy yachts and register them on tax haven island leads to here and now starvation of masses. Amartya Sen told us there has never been a famine. All starvation epidemics are purposefully caused by very cruel dickensonian oligarchs. The Irish genocide was a financier planned famine that starved millions of Irish people to death while colonized Ireland exported cheap food to pacify Londoners.

There is a way out of this. Recognize present governments as responsible for implementing austerity and funding wars that require authoritarian governments with some imagined chance at winning.

Pay attention to basics. Notice when your country became independent. Was it near the spring when people came out of winter independently well fed? If so, that indicates a big job that needs doing.

And don’t take one thin dime from whoever out there tries to buy your allegiance. Life is made to be both dignified and fun. Grow a victory garden.

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Well yeah, but good God, if they could just stop the war profiteers.

None of this war shit is good for anybody.

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30 grams of Hemp seed per day is practically enough to live on .

Hemp grows almost anywhere on the planet .Second fastest growing plant.No chemicals or pesticides required .
Great for young bodies and your immune system.

Wake up World it’s not difficult , we must simply care for each other .

Wonder why they keep giving these prizes out. They were irredeemably debased after the award to Obama. It would be more of a statement to refuse to award anyone.

I have to second Drone’s comment. Compassionate help to concrete persons who are suffering is admirable and virtuous, but nothing will change until we address our underlying problems. But capitalism itself is just a manifestation of yet deeper underlying problems: humans’ fear, preoccupation with relative status and power, short-term thinking, aggressiveness.

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Buy local (as possible) or community garden. Don’t buy cash crop products, that displace subsistence farmers. Don’t subsidize GE mono-culture, herbicide dessicated grains, tubers & legumes (buy organic as possible). Don’t eat CAFO meat, avoid ruminants. Shop 2nd hand, for clothing. And do NOT pretend “back to NORMAL” is a GOOD thing; as folks who grow, pick, process, warehouse & deliver your food try to live on SMAK Ramen and Vienna sausage from Dollar General, while recovering from COVID.



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