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Receiving Powerful Drug Cocktail and Tweetstorming, Bizarre Trump Behavior Called 'Especially Unhinged Today'

I did that with G.W. PonyBoy - right from the get go. Then he won - and won again - or was it ‘installed’ again ?

Obama - sounded promising, but something wasn’t right - no real convictions - no flame.

It is getting harder and harder to stay at this computer and read all the comments.

If that was in fact a junta, an MIC Junta, that took out the Kennedy’s, it all makes sense.

Forget for the time the assassinations themselves - and instead look at the aftermath - from then to now.

In 1980 Carter was OK, imo, and I have read the founder of Delta Force’s book, and his description of the Desert One rescue attempt. He was a Colonel - and I believe him. But that was a too complex military operation, and the powers above him knew that. Conveniently if you wanted to not have Carter win another term - it was a clusterfuck. Can’t prove that - the operation as I say was too complex - but it makes you wonder.


It’s almost like there is only one country in the Western World. I check the BBC, The Guardian, Germany’s DW - they are all focused on here, as I am in Canada - strange ~


PS #2:

Junta’s have never been any good at governance - it is not in their DNA. Stalin, Hitler, dozens of others - all fail - quick or slow.

PS #3:

Governance - you know, “of the people, by the people, for the people” - democracy.

our president thinks that we can wait until after the next election

Two things wrong with this theory:

  1. the trumptard never thinks;
  2. Presidunce Covidiot is openly and shamelessly blackmailing all of us to re-elect him so that he can rob us blind again!

In the trumptard’s case it would not be assassination … it would be doing the nation a favor by removing an @$$!

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Trump will never have that problem. Nobody will ever mistake him for a leader.


Whenever the USA decided they needed to topple a leader of some Foreign Country so as to put a puppet in place to allow US Corporations to then steal that Countries resources, US leaders would refer to said leader as a “Mad Dog”.

“Mad Dogs” have a better grip on sanity then this idiot.