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Recent Developments in Ecuador: Rights of Nature

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/17/recent-developments-ecuador-rights-nature

Pachamama, Gaia, Mother Earth----- It is true though that without Mother Nature—we the destructive humans, would have ruined the planet miIIions of years before.
Maybe, as many suggest— people need to look up that picture which the astronauts shared from space… the blue and beautiful, fragile and fantastic Earth–our only home. Ecuador, thank you, as you seem to be the true humanistic nation in this “grab aII you can get,” worId. “Rights of Nature,” that is a beautiful phrase. : )

I’m a supporter of The Nonhuman Rights Project: We are the only civil rights organization in the United States dedicated solely to securing rights for nonhuman animals. We work to achieve our mission in three key ways: Litigation, Legislation, and Education.

Peter Singer’s book “Animal Liberation” argues that mankind has not extended the concept of ‘rights’ far enough, and points out that not too long ago in this country, blacks, on the basis of race, and
women, on the basis of sex, were denied the most elementary rights. Man himself is an animal,
Singer points out, yet he denies rights to all of his fellow animals.”

Worth checking out. “Humans are not the only animals entitled to recognition and protection of their fundamental rights.”