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Recently Pardoned Flynn Shares Call for Trump to Declare Martial Law and Make Military Oversee New Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/02/recently-pardoned-flynn-shares-call-trump-declare-martial-law-and-make-military


Just like his savior, this is a person who does not belong in America. One of these days - or decades - we will come to realize this.


That is one “General Traitor” to his country.

If anyone deserves to be shot at dawn…


You know the military needs massive reform in its command structure when this whack-a-doodle gets to be a three-star. The only explanation is great incompetence or criminality at the top.


Putin must be walking around like he is high on Viagra with all the discord he has sown,


The Pentagon works on the Peter principle.


Wow , it gets loopier every day. Gen Flynn, however, just violated the oath he took, when he first joined the military, to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Looks like he just became a domestic enemy-call Homeland Security to snatch him in an unmarked van.

If anyone thinks he had a distinguished military career, he just made it an extinguished career.

Between him and Roger Stone, Nixon and some others, this shows a real need to put some checks on Presidential pardons. I though we got rid of the divine right of kings in 1783; this pardon routine is totally monarchist.


this thug belongs in jail along with his savior. ugh!


Flynn should be cautious. He pisses off the JCS he might find himself a la Ollie North without a retirement pension. This is the kind of talk that drives them batpoop nuts.

In any event, no need to keep being whipped up in a frenzy, folks. you’ve played your part for power already. this is just circle jerking for the faithful so thy keep giving Donald more cash to retire his debts.


These clowns only appear to be fooling around. If they thought they had the armed service chiefs on their side – which I doubt they do – they’d go for it in a New York second. I sorta hope they do. Let’s rumble already, and get it over with. There’s this phantom fascist sword of Damocles we’re all supposed to be terrified of. I don’t actually see it – effective organization of fascist creeps in sufficient numbers, not yet – but I could be wrong.


Unfortunately, Ollie, “this marine will stand on his head in the corner”, North eventually got his pension back. He should have been sent to the Hague for running the Contra terrorist war for Reagan; and shall we mention smuggling cocaine into the US to fund it.


Clear treason. Did Trump give him a “preemptive pardon” for this one?


Not believing he merited promotion from a one-star either.


What in the heck is going to happen with this class of people who can’t commit any crimes past or future because of their “pre-emptive pardons” from The Beast? They could wind up effortlessly cornering the market in pork bellies, or something. Seems like Orangeman wants to stretch it to absurd extremes, when Gerald Ford’s original concept was absurd to begin with. Oy vey.


ALL - every single one - of the above commenters missed the REAL point of our mutual pissing in the wind (no one of consequence is listening to us anyway), which is that the very concept of a Presiduncial Pardon needs to be revisited and significantly modified – if not done away with altogether.   At A Very Minimum, the Presidunce should be barred from pardoning any person to whom he is related as a second cousin or closer, or the spouse thereof, or with whom he has exchanged anything of cash value of more than $100.00 in the past ten years =AND= the Presidunce’s pardon power should be limited to Making Recommendations for a Pardon to the House of Representatives, said recommendations requiring a two-thirds, or at least a 60%, agreement of the House for said pardon to be granted.


These are the kind of people our captains of industry see fit to rule over us, I say we don’t let them do it for one, and for two we should be ruling over them with an impossibly heavy hand. Lets put the sophisticated surveillance they would have us live under upon themselves, and then catch them at every minor regulatory infraction, every misdemeanor, every time they speed in their expensive cars, every time they sexually harass, abuse. Lets make their second by second life a living hell of constantly supervised and regulated minutia they cannot escape from for even a microsecond.


How “nice” that because a retired general buys into evidence free claims that Trump’s “re-election” was stolen, the general, ret, supposes to throw out an election.

But did he say anything when W stole both 2000 and 20004?

Did Flynn say a thing when the states Michigan, Wisconsin, and likely Florida and Pennsylvania were stolen for Trump in 2016? No, of course not.


If it’s a drug crime, we need pardons. Grand theft auto, sure, depending on the crime and the person of course. However, if it’s someone committing a political abuse of their office, the President should be prohibited from granting a politically tinged pardon. A 2/3 vote of both houses of Congress should be required for a pardon of a political figure for a political crime.


That did suck. But at least he didn’t get paid for a few years.

Flynn’s just saying “thanks for the pardon”.


General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , recently gave a speech in which he made clear that his allegiance and that of the American military he and the Joint Chiefs oversee are to the Constitution of the United States and not to any individual. It was s most timely, very well written, very well presented and especially reassuring statement in view of these quite literally crazy times, General Flynn certainly an excellent example thereof. Let’s hope that General Milley sincerely believes in the words he spoke and in the Constitution he’s sworn to defend.