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'Recipe for Disaster': Trump's Betrayal of Iran Deal Nuclear Condemned as 'Reckless'


'Recipe for Disaster': Trump's Betrayal of Iran Deal Nuclear Condemned as 'Reckless'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A coalition of organizations representing millions of Americans says the president's decision to decertify the accord will "set the stage" for war


We are told over and over again, ad nauseam: NATIONAL SECURITY! NATIONAL SECURITY! NATIONAL SECURITY!

Forget North Korea; forget Russia; you can forget Iran; forget ISIS; forget terrorism; because the most dangerous, terrorist, threat to American national security is in the White House!


The generals are all in place.

I saw Kelly on video, cow-towing to his boss. What a travesty.

The only men left in America are in Puerto Rico with chainsaws and tool belts.

Here there is only dystopia and zombies.


No, Shantiananda, the most dangerous threat is ‘civilized man’;

his detachment from the natural world;

his willingness to ‘submit’ and serve his masters.

Time we all went Indian, asap, and that is my highest compliment.


It is worrisome that Trump might see a war with Iran as doable in that he is being held back by ‘the generals’ from engaging in a war with a nuclear capable North Korea. Moreover, Trump (who has an innate lack of empathy) might be unconcerned with the likely millions of deaths a war with Iran would cause. It is likely that Trump even envisions an Iraqi style permanent occupation for Iran.

He doesn’t consider that he would be the direct cause of huge numbers of innocent lives being lost in what would go down in history as an unjustified war.

Where is our Congress? This scenario is exactly why the Founders placed the power to declare war in Congress’s hands and not in the hands of a single individual!


Like my spouse says, who is Native American, thanks for your compliment!


Many –

Whoa on that …

NO … Humans very well lived with Nature until the rise of Elites by violence.

Humans are not “detached from the natural world” except as Elites have divided us from it,
and destroyed Nature.

There is no “willingness to submit and serve his masters” among this liberal nation –
there is only Elite control over the nation given to them by Our Founders in the Constituton
where they actually created an Elite patriarchy, endowed them with land grants, gave them
immense influence and control over our “people’s” government, the nation’s wealth and
natural resources.

Our Founders also saved and supported the system of Slavery for Elites/Wealthy, even
down to the “Runaway Slave Act” – all of which guaranteed the Civil War which further
benefitted Elites/Wealthy by splitting the population into two camps of hatred which
continue to echo today.

And your reference to the Natives here – The First People – also reflects more mistaken
identity as these 112 million natives – labelled “pagans” by the Vatican and “only fit to be
fed to dogs” were not the invaders, not the brutal and cruel and violent murderers you seem
to be suggesting they were. This was Genocide against the native people here in order to
take their natural resources and finally their land.

The Papal Edicts gave license to Elites to carry out the “enslavement or killing” of Africans here
and native people.

Organized patriarchal religion underpins Elite Patriarchy; their all-male god was used to confirm
the superiority of males.

And in “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature,” male-supremacist religions gave
them explicit license to exploit Nature, Natural Resources, Animal-life and even other human
beings according to various myths of “inferiority.”

Christianity also invented Capitalism … you may recognize it as a system intended to move
the wealth and natural resources of nations from the many to the few. And it has done that
successfully all over the world. It is an evil which cannot be regulated.


Harass your Congressional representative if s/he is a republican. They really hate when you contact them. Write the gutless bastards daily, keep doing it. Call them out for their cowardly viciousness. This has got to end.


The one nation in the world who has the largest nuclear weapons stockpile and the only nation in the world that actually dropped two atomic bombs is threatening a nation that does not have any nuclear weapons: What is wrong with this picture?


trump sez: Iran deal “can be cancelled by me at any time” . How is that even possible? Are we living in nazi Germany or Myanmar or Turkey for loves sake? The “flaws” trump fantasizes are in the deal are figments of his overtaxed imagination - and that of master puppeteer, Israeli warmonger netanyahu!

How has trump become royalty to abrogate national agreements on his say-so alone, and Congress, even tho controlled by R’Con extremist idiot fools, just give the flaming orange pricktator a free pass? Don’t they have even a slight appreciation for/of the Constitution or of their own supposed power and role? I mean, WTF people!?

Its up to European leaders (all leaders) to stand together and very strong to demand an end to unilateral ego-mad actions by trump that affect the entire world!


Not sure why he has to go thru all that. If Iran was really on the verge of building a nuclear weapon Israel would take care of it, whether Trump wants it or not. Remember op Opera? Nice clean strike, nu huffing or puffing beforehand.


And people wonder why “talks” (more like sanctions) with up and coming nuclear powers like North Korea don’t work. The U.S. has shown time and time again that if you don’t have the weapons to defend yourself, they will bully you if not outright topple your government. The U.S. is indeed the biggest threat to world peace, since it bullies those who would rather give peace a chance.


Perspicacious post.


AIPAC is a misnomer: it should be called IPAC. The “A” is just cover.


Shan –

Thank you for the kind comment.

What little I have discovered has often and again caused me to say …
“How could I be so stupid, so unchallenging…etc.”

Got that library card when I was 6 years old for all the answers.
The Librarian kindly took me to the children’s fiction and was a long, long
time before I discovered non-fiction.
But did enjoy Nancy Drew … :slight_smile:


Geivanna –

I doubt Elites see anything wrong with what they’ve done, but I doubt if someone
dropped two on us that the world would really have any great deal of sympathy
for us. Though I think – or hope – that other nations understand it is our
government acting against the will of the people actually doing this.

US/CIA also dropped a lot of napalm all over Vietnam and its innocent citizens,
including children. Plus Operation Phoenix.

It’s a history to only be ashamed of you’re an American now.

And it’s hard to say which is the more violent, the Vatican or US/CIA –
or whether they’re one and the same?


Everyone owes it to themselves to read what is in the Iran Treaty, as it has very specific safeguards spelled out in details to prevent the Iran nuke industry from making nukes for terrorists. And now that Trump has removed this treaty we ain’t got squat. Trump is absolutely appalling to de certify a treaty with absolutely nothing to take its place. His motivation may have been to undo everything Obama accomplished in his two terms. Which is an asinine direction for a new president. Trump is absolutely HORRIFIC as president.


Greenwich: " How could I be so stupid."

You weren’t stupid, like so many Americans, you were brainwashed. So was I until I went to college and became nascent of so many mendacious, political war lies like: " we are bringing them freedom and democracy"!


For starters, Trump is going to get a huge backlash from Europe as the treaty wasn’t perfect but put in place inspections to keep nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists. Trump has tried to un do everything Obama, and it was only a matter of time that he would have that knee jerk response to Obama’s Iran Treaty. Now we have none of the inspections in place that were keeping Iran from providing nuclear materials to terrorists for the manufacture of bombs. The point being is that now we have nothing at all in terms of a signed document for stopping terrorists from going nuclear. Trump is going to get criticized bitterly by our allies. He has absolutely nothing in place to be the alternative to the treaty. He is just brainlessly anti Obama. And his followers are plain brainless.