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'Recipe for War': Experts Warn Mike Pompeo Intensifies Risk of US Attack on Iran


'Recipe for War': Experts Warn Mike Pompeo Intensifies Risk of US Attack on Iran

Jon Queally, staff writer

For all the reasons to be concerned about President Trump's nomination of current CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, experts on Tuesday warn that an increase risk of a U.S.-initiated war with Iran should be at the top of the list.


And what with Russia threatening the u.k. over the spy poisoning…



And if we do attack Iran we go to war with Russia who is standing behind them, and oh yeah China who made a pact with Russia to be on their side over it.

I don’t think AIPAC and Saudi Arabia (who have their own alliance) care about what happens to Americans, Russians or Chinese. They’re probably be happen we’re all annihilated through their proxy war for Mideast dominance.


I misread Joe Cirincione’s tweet where he said that pompeo would be a disastrous pick. I first assumed he was referring to another disastrous thing. It isn’t an accident that pompeo’s name is so similar to the Spanish word for buttocks.

Ever since he was the representative from Koch, he has been a worthless excuse for a human being. My relatives in Wichita, good republicans to the bone, hated him, but he had the Koch machine behind him so he couldn’t be stopped.


The trump regime serves the Israeli extremist agenda that wants Iran destroyed - by the US - they have the perfect tool in the very malleable fool trump!

“we feel obliged to alert you to the virtually inevitable consequences of war with Iran, just as we warned President George W. Bush six weeks before the U.S. attack on Iraq 15 years ago.”


AIPAC, Apartheid Israel and their Saudi allies don’t care, but nukes in their neighborhood will fuck them up pretty well too. Nukes are equal opportunity destroyers that kill, maim and poison pretty much anything they touch. Grandmother Earth’s kind of ‘justice’ and all that.


Yes, Pompeo would be, and is a disastrous pick. Remember: you can prick your finger, but you can’t finger your pick…


Can’t see how it makes any difference one way or the other. If Trump gets cornered and thinks a war would be a distraction, he will cause a war no matter who is Secretary of State.


Just look at the picture of three old men probably laughing at someone else’s misfortune. Old creeps like this should not be allowed to vote let alone hold public office. When are the young people going to rise up and throw them out???


Just what experience does Pompeo have in diplomacy??? I want to know his diplomatic background, None probably, just another example of trump moving someone with no expertise in the field to someplace where expertise is of paramount importance.


Good ol’ war. Good ol’ sadism. Good ol’ high profits from both.
Good ol’ (seditious) Republicans.


Drumpf and his mentor Bibi have been calling to attack Iran even before the election. One track mind meld. Pompeo the punisher arrives on cue.


You don’t think we are getting out of this without at least one hugely destructive and expensive war do you?

I am absolutely amazed we have gone this long without starting one. It seems nobody wants to cooperate with us by giving us an excuse to attack them. But they will work out the kinks and then it’ll be rockets red glare time again.

I also expect massive blowback to whatever insane shit we pull. We are an out of control ten year old bully with an AK, a sugar rush, and a severe self esteem problem and parents that never said no…


War on Iran would be war on Iranian civilians from the air. Why? Because Iran is chock full of mountains (you can verify this with Google Earth/Maps)–all over the country, including its borders. Ain’t going to roll in the tanks with A10 Warthog cover you fucking neocon war mongers–not like Iraq. Who likes to fight in the mountains? Not one sane person. Who wins in the mountains? Those that live in them and know them well. Therefore any war against Iran would resemble the bombing of civilians in Dresden and Tokyo. Fuck off you Greater Israel Zionist Neocons, just fuck off. The sooner the better.


Another Trump/Koch Brothers lackey…what can go wrong???


No experience required of the “president,” so none required of anyone else in his “administration.”


Looks like the only way to get rid of Trump’s horrible appointments is to get rid of Trump. What’s the first step?


Death from above will not sell too well here in America.

It’s time to ratchet up the Antiwar Movement.

College and High School campuses should explode.


First step is to protect Mr. Muellers investigation.