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'Reckless Disregard for Very Vulnerable People: On Christmas Eve, ICE Quietly Drops Hundreds of Migrants at Bus Stop With No Money and Nowhere to Go


'Reckless Disregard for Very Vulnerable People: On Christmas Eve, ICE Quietly Drops Hundreds of Migrants at Bus Stop With No Money and Nowhere to Go

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Without notifying local charities and shelters, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) quietly released hundreds of asylum-seekers from federal custody on Christmas Eve, leaving them in an El Paso, Texas parking lot without money, food, or anywhere to go.


Was one of the women heavy with child?


Keep them, feed them and shelter them, no good. Let them go free no good either.

The alternative headline if they weren’t released: “Cruel ICE policy keeps 200 asylum seekers detained on Christmas Eve”


That’s cold, man! Your idea of ‘shelter’ is steel cages? And your idea of feeding them is letting them die of dehydration? /smh…


To some of us, how incredible are the cruel and inhumane practices that are routine with ICE, and this is another example.


Questions must be asked and answered, to understand this act of very much “reckless disregard”. Beside the demonstrated inhumanity and contempt for the people left out in the cold - those fleeing violence, and repression in their own countries…largely a result of US actions and support for dictators, death squads, and US corporate interests that have made their own countries Hell. The very same policy and racist disregard for others was employed by ICE goons in carrying-out trump policy - the detention, transportation, and death of 7 year old Jakelin Caal!

When exactly was this decision made? Why was it made? And by who exactly? Did the ginger fraud make the call?

The UN just called-out the trump regime and its goons for their inhumane and contemptible treatment - or lack of - that led to the death of Jakelin Caal. They are late but the effort no-doubt caused trump to go ballistic in his malignant being; did he pull any strings to poke the eyes of the UN in some pathological retribution? He did just that after the letter from Mattis, moving-up his departure date in a fit of petulant childish response…as is usual with the contemptible, mental, wad of malice in the WH !

Those questions must be answered, not swept under the now rotten carpet of the trump regime!


George Bailey was never born.


Makes me wonder; what would Jesus do? in a situation like this…In any instances that you sited, none contain a wisp of anything remotely related to compassion.


Good name for them ICE, like that’s whats in their veins, or their hearts. ICE is Americas SS, the chief enforcer of american Hate Based Organization. Whats next ghettos, or do we already have that? Death camps -well they are murdering children after they’ve ripped them away, crying, from their parents arms. Soon they’ll be rounding them up and burning them in ovens, while white america gleefully sings about reindeers and baby Jesus


Don’t believe all the propaganda.

Either way. They are free now. All those bleeding hearts praying at the border wall could be taking those people in feed them, clothe them and shelter them until their status gets resolved in few years.


From Reynosa to Matamoros (south shore of the Rio Grande), I worked what seems like a gazillion years ago. All I saw was beautiful people who worked and sent as much as they could to their extended families when they were able to simply and humbly pick our fruit and vegetables.


what incredible cruelty. Do these ICE people have no souls? We need to find out just who made this decision, and then let the world know what a cruel, unfeeling SOB he/she is.
What is happening to our country?


Weep for the loss of humanity. Merry shitstorm USA.


no room at the inn


please return to your personal hell and comment no more


“You are fettered,” said Scrooge, trembling. “Tell me why?”

“I wear the chain I forged in life,” replied the Ghost. “I made it link by link, and yard by yard;
I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange
to you?”


From top to bottom, anyone and everyone who works for ICE, has sold their soul and is bereft of any trace of humanity!


Sorry to disappoint you. I do not have a personal hell.Just trying to get some people back to reality and open their eyes how their own country’s immigration system is being abused and being made a mockery of. But hey, the faster they can get in, the faster they can be brought to voting booth and further their sponsor’s agenda.


I will remind everyone that this policy exists for Americans as well. Anyone leaving jail whether it be pre-conviction, post-conviction (release), and/or because charges are dropped is let out of the doors of the jail regardless of where the person may or may not live, have family, have transportation, money, or clothes. People are kicked out and left to fend for themselves.

As sorry as this practice is for Americans and those seeking refuge, at least they were set ‘free’. At this point, they are in the same position as the MANY homeless people in this country.


ICE is primarily former US mercenaries, 100% hired without mental health and criminal background checks, experienced in processing , detaining and torturing human beings. Ex-US mercenaries, joined up to kill in exchange for getting money, benefits and the totally rigged and unfair scoring system in civil service, police, firefighter and ICE hiring, where ex-mercenaries(veterans) are given extra points not earned on and in exam! Most of all they join to gain access to weapons and training for killing human beings and causing destruction all in the name of a perverted sense of patriotism and god.
The inhumane treatment, rape and murder that we are seeing committed by ICE and law enforcement members on our border on US soil is simply THE CHICKENS RETURNING HOME TO ROOST!!!