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'Reckless, Provocative, and Illegal': Sanders Warns Assassination of Iranian Scientist Designed to Kill Diplomacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/reckless-provocative-and-illegal-sanders-warns-assassination-iranian-scientist


Those who play with fire get burned.


Democracies are absolutely terrible at diplomacy; The reason to be diplomatic, more often than not, rises from the fear of getting entangled in conflicts. It unfortunately encourages a myopic (and a fear-led) approach to conflict resolution. It has been said that the United States has “never lost a war nor won a peace”. Western societies are so much better at intimidation and violence. Should we not play to our strengths?

Man up and sign up for the death machine. Sounds like it’s your strength.


Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

Yes, it is a complete sentence.

Do the CD programmers ever take a look at the results of their work?

Original message …





Of course it was:


Well, if this thing goes off it won’t matter much if one signed up or not, because it has the potential to suck all humanity up.

Having said that, my head is still trying to get around why a West Point graduate like Pompeo, working with Trump and hand full of neocons, could set up American military people , knowing full well that the bases had no missile protection, as was the case with Trump’s assassination of Sulimani.

Why do our sons and daughters have to be sacrificed for these low life jerks?


What was this guy’s lifetime work? Other considerations aside, I won’t miss him… Which immediately brings to mind a long list of others whom Earth would be better off without. Crimes against humanity should have some punishment, no? Trouble is, justice is not evenly applied. The US has normalized the idea that threatening others with nukes is acceptable, even noble, by some intensely convoluted thinking, but they and their cronies are the only ones who should be allowed to do it. Of course, such threats are clearly Crimes Against Humanity, if anything is. So, what about those whose lifework is to enable such threats? Martyrs? At Nuremberg, the winners devised a solution for a handful of perps, involving rope. Now for the even application…

The problem being that would leave only you and me as sinless icons - and I’m beginning to have doubts about you.


Our own nation’s horrific foreign policy blunders are due, I think, more to the fact that corporate profits are the deciding factor in most decisions. Just another form of colonialism really.
Considering ongoing wars , minor and major conflicts, tariffs , restrictions of all sorts unequally measured out and the huge profits war generates, I doubt our deciders fear war , instead buy more stock in anticipation of such.


That is quite true I believe - have you ever read Smedley Butler’s book “War is a Racket”? Butler was a Marine Corp Major General and one of only 19 men to receive the Medal of Honor twice, so I think he knew what he was talking about.


As a West Point grad, Pompeo knows better than most grunt soldiers and nearly all Murkans that they are just canon fodder.


How many Americans pay their bills by creating and operating death machines? Are you sure you want to dismiss the murder of war profiteers so glibly?

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The last paragraph of the article states that:

“If Israel was behind the assassination of Fakhrizadeh—which seems highly likely though not yet proven—it demonstrates the degree to which Netanyahu feels emboldened to undermine Democratic U.S. presidents with impunity and drag the United States into war,” wrote Trita Parsi, executive vice president at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. “This will not change unless and until Washington decides to end its drive for military hegemony in the Middle East.”

Unfortunately the likelihood that Biden, like any American president before him, will ever condemn the actions of Israel [much less cut off financial aid to that militant and oppressive country] is slim to none. It is also doubtful if Biden has any desire to end America’s endless wars in the Middle East [as well as in Africa] anytime soon. And while American presidents and politicians love to excoriate Iran because of their alleged desire to build nuclear weapons the irony and hypocrisy is that you do not hear a peep out of them, whether they are Democratic or Republican, regarding the fact that Israel has between 300 and 400 nuclear weapons. One wonders if any American politician will ever have the courage to condemn Israel on the floor of the House and/or Senate. But the influence and power of the Israel lobby lies deep within the body politic of the United States


It has been like this for thousands of years. But, there comes a time when, paper, like stock shares ,simply can’t compete with the course of evolution.

It’s even true for Roman silver.

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Correct you are, but I have heard whispers about the Captain, “…getting it when the balloon goes up.”

We might ask survivors of Hiroshima/Nagasaki what their opinion was of the Manhattan project scientists, some of whom were quite remorseful. As to icons, don’t we have to distinguish between those employed in the omnicide industries, and those who, say, don’t recycle their plastic bags? All equally culpable?

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> How many Americans pay their bills by creating and operating death machines

Directly or indirectly? How many work in communications that tow the government line? How many write software used in weapons? How many feed the military? clean the bases? None are without sin, no not one. I get the feeling you would choose a few to make an example of, just as they did at Nuremberg. Those that are needed, ala von Braun, (e.g. Bill Gates) would of course be spared.

A major problem, our omnicide industries. Of course, they are glossed as wondrous, patriotic, “defense” enterprises. Like coal miners, these people need new jobs. But, you would think they might suspect, late in the night, that their employ had some questionable morality…, but, probably not.

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One could also ask the survivors of the Bataan Death March, their opinion of the Japanese military, some of whom were also quite remorseful.