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'Reckless, Violent, Massacre' of 570 Wolves and Wolf Pups in Idaho Bolsters Alarm Over Trump Attack on Species Protections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/11/reckless-violent-massacre-570-wolves-and-wolf-pups-idaho-bolsters-alarm-over-trump


Homo Sapiens are the worst life form on the planet.


One suspects that members of the Trump administration would not be too pleased if their children were massacred because they were shown to be a danger to humankind.


I was hoping that SARS-CoV-2 would be much stronger.
Because the human outbreak is taking an entire global ecosystem down with it.

Of course there are lots of nice people.
But so many heedless, willfully ignorant, greedy and cruel people, too.


Our fearless President has never acquainted himself with the Wilderness and our beautiful Wildlife.

The only greenery Tubby is familiar with is the Golf Course.

He has no Empathy for anything but his Putter and a Double Whopper.

The sacred beauty of maintaining a well-balanced Natural Environment does not register in the Mind of a Greedy Thoughtless Human Being who has never taught his demented sons that Hunting Wild Animals on the Endangered Species List is not Fun and goes beyond their usual School Yard Bully antics.


The truth is that the balance of nature and health of larger ruminants like deer, elk, and moose - in fact all other creatures in the wolfs habitat and range - are all made more secure and healthy by the wolf population. Wildlife biologists clearly are not part of this obscene slaughter but the depraved, killers that enjoy inflicting pain and suffering, ranchers too lazy or uninformed of the part dogs play in protecting livestock without such inhumane exterminations. Alas, we do the same to our fellow humans without compunction or thought.


Such thoughtless killing, brutality and violence are only one consequence of near countless, breeding and metastasizing within the hideously evil trump regime - rolling downhill into society - a corrupt mindless ignorance, morally vacant, intellectually vapid and shallow - a set of utterly worthless scum wasting breath and space on the planet.

It’s estimated that 60% of all wildlife has been lost - exterminated by human activities since the 1970. Give trump another 4 and we will be well on the way to a sterile planet - all in the worship of ignorance and money.

"What is an evil man? The man is evil who coerces obedience to his private ends, destroys beauty, produces pain, extinguishes life." - Jack Vance

"We are the most dangerous species of life on the planet, and every other species, even the earth itself, has cause to fear our power to exterminate. But we are also the only species which, when it chooses to do so, will go to great effort to save what it might destroy"Wallace Stegner


More like a “death” form.


Do we know why they are being murdered?

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Wolves are a free life form - free spirits that an authoritarian dog-given right to “dominion over” all animals is rejected.
Our beloved canine “children” are bred from that wild stock, but have chosen to be our companions we love so dearly - the wild wolf lives in them and all who kill the wolf would kill our canine children/friends as well.
Wolves do not comply or conform and are thus a threat to ranchers, and targets for the depraved - just “varmints” to be shot for target practice, slaughtered at will…


Because clod-hopping, shit-kicking, red-necked, ignorant, hick moron ranchers hate them. Think “Bundy.”


Creeps from Trump’s family also went to Africa and killed big cats.

Americans in general tolerate killing Nature and war against God.


As we already know from Genesis, we’re supposed to believe—uncritically and passively–that “Man” was given dominion over the other animals; that God planned the world explicitly for “Man’s” benefit; that nothing in the physical world has any purpose except to serve “Man,” God’s “highest” creation. [“What’s the difference between God granting [man] dominion over every living thing and the U.S. military seeking full-spectrum dominance?”—Derrick Jensen]

Humans are the most violent and destructive animal in all of recorded history…. The oddity is that nonhuman animals are presented in that same way. They are defamed because they kill other animals, and that they do so for survival—not profit, gluttony, entertainment, research, and plain old cruelty—is routinely ignored. Yes, nature is “red in tooth and claw,” but I refuse the idea that it is populated my masochistic animals who like being tortured for human fulfillment, which is what our culture, propped up by religion, would have us think. I also reject the idea that every day in the wild is a bloody massacre…. All animals don’t die every day on battlefield Earth…. animals play games with each other, they bathe in the sun, they preen, they have intercourse, they investigate; mothers tend to and teach heir young…. And when/if they do die at another animal’s teeth and claws, they at least spend their lives free from the myriad prisons humans have created for them. – from “Animal Liberation and Atheism: Dismantling the Procrustean Bed,” by Kim Socha


In all my years on the farm we never lost any livestock to wolves nor to my recollection did any other farmers that I was aware of and yes there were wolves in that area. There was one incident where a bear killed a calf and other then that the only livestock loss was of chickens to things like weasels .

Wolves avoid man at all costs. In the distant past wolves were in fact domesticated by man. They become our dogs referred to as “mans best friend”

Pugs and poodles may not look the part, but if you trace their lineages far enough back in time all dogs are descended from wolves. Gray wolves and dogs diverged from an extinct wolf species some 15,000 to 40,000 years ago. There’s general scientific agreement on that point, and also with evolutionary anthropologist Brian Hare’s characterization of what happened next. ‘The domestication of dogs was one of the most extraordinary events in human history,” Hare says.


Yes, there animals that are savage and vicious brutes. The species is knows as “homo sapiens”.


wolves are only one of so many animals that are victims of Trump’s war on wildlfe, which includes weakening the Endangered Species Act, encouraging trophy hunting of rare animals, disregarding polar bears, walrus, caribou in opening the Arctic to being ravished by oil companies, and even here in Rhode Island greatly expanding hunting in RI’s few Federal Wildlife Refuges in order to pander to those who like to kill wild animals, but making the “refuges” not just no refuge for animals, but inhospitable during the best part of the year to those who just want to quietly enjoy nature. Caring about animals is one reason I have little patience for the ultra-leftists (ore GOP trolls?) who write here that the Democrats are just as bad


You can’t complain about cruelty to animals if you eat meat, eggs, or dairy. You know, all that talk about intersectionality doesn’t stop at your doorstep. Tacit approval of animal cruelty leads, ultimately, to endless war. Most of us would rather skip that step of logic because, yum, chicken nuggets.


Hi pilotpmg1:

Yes homo sapiens are the worst—but wolves/ Wow, a well ordered society there. Only the top male and female breed and even better, the other wolves often serve as day car for the baby wolves. Wolves are very cooperative in their society----sadly they seem to have a better respect for the planet than humans do.
I am also wondering how trump will figure out how hunters and hikers and nature lovers can all exist in the same environment. I guess Yellowstone creatures will learn to hate and fear humans-----even sadder was that father and son team who didn’t know that their actions were done in front of a wildlife camera. So when they skied up in the snow and found a bear cave–they shot into the den and killed the mother and the cubs. The they posed as if they were great white hunters-----that was not hunting it was egotistical and murderous actions. Hunters already are waiting outside Yellowstone in case a creature put one paw over the safety line. Humanity treats creatures as badly as the military treats prisoners in Guantanamo. : (
People can learn a lot from wild creatures--------but they are so busy looking for trophies that sanity dies not occur to them. : (


Factory farming is horrible but this article is not about that. People make a choice every day with their food choices. People have been eating meat for centuries so good luck with that. This is about humans unwilling to share the earth with other species and a sick government helping them to kill off other species and gift public lands to oil and gas interests. Human overpopulation is part of the problem. We expand into areas where wildlife lived and the complain about bears when we don’t properly secure our trash.


Not so much chosen really:


And they can’t go extinct fast enough.


This is unspeakably obscene. However, the blowback has already begun. Those homo sapiens fleeing the fires on the West Coast…no one talks about the literally billions of other beings also affected, from soil microbes to large ruminants and apex predators. The green beings that feed on sunlight and produce chlorophyll are then eaten by the red beings that then process that green sunlight into energy. When they die or excrete droppings, the green beings are fed.
Homo sapiens’s numbers are already well over the carrying capacity of Gaia. As in the past, with other overshoot species, our numbers will crash, fast, as the other beings can no longer support us. Personally, I will welcome it. I look out and see people not even connected to the world. Just hooked up to their various devices, or shut away in their cars. We go from our closed off houses to our closed off cars, picking up what we call food and hurriedly snarfing it down while hurriedly fumbling with our devices. Then we hurry into our workplaces and plug in to more devices in an enclosed space. Wash, rinse, repeat on the way back home where we watch stories filled with violence and adverts urging us to consume more. We try to sleep, but there’s always something, some device urging us to go on-line again. We might as well be hooked up to permanent IV’s via a port, with banana bag stations to supply liquid nourishment. We would wear adult diapers to take care of the other end of the digestive tract.
Why not? Who really savors real food anymore? Or looks at sunsets and dawns. Or gets into an autumn meadow full of wildflowers, bees, and butterflies, with intoxicating scents and colors? Nope, pave it over and put up another parking lot or fast food joint.
We took only 500 years to trash Turtle Island almost beyond repair. Now it’s time to pay the piper…