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'Reckless, Violent, Massacre' of 570 Wolves and Wolf Pups in Idaho Bolsters Alarm Over Trump Attack on Species Protections

I think of them as animal musicians. Vocalists.

A fast fourier spectrogram of wolves howing tells a really deep and rich story.

They love to howl.

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I’m sure that’s a typo but "moistly vegetarian " just ended me lol

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Agreed (especially about the last animal on your list).

But much as I’d prefer we had no hunting and plenty of predators, we actually need to cite different facts that I don’t see mentioned in the article. How many wolves are in Idaho? The claim is made that wolf numbers may get to the point they need to be relisted - how many is that? What are the posted rules on hunting wolves on state or federal property or killing them on your own property? I realize the article is written to make me outraged, but it wasn’t very helpful with presenting the key facts to know if there is anything to do about that outrage (I’m outraged about a lot of stuff that is perfectly legal, but when it is illegal, you usually have more leverage in an attempt to stop it).

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Also: speaking of article shortcomings … thanks for the lead.

We cannot talk about wolves without talking about ranchers, ranchers who are compensated for livestock loss, or federal land use which their cattle damage and they rarely have to fully compensate U.S. taxpayers for, or the federal land use fees which are a giveaway. Or how about the rancher connection to corporate America, you know, cheap hamburgers, and cargill who promotes Amazon rainforest destruction so they can grow monsanto sprayed soy beans for cheap cattle feed that’s then supplemented with monsanto growth hormones and antibiotics on land stolen from native rainforest inhabitants! Yah, I wonder how these cattle ranchers would feel if their land was stolen for profit. And how about all the methane they produce, but I won’t talk about that. Fuckin’ wolves, yeah wolves!

And let’s talk about the rape of taxpayer owned federal resources on taxpayer owned federal land, which the too big to fail corporations don’t want to pay a penny more to ensure the creatures inhabiting those lands have any protections, or that the land itself is not abused and polluted when they’re finished virtually stealing the taxpayer resources they and their stock holders become billionaires or enriched on! Yeah, fuckin’ wolves, fuckin’ endangered species act.

Let’s get rid of all the wolves, all the creatures, that way there will be no need for an endangered species act to begin with. Fuckin’ wolves, yeah, wolves alright, just ask barrass[h]o[le] ‘worm tongue’ who’s always seen standing behind ‘gollum’ mitch when he’s in front of the camera about killing wolves and killing the endangered act for corporate private profit. Predator indeed!

Sunday rant.

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Thank You.

There few things that bother me as much (Bull fighting is another). How those pompous twits can get on their horses and case a single fox around with a pack of hounds while calling it “fun” is beyond me. These people are sick in the head.

And sick in their soul. Bullfighting has taken a drop here due to cv19. And some regions have abolished it already.